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Hi everyone! Our apologies for the confusion on last week's issue, on our end it was reporting as posted when in reality it wasn't quite published yet. In other news our Comic Con After Party is just around the corner - July 19th to be exact. And we would like to invite you to join us. This year we have a limited amount of seats available since it is indeed a free event. There will lots of fun activities, tnt members to chat with, we will be showcasing all new things to come in the Neopian world all tied in with an amazing themed party! (more theme details coming soon...) So be sure to keep your eyes peeled and sign up on Monday the 3rd for the survey interest list to attend this party. This marks the 20th year of Neopets! This is a celebration you won't wanna miss. But without further adieu let's get on with the editorial!

Hi TNT! Charity Corner is over but the Neohome Superstore and the Ever Stocked General Store are still closed. Could you please inquire as to whether they plan on reopening again soon? Thanks!~~pumpkinplushie
Both have now opened, so go shop to your heart’s content!

is the daily dare still going to start soon...? most people were expecting it to start before the altador cup, but if that happens now, they're going to overlap almost entirely.... did the team decide to move daily dare later in the summer, or is it still starting really soon? :/~~neon3002
Well, no. The team decided somewhere along the line that they couldn’t handle everything together, nor would it be very enjoyable for the players, so Daily Dare has been postponed to after the Altador Cup. Exact dates are yet to be finalized.

Hello, Can you release the Skarl Collectable Charm through something other than King Skarl or at least make the drop rate 10x greater? Clearly that daily is rarely done if none have been seen for over 5months since you 'fixed' the prizes not being awarded. ~~sell_me_stamps
The programmer has not had a chance to look into this, what with all the events going on. However, we should have a clearer idea of what exactly is up with the prize and what we’re going to do about it by next week.

HI TNT! ^^ I know you're about to get swamped with petpet color requests after the last editorial, but I just want to point out the cutest, most under appreciated petpet...the Deaver. I mean LOOK AT THAT FACE! At the moment, the only colors he comes in are kind of dark for such an adorable little fella. :c I would LOVE to see a faerie color for the Deaver, but I'd settle for anything a little brighter. And if it just so happened to match a faerie yurble...well...*pushes 8 large pizzas your way and wiggles eyebrows*~~zafire
A brighter Deaver colour, ideally Faerie. Got it.

Dear TNT! I hope I am placing this request early enough. I would love either a Chocolate or Wraith Eyrie for their pet day in October. Or possibly a Chocolate Eyrie can be released for the Chocolate Ball in September? Thank you for considering this humble request from an Eyrie lover.~~aleu1986
Yes, you’re very early. We can certainly pass on this request, and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Hi. Is it possible to put in a request with the staff member responsible for the Mystery Pic? In the last few contests, the Mystery Pic answer has been in the name of the item prize given out for winning. It defeats the purpose of the competition to have the answer given to us. Prizes can serve as a good hint, but they shouldn’t be giving the answer. Thank you for reading!~~sixlets1
We’ve spoken to the staff member responsible for the Mystery Pic about this.

Hi TNT *Hands out a freshly baked pigeon pie*! You are doing a super great job and I love all the new petpet colors that have been released. One of my pets is really interested in white wolf-like petpets. I was wondering if you could make a white Werhond. It would make him super happy and he would pet him all the time. He'll love him and hug him and name him Ghost!~~ere173
A White Werhond. Done.

Hiii, I love my trophy for Charity Corner, however it seems to sit next to the 2018 trophy and not at the end of my trophy list like it should. Any chance this could be fixed. Thanks :)~~bikinibotm
Take another look at your Charity Corner trophy, it should be in its place now :)

Hey Jade *passes around crepes*. Every year I come back to Neopets, to play in the Altador Cup, and I customize one of my pets to help get into the spirit. I remember back in AC 6,7, and 8, if you bought one of the NC passes you'd get special items based on the team you joined. Those items have since become really rare and almost impossible to come across. Some of us didn't buy those items (I only bought one of the three and don't even play for that team anymore) and I was wondering if it'd be possible for a future mystery capsule-like item to come out which would give people a chance to collect all the items from their favorite teams. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this
Hmmm...well I don't know the exact items you speak of...but I can say there is an Altador Cup retired capsule coming very soon so stay tuned ;)

Donny's Corner: Fixed Altador Team Cuffs, restocking issues with NC Fortune Cookie & various other bug fixes around the site.

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