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HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY TO NEOPETS! Wow twenty years, that's truly crazy! And it's all thanks to you all, you have continued to visit Neopia and make it the crazy place it is to this day. And although I haven't been here as long as you, I can say that I can feel the pride you have for this place and have a deep appreciation for the history and nostalgia that it brings. We hope you all have amazing celebrations of your own and that you will continue with us for years to come!

Hi! The item NC Mall Background Shopkeeper Plushie was announced on June 19th but it can't stock since its Estimated Value is at 0 NP. I was wondering if this could be fixed?~~lucky3005pig
How odd..Donny has gone ahead and fixed that right up!

Hello! *tosses a bowl of glowing jelly* I'm returning after a two-ish year hiatus and had a couple of questions. 1) Do we still throw things at the editor? I feel like it's rude, but I'll keep doing it if it's still a thing! 2) Does Jelly World exist yet? I'm so excited to continue exploring the wonderful world of Neopia! Keep up the great work!~~guildlyite
Hi there! Welcome back :) Yes ppl still throw things at me/to me whatever tickles your fancy honestly ¯_(ツ)_/¯..As for the rest of that question...I cannot comment. But yes please keep exploring and enjoying this wonderful world!

Hi there TNT! I was so pleased that you kept your promise to release the 20th Anniversary avatar as part of the birthday celebrations! I was wondering though, since it's been made available to everyone, would you consider making it count in our collections? It made sense not to have it count when it was a SDCC prize, but that's no longer the case.~~bouncyhanyou
Wow what a good point...because you said that sure we've gone ahead and added it to your count. Thanks Binary_Supagoo! He's basically TNT's own superhero!

You released Symol Hole on October 25th, but it's nowhere to be found.. Also the Glowing apple lantern still doesn't have ID.. Can you please fix these items so we can find them in Neopia? Thanks...~~gemini_a88
Another strange one...i've informed Donny and he said it should all be taken care of now!

Hey TNT! I believe many people loved this new capsule for the 20th Birthday event, so I'd like to ask one thing: could you guys release it as an actual item? I feel like many people would love to get one of those for themselves and get a special something from it or even if it's just a regular toy to play with their pets, for their galleries or just to keep it as a memory of this event. :D~~ro_posh
Another fantastic idea! If you collect all 20 capsules you should receive the capsule now :D Along with another special surprise!

We saw a lot of event delays this year (y'all been super busy and stuff), but can we still expect the Games Master Challenge again this fall? Along with Daily Dare, it's an event I always look forward to each year!~~seismicfury
Sadly this will be another one for the list.. We will be postoning GMC to next year. We have had a lot of new things to juggle this year with working on mobile, neopets x and trying to fix and reinvent elements of the site along the way. We apologise for this delay but we want to give it our 100% instead of overlapping events. As for Daily dare, that passed already silly, that was back in July.

*quizzically raises an eyebrow at you* We have a lot of facial furniture for pets in the form of glasses, 'tashes, make up etc. but we are seriously lacking in wearable eyebrows - how can our pets make detailed expressions when they don't have eyebrows!? I think it'd be really great if you could make some -no tags here-:-) *gives you a doughnut as bribery*~~shakespeareofborg
**raises eyebrow back...hmm idk why we don't have more eyebrows..I'll add it to my list! **also grabs doughnut.

Hey TNT! How many submissions do you get per week for each section of the Times? Is there a shortage in certain categories? I am thinking more Neopians would be encouraged to enter if they knew their entry was needed! Thanks~~_kate_e_did_
Hmm well I can't say a set amount because it varies week to week, but I would say we get the most articles submissions and the least would be series and comics. Hope this helps :)

Hi there, I always enjoy trying to find the solution for the weekly Mystery Pic, but lately it seems like the entries had solutions that weren't at all related to the prizes. Typically the prize has been a hint to the solution. Just wondering if this was a mistake?~~ lai_sinsi
We did recently have a newer team member working on mpic that was doing that accidentally but no the prize should never align with the picture. You gotta figure it out without hints that's why it's a mystery after all.

Hi TNT, I have a favour to ask of you. The Advent Calendar is approaching and all I want for Advent is a beautiful new Negg to admire. Just something pretty to add to my Negg Gallery. I know it's late to request an Advent Item, but it would really top off the year for me! And I know there are many Negg Collectors in Neopia as well. How about it, can your artists come up with a really pretty Negg? Thanks!! ~ DT X0X0 ~~deliriumm_tremens
Hello fellow negg enthusiast! Well you're right it's a bit too late for advent but there is a brand new negg that was apart of Hannah and the Lost Time Capsules go find it!

For Neopets upcoming birthday celebrations *throws confetti* could we maybe just maybe have a 6th pet slot? (7 for Premium). It would make it a verrrry happy occasion for all :) :) ~~bugbless
hmmmm.....maybe we will ;)

Hi TNT! thanks for all your continuing hard work keeping this wonderful site going! I truly enjoy it! I would like to suggest maybe having 'blinking' eye contacts? Or, would there ever be a 'background' where we can put all our pets in it? Like a Christmas caroling scene, or everyone enjoying a party?? thanks!~~dog_do_go_to_heaven
Ohhh love that blinking eye idea...I will add that to my list as well. As for the second one not so sure that's possible, but keep on dreaming and thinking of new ideas and let me know what you got!

It's been one wild ride!

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