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New Series

The Orbs of Power: Part One

The island seemed to be waiting for me to explore its secrets...

by burning_shadows_79
The Chronicles of Super Pea: Part One

In a small Neopian cottage on the edge of town lived a red Chia. He was rather plain in appearance and small in stature, and his stats were nothing to speak of.

by the_crimson_rose
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Scents You DON'T Want To Wear

For every delicious fragrance, there is at least one other that is disgusting in smell. With this article, I am hoping to help steer you AWAY from such aromas, to BANISH those offensive colognes, and to STOP you making stinky mistakes. So here is an essential list of seven perfumes that you definitely want to avoid!

Other Stories


A Darigan Citadel Tea Time Adventure
It was a beautiful morning on Mystery Island. Little typographic the pepper Chia, affectionately known as Poe, walked along the shore, hopping over shells as she went.

by alt1981black


The Quest
It was an unfortunate truth that Meridellians were full of pride for their kingdom.

by graveyardcandyapple


5 Steps to Perfecting Your Pet’s Style
As someone who has spent an embarrassingly huge amount of time customizing my pets, I'd like to think I've become something of an expert on the topic.

by pizzanoodles2


Regulations for the Spooky Food Eating Contest
This is the first year they're putting on the Spooky Food Eating Contest, which has quickly become a huge hit. But it seems they're particularly strict about their regulations.

by moonandflowers


Faerie Tales
So THAT'S why neoschool's been delayed...

by _defenestrate_


Cavities: Delivery Boy
Lunch Time!

by thegoddesofxweetok1

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