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Hi TNT! *tempts you with pumpkin spice lattes* It's September and that means it's almost October so Halloween is right around the corner!! There are a few items that I'd LOVE to see in the upcoming Halloween rerelease caps, if you guys can add them *heart* Gathering of conjurers background, Edolies decorated house background, Dark Lace Dress, Halloween Rose Gloves, Valentine Mutant Dress, Gothic Pastel Dress, Unsettling Reflection Foreground are some dark/halloween-y items that are loved by sooo many of us but they're almost impossible to find :( Please consider adding them to these caps when they're out! ~~Anonymous
Hello! *is tempted and takes pumpkin spice latte. Sips beverage as I write you back!* Haha thanks for the drink. I love seeing messages like this because there is some truly wonderful items that exist! Sometimes they get forgotten or become super rare and hard to get. When Neopians bring them up like this, we try to think how we can get these items resurfaced and back into people's hands! Or…inventories haha. I’ll take note of those items and see if and when I can stuff them into capsules! ~~ Miss Rainbow

Hey TNT, firstly I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the new pride flags you've introduced to the site! Representation is so important for many of us, and having that little reminder from TNT that it's okay to be LGBTQIA+ is amazing! Would it be possible to get some pride usuki dolls? I can't even begin to imagine how awesome they would be! Many thanks! ~~mattiekins1992
We are so happy to hear that the new pride items have brought you and others joy! Thank you for the awesome suggestion. We have more pride items planned and will definitely add this to the list!! ~~Stone

Hey TNT! I saw last week that you are going in alphabetical order to fix zoning issues with NC items. Do you have any future plans to make it so we can wear hats and wigs with the Halloween Krawk Skull Mask? Thanks :) ~~kh2riku_3
Hey hey! With spooky season fast approaching, we decided to expedite the rezoning for this item! Thanks for writing in! ~~ Miss Rainbow

Hi TNT! The faerie talpidat is adorable but I think maybe it's still inactive - there's no option to paint a talpidat faerie at the petpet puddle. Please fix this! It's such a cute petpet and I would love to create one ASAP. *hands basket of muffins* ~~sychologist
*scarfs down the entire basket of muffins* Thank you so much for the muffins. Sorry, you had to see that, but I skipped breakfast again!

Appreciate you letting us know! We made sure that the Faerie Talpiat is paintable now. The ghost Talpidat should also be paintable now, along with the new Faerie Ownow and Faerie Sharky as well! ~~Aesop

Hi TNT! I'm very sad to see Mac leaving. I'm wondering if someone else going to make the head accessories static now that Mac has left? I don't know who was working on it but she was the one who answered our questions on it. Please do continue to make them static! ~~greyfever
Hello! No need to worry, myself and some other TNT members are also master re-zoners and will be sure to keep making those items static! Of course we will be chewing on this in the background as we work on other things, so give us some time and you will continue to see the items be re-zoned! ~~Miss Rainbow

I'm a huge fan of the Scorchio/Gnorbu/Kau pinatas. Is there any chance we could get some more species-specific pinatas for pet days? ~~jrayeb3
That sounds like a smashing idea! I bet they would be a real hit. We will for sure add this sweet idea to the list of fun things to do for pet days! ~~Stone

Are you any closer to implementing 2FA to neopets? ~~unlaced_
Yes! We are currently going through the testing phases and making sure everything is working appropriately before we release. ~~Yarner

Hello hello! I was admiring the previous Armin Collectors Contacts Dyeworks options that are a bit out of reach for me, and wondered - could we possibly have permanent coloured contact options like this in the NC store all the time in the future? Let me rephrase, I'd like to SEE permanent contacts please haha! ~~draik_bianca
Hello! Permanent contacts in the NC Mall is a great idea! Jotting the idea down so we can release some soon x) ~~Miss Rainbow

Hi TNT! I recently changed browsers, but now I can't access certain site features on the new browser that I was able to access before. Will switching back and forth between different browsers put me at risk for getting frozen? ~~woohooloolz
We currently have this logged with our testing team to look into. You shouldn’t have your account frozen for switching back and forth. But if you experience any more issues, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team. ~~Yarner

Please TNT, save my sanity. It's coming closer to Halloween and my favourite avatar Edna - Cackle still eludes me. Please can we have another clue as to how to obtain this?! There haven't been any clues given to this in years and the avatars nearly 20 years old, surely we deserve another clue? ~~sallynicol
I suppose we could share a quick tip... My advice would be to keep an eye out for whenever an Edna Quest asks you for three items. Wish I could share more details, but I'm afraid if I say any more, Edna might turn me into a Mortog! ~~Aesop

Hello, TNT! *offers freshly baked, still warm and soft cookies* Some spooky NC items have become so hard to find. Spyder Web Staff and Potion Vines Garland come to mind but many non-LE items from old caps are in short supply too. Any chance they could be re-released in the upcoming spooky caps this year? Thanks! ~~major_flirt8888
Hello! Cookies to go along with my pumpkin spice latte from anon!? *accepts cookies* Thank you haha. I’ve taken note of these and will see if I can cram them into a capsule x). Thanks for writing in! ~~Miss Rainbow

Hello, TNT! Hope you all are doing well!!! Any chance we can expect more pride-themed flags (or even other wearables!) in the future, such as one for lesbians and one for gay men? Thanks! Please hide my username! :) ~~Anonymous
Hi there! We are indeed planning on releasing more pride-themed items and love to hear y’all’s suggestions! Please keep them coming! ~~Stone

Hello! ^.^ Please consider re-releasing Constellation Markings and Sparkle Effect this fall season. There are not enough of either item in circulation, making it almost impossible to obtain the items. ~~candylandtheonomy
Hello! Those are some very sparkly items! Seeing as one is an NC Mall birthday item and the other is an Altador Cup item, we’re more likely going to re-release them around the time when those events come around again x). But we have taken note of them, so thanks for writing in! ~~Miss Rainbow

Will there be a 2022 charity corner? ~~draggi_pi2
Unfortunately, there will not be a Charity Corner event in Neopia this year. Although we were really hoping to fit one in, we've been focused on other vital areas of the site such as improving security. However, we are already looking into ways to incorporate some type of Charity Corner event into our schedule for next year! ~~Aesop


Thank you for releasing the Chocolate Eyrie for this years Chocolate Ball! It`s absolute perfection, so beautifully decorated and yummy-looking! The swirls of chocolate/buttercream on the Eyries head in place of the feathers is just the "icing on top" for me! I finally had something to use the FFQ I had been saving for months, and it`s still Eyrie Day next month to look forward to! (I`m crossing my fingers for Burlap or Steampunk)! ~~aleu1986

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