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Hi TNT! Can you please clarify if the Altador Cup Finals are going to begin on next Tuesday (June 25th) or on next Wednesday (June 36th)? Last year we had 3 bye days before finals, so we want to know if we are having 2 bye days as the rules page says or 3 like last year. Thank you so much!
We will only have 2 by-days this year, and Round 2 is going to begin on Tuesday, 25 June.

Thanks for last week’s in-depth answer about Schrommos! I’m still a little confused, particularly about the inclusion of the Sleeper chapter. Was the intent to say that Schrommos was a large area, equivalent to what became the Altador empire? Or just specifically the name for the valley where the city alone now stands? I was assuming the latter, which is why I was questioning it, but if it was the former that makes a LOT more sense. If so, I apologise for being so condescending last week as it was my error.
That’s right, Schrommos was the name of the region where the Altadorian empire now stands.

Hi! *presents cookie offering* Could we please get some more alabriss colors? I'd love a brown one, to resemble an actual horse, but grey and white would be lovely as well! It's such a cute petpet but there aren't many colors for it! Thanks for considering :)
This is going into our rapidly growing list of Petpet colour requests!

Hi Jade! It’s awesome to see two new avatars released, and I really hope there are more to come, but can the art team do something about the low resolution of these two new avatars, the Robot Vandagyre avatar and the Royal Lutari avatar? Thanks! I know there are settings within these programs to export higher quality gifs.
Those avatars were actually never supposed to go out like that! We will be updating the art to ensure they are of higher quality.

In trying to find an answer to a question I have about the Altador Cup Staff Tournament, I was looking at the Altador Cup FAQ, hoping it held the Staff tournament as well. Alas, I will continue my search, as soon as I remember what the question was. Oh, gosh! I'm so sorry; I brought fruit & veggies trays for everyone at TNT! Enjoy! Now, where was I? Where Am I? (shakes head, rubs eyes.) Ah, yes- The Altador Cup FAQ. Please, would someone (smarter than this silly ol' bear) explain to me the meanings of what I quote below, just here: 19) I just got an Altador Cup team avatar! Will this add to my permanent avatar count? No, these team avatars are just so you can show your support for your team on the Neoboards. They will disappear at the end of the tournament. 20) I just got an Altador Cup team avatar! Will this add to my permanent avatar count? Yes, it will.
Oh dear. This is pretty embarrassing! The correct answer is that it will add to the permanent avatar count. As for the other answer, that needs to go asap!

Hi! Many users put in a lot of effort into the Charity Corner event, in hopes of getting the Zapped! perk. We were looking forward to being able to zap our petpets an exclusive lab ray color, as was advertised in the shop. I & many users waited patiently for TNT to fix the shop only to have the description & perk changed to something many users weren't even working towards. Many users feel cheated & as though our time & effort was wasted. I'm writing in hopes that TNT will keep their word & do right by the user base & work towards fixing this issue, by allowing us to have lab ray exclusive colors as an option. Thanks!
Unfortunately, our developer ran into unexpected problems while setting the perk up, and fixing it was taking so long that all his other tasks were getting affected. We do realise that some players were saving up especially for this perk, and we want to see what can be done for those players. This is not to make any promises here, just to let you know that we are aware of your situation and that we have not closed the matter.

Donny's Corner: Donny has made no comment at this time...something about bad food from the Food Club...

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