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I'm wondering what happened to daily dare and the gamer's challenge events that usually happen every year? I know for the past few years, one or the other gets cut to make room for something else...but both seem to have gone missing this year (I hope I didn't miss it somehow...I'd be so embarrassed asking this then lol). Will one or both be back in 2021? Please? They are my favorite events. Diverse challenges each day unlike for example the AC which consists of the same 4 games for a month. ~~sumarian_nutamu
Sadly with this year being the extinction of flash, we had to focus all our programming efforts to getting the site converted to HTML5. However, the Advent Calendar is still happening so make sure to head over to Happy Valley for some fun prizes and animations.

Hey there, so I’ve never tried to submit anything to the editorial before but this question has been on my mind. Obviously the outright renaming of pets is out of the question, but how about an option to change the case of pet names? As far as I can tell, pet names aren’t case sensitive, so I was wondering if this is something that could be feasible. Please remove my username, I’m shy. : )
Hi, sorry to say this but even just changing a capital letter would be the same as changing the entire petname in the servers so it's not something that could be done at this time.

All I want for Christmas is the Kung Fu Vandagyre Hat re-zoned to static. ;o; You guys have been on such a great kick zoning hats/hoods like absolute champs that I don't know how this one slipped past. Please grant me and all the good little Vandagyres a christmas miraclllle.~~tainteddestiny
Wish granted :)

Hello TNT! I look forward to the Stocking Stufftacular every year (even saved up NC and counted on the bonus 500nc from the credit card promo this year), will the event still take place this year? Thank you!~~starlight13_2
The presale began on the second and will go till the 7th, then the event will begin on the 8th.

Hello, thanks for fixing the Zen Style Tub so quickly, it looks gorgeous (by the way, all the new items are beautiful, loving the new art!). As I was dressing my pets for this magical season, I noticed "Holiday Themed Earrings" are glitching on the right side, at least on my blumaroo. Could you guys fix it too? Thanks!~~brenda_bbm
Yes I will work with Donny to fix this asap. Keep an eye out.

Hi! Is it possible we could get a Shenanigifts Retired Capsule in the NC Mall at some point in the near future? (: The JubJub Power Bounce and Wonderclaw Retired Capsules that you've done in the past were a lot of fun! Some of the older Shenanigifts prizes aren't that available to trade for anymore as players come and go from the site. I hope you will consider this. Thanks!~~cherry_25
Yes we actually released this yesterday, it will be in the mall till the 10th.

Hello! I noticed a while ago one of the new fall wearable items, "Fall Knapsack", is in the "belt" zone so when your pet is wearing a Jacket, the Knapsack is completely covered! :( Is there anyway the zone of the Knapsack could be changed so that it overlaps all other clothes like a bag would? I love this cute little item and i'm so bummed it doesn't work with most customs :( Thank you for your time!!
Yes I will work on this fix with donny stay on the lookout.

Happy Thoughts

The new jewelry is awesome (I am waiting for one of my pets species!) though it already is a great collection of different pets and they look reeeeeally good), I love the emails I get from you and the new Moasic Usul is just marvelous. Beta is a huge WIP but I am glad we try to keep Neopets up and running =)

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