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Hello Neopian Times readers! My name is Aesop and I just wanted to formally introduce myself as the newest member of The Neopets Team! I first played Neopets as a kid back in 2004 and was simply enthralled with the world of Neopia. Although I took some time off from gaming to focus on school, I never forgot the many hours I poured into Neopets. Which is why I was thrilled to have the opportunity to become part of TNT! Over the past month or two, I have been helping out best I can and learning a lot along the way. My primary duties involve running spotlights/contests, coming up with content ideas for daily site activities/events, and putting together the Neopian Times which has been a blast! As an avid reader and writer myself, I love reading through your submissions and exploring the characters and stories that your writing and artwork brings to life. I have been extremely impressed with the talent and passion you all bring to Neopia and will strive to do my very best to bring you the content you deserve! -Aesop

Hi there TNT! -offers gluten free cookies- So I'm planning on hosting a creative project for people during the summer, with prompts to complete and things like that, to keep us all busy and productive! I know NP rewards for that sort of thing aren't allowed, but I was curious if I would be allowed to offer custom art as a prize instead? So if they completed so many tasks, I would draw them a picture of whatever they wanted? Thanks so much, have a wonderful day! ^.^ ~kasia797
Yummy Cookies!! Sure, that sounds like a great idea. Yes, giving out prizes such as artwork would be fine, just no items or points. Just make sure it is stated very clearly that no Neopoints items or points are being awarded and that it is artwork. Have fun!!

Hey TNT! As you all know, most users are probably getting a little stir crazy right now. Neopets (for me, at least) has proven to be an invaluable social network right now, allowing me to chat and commiserate with other people in a nice, friendly environment (and Fyora knows that can be hard to find online). I do have one question, though. I'm sure a lot of users are also enjoying other video games right now to pass the time, including a certain animal one. I know that, in the past, it's always been discouraged that users on here share information for other games... given our current situation, and considering how many if not most of the users seem to be adults right now, is that still in place? I would LOVE to be able to visit other Neopians in their games but I don't want to risk getting in trouble! Is there any way you guys could loosen that rule a little, especially in such a difficult time?
Sorry but no this has not changed, we cannot allow members to give out any form of offsite contact information, regardless of members ages.

Howdy, TNT! *offers a barrel of mini pies* Listen, I have a serious question. Some members of the art chat have noticed more than one occasion of users tracing official Neopets art and being accepted into the Art Gallery. In the rules, it states that site art is not allowed and submissions must be 100% your own. There's been a lot of debate and confusion over whether traced site art should be considered "100% your own". If possible, could this be made clear in the Art Gallery rules? If replicating site art IS allowed, then I think it would clear up a lot of confusion if this were explicitly stated in the Art Gallery rules! Thank you!! ~
Hi, hopefully this will help. Outright tracing official art is not allowed. Please report if you see any and it will be removed (in fact someone did report one today and it was immediately removed). Please include a link to the official art as well. Using official art as reference material is fine, but you are right the image has to be 100% you. So even when using it as a reference, please make sure differences are clear so no one can say it was traced.

So in summary, replicating official art in your own style is fine, tracing is not.

Also if any has not been removed (only one image has been reported) please make sure to report so kikocat can get it removed!! Thanks!!

Hello TNT! I have a question regarding the NC neggs that you can get from the Festival of Neggs. I’m not planning on using them so I was thinking on gifting them to someone who may actually used them but on the boards users were confused on whether this is allow or not. Could we have an answer please? :3 ~~sweetgirl04_95
Yes sure you can trade them, since they are simply collectible items you are free to do so.

I am so thankful to see the site is still alive and thriving! Similar to others, I'm starting all over again after 13+ years. Rejoining has been the biggest joy, so first - TYSM! When I was a kiddo I imagined the site being run by laid-back superheros since the idea of building a whole website seemed... well, like magic. Now... I know that's not fully the case. You're all incredible! But I know you're humans working just like the rest of us, so I wanted to check in with y'all. How the team's doing? I believe you're working from home - so glad to hear that! Has it been a hard thing to adjust to? Any fun stories that have come out of WFH life? Have you seen an uptick in users as a result of Covid? Who has the best WFH desk setup? THANK YOU & stay safe. p.s. - I've definitely attributed my interest in coding/tech to y'all in interviews/at work! Once had a job in fintech and begged the editorial team to do an article titled "Personal Finance Tips Gained From Neopets."~~merpderp_00
Wow so much in one statement. Welcome back! What do you mean we are superheroes still...haha jk. We are doing well considering everything you know. It is hard for everyone, our home wifis are no where as good as the office so that's a struggle for sure. Yes there is a huge spike in activity which is amazing! Not sure who has the best set up we aren't big camera people in our meetings XD. Oh wow that's amazing! Keep on coding my friend! And stay safe as well :)

hi there TNT! I'd like to know if my entries for Neopian times and Poetry was received, i sent my poem in february and never got answered, also send a series for neopian times weeks ago and no answer for it, saw some more people going through the same, could you please bring some light to us if our entries were received? Tried sending a ticket a month ago about it but never got a real response. Thank you and have an awesome day :*~~zuniak
If you did not get a rejection note then we likely did receive it. So sorry for the delay on getting back, Aesop does both NT and poetry on his own as I used to do so it gets tough sometimes. You writers submit a lot of amazing content so it can be tough to get through all of it reasonably with all the other things we have to do on the site. But I will remind him to try to keep up with all the entries.

The new Negg Fest items are really fabulous! In particular, I LOVE the new Mage's Satchel... though I was disappointed to see it's categorized as a "right-hand item" despite not appearing to have any effect on a Neopet's right hand. Is there any way it's zone could be changed to open up more customization options for us? I totally understand if it can't, it just seemed like an odd way to zone it! Oh, and p.s. thank you all for working hard and bringing us new content even through this difficult time :)~~ loba_negra
So glad you liked them aesop and i worked really hard on all the ideation for them and one artist did all the art by herself for them. And yes i saw this concern as well, it seems it was uploaded on the wrong zone, this has since been corrected!

Hi! I love the minimalism of the new Forever Loading avatar! Will it be rereleased? I wish I hadn't missed it this year! ~~costumely
Sadly no, this was a one day thing. Hopefully you come by every day from now on so you never miss anything ever again XD, jk jk...but seriously...

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