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Are we allowed to advertise for other users that have pets UFT;UFA? There are a lot of agencies that give this power in the PC boards that seem okay as they link to the owner but the last update on this was from year 15-just want clarity ~~itsthattimeagain
Hi, No you cannot advertise for someone else's pet. Having them in an agency is fine as long as the owner has given consent for their pet to be listed there, if they ask for you to remove their pet from the agency please remove their pet.

When will we be getting our bonus 500 NC from the promotion last fall? :) ~~gollyga97
The bonus NC was given out in December 2020, if for some reason you did not get yours and you know you did qualify for it, please send in a ticket by going to and we will get that checked into for you.

Hiii! Just wanted to maybe plant a tiny little seed in someone's ear that there are some of us mutant lovers who would really REALLY love some more wearable items for our mutant pets! Specifically markings, contacts and that lovely *hinthint* bone collector mask idea from the most recent Random Contest! *hinthint* Thanks for all you do~~siyniai
We actually have an upcoming Mutant Gram so be on look out!

Carniverous Plant Usuki is spelled wrong; it should be Carnivorous Plant Usuki like the plushie (0:~~forgottenbirthdays
You're right, we sent off to Donny and he said should be fixed in no time.

Will the random contest ever be judged?It has been a month and it hasn't,I really want to enter in the next one.~~clovertheperidot
The contest was actually judged a few months ago and the winners are posted on the past winners page. We didn't grant prizes till this week because we wanted to ensure all items of the first place winners were created and released first. These are officially live and out in the world check em out!

Hello TNT! Spring is right around the corner and there is a certain lovely retired Spring Shop NC wearable that has long been out of reach for many, the Negg Wreath Garland released back in 2015! Is there any chance for us to finally see a return of the lovely garland in this year's Retired Spring Capsule? Thank you!~~morty0807
Surely :)

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