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Hello happy spring! *Throws Negg, you're it!* I am so, so happy that you got the event started. I was hoping that when you do get the games up and running, if we could have a update on TNT staff basher. After watching your Youtube channel, I would love to see the newer staff represented in the game. Thank you ~divinely_us
What....?! You want to bonk me with a mallet?! Is my voice really that bad? :P I love this idea! ~~Ivy Yay, thank you so much for watching Nosy Neopians on YouTube! As much as we don't want to be knocked unconscious, we think this is a great idea and we are asking to see if it's possible. 0:-) ~~Willow

Any idea when we can expect the next release notes to come out? Before the Altador Cup at least? ~viviiiann
We are going to be publishing our changes that we make throughout the game more often within the News. Our goal here is to be more transparent with what we are working on. We are still doing work on our roadmap. We hope to have a small release before the Altador Cup. A great question! Thank you! ~~Yarner

Hey there! First off I wanna say a HUGE thank you for all your hard work over the years! I had a random idea/suggestion that has been keeping me up at night lately.....Have you ever thought about creating an avatar for us Neopians? Like a stand in for us? So much focus is on our pets first and foremost(rightfully so)but what about their owners? I would LOVE to get a photo of myself with my pets! ~neo_princess53
That is a wonderful idea! We will need to chat more with the team about the best way to go about creating an avatar that could act as a kind of stand-ins for owners, but it is definitely a very interesting idea worth exploring! Thank you so much for sharing it with us (: ~~Aesop

The last couple of months the Daily Puzzle has featured some really, really incorrect questions. Sometimes the actual question doesn't make sense. Sometimes the answer doesn't reflect anything the question is asking. Sometimes the 'answer' is flat out wrong. Sometimes the correct answer isn't even present. The number of errors seems to be increasing far beyond the odd one we used to have, and the number of questions that aren't added for several days is also increasing again. Could some greater care be given to the Daily Puzzle going forward? ~herdygerdy
Thanks for your concern! We appreciate you wanting to keep our Daily Puzzles as accurate as possible! The two of us are planning on starting to double check the Daily Puzzles before they go out. There's so much Neopian lore that it can be hard to keep everything straight sometimes, but we will do our best! ~~Willow and Ivy

Hi! I was wondering- is it okay to use a nerkmid at the Alien Aisha Vending Machine on a side account in order to get the avatar? ~magical_faeriedust11
Hi, Sadly this would be against the rules since you can get items and Neopoints from using the Vending Machine. ~~Kikocat

Hi! The description for the Festival of Neggs Spaceship Plushie implies this year's contest is on Kreludor when it's actually on Virtupets. Can you please fix this (and remove my username)? Thanks. ~Anonymous
Thanks for letting us know! Locations can sometimes get mixed up when you’re hurtling through space, but we’ve gone ahead and tweaked the description so that it mentions the correct location. ~~Aesop


I just wanted to say thank you for the new Bython petpets. The Yellow Bython looks similar to my irl snake that I had unfortunately lost last Christmas. I'm very grateful for the new petpet :) ~therock4678

I would just like to ask if a message could be passed on to the artists who drew all the NP wearables for Kougra Day: YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER! I am IN. LOVE. with the Midnight Smuggler outfit---EXTRA kutos to whoever made that miracle happen!! And regardless if it had been already planned for the pet day, or if by chance my meager request for said miracle outfit had actually been passed on to the artists, I want to also say a BIG THANK YOU to the staff running the NT and keeping this part of the site alive. You are all doing fantastic work! ~Anonymous

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