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New Series

Jhudora's Revenge: Part One

Jhudora doesn't make a vow lightly.

by ewagon
The Meepit Adventures: A Tale of Two Staffs: Part One

Mr. Meepit has to save Neopia from certain danger, but this time, he has help.

by doody_duty
To the Infamous, We Salute You: Part One

Mrs. Sleet snatched up Tally’s paper from her desk. Aside from the miniscule amount of writing on it, it was completely covered in doodles. Doodles of Acaras...

by water_glass
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"Adventures in Facial Hair" by herdygerdy
The yellow Cybunny struggled, her delicate arms far too weak to break the bonds holding her in place. She could already feel the vibration in the ground as the stagecoach rattled closer. "Someone, please save me!" she screamed, still thrashing. Of course, she knew it was futile. There was only one person around for miles, and saving her was the last thing on his mind...

Other Stories


Adventures in Facial Hair
"It is quite useless, Miss Constance," he laughed, twirling his thin waxed moustache between his fingers. "The Meridell mail coach stops for no one!"

by herdygerdy


The Best Easter Negg
Sometimes the best Easter Neggs harbor the biggest surprises.

by brokensilent


Surviving April Fools Day - Tricks of the Trade
Oh, April Fool's Day — the classic time of the year where mischief is in the air. Have you ever been pranked by one of your friends?

by rtt53


Sympathy for Balthazar
We all know him. Faeries fear him. Sometimes just uttering his name sends chills down one's spine: Balthazar.

by snodin


The Hunt for Glowing Slymook
The last challenge in finding the elusive Glowing Slymook is the toughest of them all...

by pinotes


Hotel Woes
Best find them some real food quick.

Written by wiccan_wolf

by industrial

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