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Hi TNT!! *hands out snickerdoodles* Recently, I was looking at past winners of the caption contest and noticed something. No one really seems to get exactly what a caption is. The dictionary definition says: a title or explanation for a picture or illustration. Yet that is not what is submitted, the entries are basically conversations as shown by people putting Grundo: words being said, etc. I'm just curious as to why, after all these years, this has not been cleared up.
Well sure dictionaries are very concise in their definitions, but if you haven't noticed Neopia has it's own set of unconventional ways. So caption contest is whatever you interpret to be funny or clever. So no it doesn't have to be so strict it's whatever you like and whatever everyone votes to be the best!

Hi Jade, could you please add some front/top hair restricts for our new Corn on the Cob Costume? For example I'd love Chia's hair removed when wearing it. Thank you :3
Gotcha Donny's on it! Just a few snips here and there and done.

Hey TNT, I had this idea some time ago and want to know your opinion on it. What do you think about discontinuing a neopet species? There are some neopets that aren't popular at all, and most people tend to evade them, so why not just retire them? o:
Oh my goodness :O. We would never. All Neopet species are made equally and perfectly as they are. To get rid of one would just be ... well unspeakable....

Hello! Is the Pet Spotlight is on hiatus? It looks like hasn't been updated for a while.
Nobody’s forgotten, work has already begun here!

Is there any chance we could get more plushies of the Food Club pirates? Some were released years back but there's still a lot of pirates that don't have plushies yet! I think many of us would appreciate a Gooblah plushie or a Stuff-a-Roo plushie!
Shiver me timbers, are we really short on Food Club plushies?! I’ll alert me Cap’n immediately!

There was one question from a restocker about Stackpath… something like ‘hello there, we need to talk’. If you can find that, please show it to Devon along with this answer here and ask him whether it looks okay. Once he’s approved of it, you can publish this one.
While Stackpath has been incredibly helpful with blocking malicious activity on the site, we are aware that innocent users have also been getting caught up in its net. Accordingly, we have been working with support to look into specific user requests and help them resume normal activity on the site. Just today we made additional modifications to minimize inconvenience to honest players. If you are still facing problems using the site normally, write to support and someone will look into it.

Oops! Usukicon Y20 Goodie Bag has not been retired yet, even though this year's 'Con has already happened and the new Usukicon Y21 Bag has been released. Could you fix that? Thanks.
Yes this has since been retired :)

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