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February 2023 Neopets Community Survey and GIVEAWAY!

Hello Neopians! If you haven’t already, we'd appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes to share your thoughts with us through our February 2023 Neopets Community Survey and GIVEAWAY!

Your answers will help us to understand the most important needs and wants of the Neopets community, and one lucky Neopian will win an ULTIMATE NEOPETS SWAG BAG! All you have to do to enter is complete the survey and provide your email at the end.

Click here to take the survey!

TNT Rules Reminder

As a reminder, collabs must now state what each collaborator contributed to the piece. We understand that this new rule may not have been seen by many people yet, so for this edition, we tried to be lenient on this. However, from now on if this is not included in the submission it will not be taken into consideration for publication.

For clarification, this just has to be stated in a comment when sent in. It doesn't have to be part of the piece in any way unless you would like it to be. ~~Stone

...About the Caption Contest Cheating? All Top 7 contestants are breaking the rules CLEARLY laid out HERE in Editorial #972. Art boards, Quest boards, Avatar boards, NC and Pound boards...just about every section of the Neoboards has MULTIPLE topics by EACH of the top 7 that offer votes, SSW searches, and/or rare items/pet lends in exchange for CC votes. If they are allowed to win the Gold trophy and avatar by cheating...the cheating will only continue. It is not fair to the other contestants...not fair to the contest. It is so frustrating to see the cheating ramp up again...will be doubly frustrating to see it get rewarded. Please do what you said would be done with Rule-breakers. Thank you for looking. ~fullonparanoid
Hello, we recently had a new little training session to get our moderators updated on the Caption Contest rules and make sure they are quickly caught. So in the future, any boards breaking Caption Contest rules will now be taken down appropriately and those found breaking the rules will be warned. ~~Kikocat

I recently started playing Neopets after a very long hiatus. I have been trying to collect avatars but realized a few of the stamps needed are now retired or was only released for a special event. Is there anyway of earning those retired stamps again? Example given them out as Coincidence prizes, random events, or selling them at the hidden tower? This way it would at least be possible to earn the stamp avatars. Thanks ~losbumbum
Advent Calendar gave us some excellent info on different ways we could possibly reintroduce retired stamps and other difficult if not impossible-to-attain items back into the economy so that new or returning players such as yourself have a chance to earn them. We are looking into the best ways to do so with the team now, such as having more retired items appear as possible prizes in future events. However, we are also considering ways to increase their circulation through onsite activities and shops such as the Coincidence and Hidden Tower! Please share any feedback or ideas you might have on this topic in the February 2023 Neopets Community Survey (the link to which can be found at the top of this editorial), as your input often helps us decide the best course of action! ~~Aesop

Hello! I've noticed Jhudora has a purple gruslen, but there is no purple gruslen item. could this ever be a thing? Dying to have one! ~xx_lil_billy_rox_xx
I don’t know if Jhudora would be willing to give up her unique Gruseln…but I can try talking to her about it…wish me luck ⊙﹏⊙ ~~ Stone

I see a lot of confusion on the boards about whether we can refer to the Neopets Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and the YouTube channel explicitly, even though the site links to those places. Are we allowed to discuss these platforms by name as long as our discussions are related to the site? (I.e., “Willow and Ivy posted a fun video on the Neopets YouTube”) ~encroached
Hello, Yes, that would be fine to discuss those if we have an official presence on them. However, this only applies to our pages, as we cannot allow any links to personal profiles or unofficial pages. ~~Kikocat

Hi! (offers a bowl of crunchy, orange, cheesy, puffed snacks) I think it's spiffy that you've been taking item requests here in the editorial; thanks so much! Other cooperative interactions, and overall more informative transparency on the part of TNT is SO appreciated! Apropos of nothing, do you think there would be any interest in creating a pair of Crunchy, orange, cheesy, puffed snacks Gloves, and a Crunchy, orange, cheesy, puffed snacks-smeared Shirt and/or Pants? ~velvet_paw
As a fellow lover of crunchy, orange, cheesy, puffed snacks I enjoy this idea! We will definitely take it into consideration to potentially create for a random pet day or something!! We’ve been trying to do more random drops when possible so feel free to also drop suggestions through the pet day suggestion boards! Thanks again for the snack! ~~Stone

Howdy TNT! We've recently noticed a new (ominous looking) tower pop up in Moltara. Do you or the meepits have an intel on this rather strange occurrence? Will this tower be featured or accessed soon perhaps? ~tigerium
Oh, a tower you say? How strange! Now that you mention it, I do see an unfamiliar building jutting out across the Moltara skyline... We have heard some rumblings that the influx of technological advances across Neopia has led to entirely new businesses and corporations sprouting up all over the globe. Perhaps this new high-rise is connected? Whatever the case, I hope we are lucky enough to get a peek inside soon. Maybe even sometime this year... ~~Aesop

can u pls make more 8bit backgrounds for 8bit pets. ~frozen_boi
Our 8-Bit friends definitely need more customization options! We will for sure look into making some fun backgrounds for them to frolic in! ~~Stone

Hello! There has been a lot of discussions about it lately, so I was wondering if we could possibly get an update to the Beauty Contest Rules. Right now, if a picture wins gold, it cannot be reused. Would it be possible to update this rule so that once a picture wins a trophy at all it cannot be reused? I think this would inspire even more creativity in a creative contest, and I've seen many others say the same. Please remove my username. ~Anonymous
Hi, This can certainly be something brought up within the Content Department but it wouldn't be something we would just do without announcing first. ~~Kikocat

Hello! In light of last Editorial, I was wondering if you could please further explain comic series submissions and publication. Should one still submit every part at once, or do we need to submit one part at a time before each issue? And why might they not have guaranteed sequential publication like written series? Is it to do with the submission form, or do themed entries take precedent over a regular comic series? Between the biweekly publications and number of themed issues these days, I've only managed to get four comics in my series published these past six months. There's been little precedent for this publishing style with comic series before, and it just feels like there's not much incentive to submit them now. I was hoping we could at least get more insight as to why this has changed, or if there was any way to reconsider this rule change. Thank you. ~twillieblossom
It is best to submit one part at a time so that the submission portal doesn’t get too clogged up resulting in possibly losing submissions.

This is not to say that comic or non-series writing parts won’t make publication. It is just that they are not guaranteed continuous publication one right after the other. So unlike series, if a themed or special issue happens a comic series won’t necessarily make it into that edition as themed entries will take precedence. If you would like the highest chance of making an entry into one of those issues, it’s best to craft a submission specifically tailored towards that issue. It’s not that they can’t make it in, just that they likely won’t if there are lots of entries that other users worked hard on to fit with the theme or holiday. But once the special issue is over the comic series could continue as long as it continues to meet qualifications.

We enjoy comic series and want to see them continued, but this is mainly to state that we cannot guarantee that because one part of the comic was accepted that the rest will automatically be accepted as well and that there may be breaks between when the next part may be accepted and continued. But as long as the series keeps meeting qualifications, we will do our best to continue featuring users' great work! ~~ Stone


I just wanted to say thank you to TNT for introducing new wigs that represent more diverse hair textures and styles! It's refreshing to see culturally diverse hair represented in such a beautiful way. I'm excited to incorporate these styles into my pets' customisations. ~lovelygal247

Hello TNT, Just popping in after a long hiatus from Neopets to say thank you. I first joined this community when I was about nine years old, and as a very, very young writer, getting published in the Neopian Times was such a huge confidence boost. It's been over ten years since then. I'm still writing, and still incredibly grateful for a site where I could begin to hone my skills. Mr. Coconut says goodnight! ~millenarianhappiness

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