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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

That was the first and last time I ever went to Darigan Citadel, over the years we watched from afar as the peace treaty between the Citadel and Meridell went from weakness to strength, quietly proud that we had played our silent role. And although we would never receive any credit for our actions. Knowing that peace was present was reward enough.

A Lupe’s Perspective

As we near Chocolate Chia Day (don’t worry, we’ll celebrate the thousands of other Chias that aren’t edible!), I thought long and hard about one peculiar thing: what makes these Chias so doggone popular with Lupes? The real question we need to be asking is, “What can we do to understand the relationship between these two species, and what can we do as a preventative measure?” A pledge to change the status quo is a pledge to save much suffering!

Time Sensitive Avatars

Most Neopians are aware of the elusive seasonal avatars only after they pass, causing sadness and tears. Hopefully this guide to different time sensitive avatars can help alleviate some of the heartbreak associated with missing such coveted avatars. There are three main categories of avatars that fall on a shorter cyclical timeline, making them much easier to obtain.

Crafting With Delina

Delina, also known as the Crafting Faerie, is one of the many different Faeries lurking through Neopia. She spends her days crafting up beautiful clothing creations in her small workshop, popping up randomly to Neopians for materials. She is actually a type of Dark Faerie, who are typically evil and cruel. However, she is one of the few kindhearted ones.

Other Stories
"The Girl Guard" by erroro
Father sighed, looking pained. "Okay, you win. Just be careful! Maybe you'll understand when you have your own child," he said, anxiously adjusting his glasses and surveying my Brightvale trainee uniform. It was well worn and slightly too big, creases forming where I was scrawniest. To me, it felt shiny and new, giving me the energy to stand straight and proud, like a proper guard. "Don't worry! I'll be home every weekend, and on holidays. It'll be like I'm not even gone," I reassured him. He glanced at his battered wristwatch, eyes widening. "You're late! You have to go!" "Alright, Dad. Bye!" I said, running down the stone path. He waved half-heartedly. "Goodbye… Brynn," he called back. I kept on running until I was out of breath. I looked back to see Father still standing there, a pin prick of orange in the distance. I entered the arena, stomach twisting in knots. It seemed rather small, dirt covering the ground with a patched roof so the rain wouldn’t get in. Different weapons aligned the walls, from spears to maces to weapons I doubt Fyora could name. But what made me nervous though were the boys talking amongst each other. I recognized most of them as they had walked by my house just a few days ago. I ought to thank them in a way, because their taunts had made me want to join the guard in the first place. They all turned staring at what they expected to be the new boy.

"Country Cousin" by 77thbigby
Uncle Vance, Aunt Louise and cousin Ellie were all thrilled to have them. Much to Reggie’s disgust, he received three hugs from his family in greeting. “Ellie has finished her chores so she’s free to spend the day with you two, showing you around,” Uncle Vance said. Ellie, a rainbow Gelert, could hardly stay still in her excitement. “What do you guys want to do first? Visit the Turmaculus? Illusen? Or see the castle?” “Sometime during the summer, we’ll all take a day to visit Brightvale,” Aunt Louise put in. How about no to all, Reggie thought with a roll of his eyes and a bored sigh. Lucy, however, was ready for all of it. “I want to see the farm!” “OK! You’re going to love it!” Ellie said, leading the way. Reggie trudged behind the girls. They saw the various crops growing. The orange Gelert had never walked so much in his life. Yet, Ellie and Lucy were still raring to go. The tour only ended when the triangle called them back for supper. Reggie was relieved. He got to sit down and the food was really good! Though, he would hardly admit that. Aunt Louise smiled as she watched her teenaged nephew clear his plate; his words weren’t necessary. They all went to bed early since Uncle Vance, Aunt Louise and Ellie, being the country folk that they were, rose with the sun. Ellie and Lucy would be sharing a room for the summer while Reggie had the guest room. He didn’t know about the girls but he could only lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. It was too quiet and it was so dark. Reggie tossed and turned, thumping his pillow until he finally fell asleep.

"Bullies" by meadows_lark
She turns and storms off, her friends following uncertainly, the already near-empty halls echoing with their harsh footsteps. “I’m sorry,” the Gelert says, compassion coloring her voice. She has gathered the books and kneels beside you again. “I don’t know you.” Your voice is hoarse, but your vision has cleared and the tears are leaking from the corners of your eyes more slowly. “I’m new here,” she says. She takes the backpack and carefully places the books, taking extra care with the torn one. “I transferred here from a Neoschool in Roo Island. I saw you in math class, and it made me so mad when they were laughing.” Touched and confused by this sudden support, you mumble your thanks and take your backpack from her outstretched paws. Her courage astounds you; she is new here, and yet she is braver than anyone who walked past you during your moment of need. “Here,” she says, standing up and offering you her paw. “We can walk home together. Do you have siblings?” “Two sisters and a brother,” you mumble, hesitating at her offer. “We don’t wait for each other. They’re probably already gone.” “That’s okay,” she says, cheerfully. “You’ve got me.” You take her paw and she helps you to your feet. “I’m Adelaine. What’s your name?” she adds, watching as you zip your backpack up and pull it over your shoulder. You look at her cautiously, and as she smiles at you, you can’t help but smile back, for the first time in what seems like months.

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