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Welcome to the Holiday issue of the Neopian Times! We've got a bunch of winter themed submissions this week so sit back and relax and enjoy.
Today we also have a few exciting announcements! So let's just jump into it shall we? We shall.
By now many of you have heard about our upcoming mobile app, Legends & Letters. We've announced that it’s coming soon, but it's coming sooner than you think! The 17th of the month of Sleeping, we will release this beast your way. It's an awesome combo of all the characters and history that are the life and soul of Neopets along with a brand new battle to take on with a compelling word mechanic. We are so excited about this app and we hope you are too! All of you truly make Neopets what it is and we could never do this without you, which is why we want your help! This app is for you, so it's only right that your feedback should influence how the game is shaped and formed. So please let us know through Social, boards, direct message, telegram, whatever you have to do to send us your thoughts and suggestions!!

Along with Legends & Letters, we are also expecting the Neopets mobile app to come Summer of 2019! All the things you love to do on the site will be with you wherever you go! Wanna try on that new outfit you just got from that superpack? Maybe go see what you can get at the Money Tree? Or even participate in the latest site event while chatting with all your neofriends about it on the Neoboards! All of this and so much more will be available for you on the go! This is a big upcoming chapter and we can't wait for you to see what we’ve been working so hard to impress you with. Stay tuned on the site for all these updates. We are going into next year full throttle and we want your help and feedback every step along the way!!

You all have been the most amazing and loyal community over these past 19 years which we can't thank you enough for!! Neopia is a magical place full of so many opportunities and we are just getting started...

Hi! A while ago I noticed that Basic Pink Trousers aren't in the NC Mall, but the other basic pink items are. The rest of the basic sets (blue, green, etc.) are all there, too. Is there any reason why those trousers specifically are missing, or is it just an error? If it's an error, could they please be added to the mall? Thank you!
Oh I see what you mean. I mean I personally love pink too! Just a little of this and a little of that and bam, back in the mall just for you :)

Hello neopetsteam, I can't play any of the games neither can I visit some of the sites. If I go off site i.e. The daily neopet. I can get the freebies but still can't play games. Do I need a special program I have Flash. Any help will be appreciated. I have been playing neopets for 10 years ... on and off so please help.~~snowfire5050
My recommendation is to first make sure your flash is up to date. Second a lot of browsers are out to get us flash sites (cough cough) so essentially now per page you have to specifically say that you want to allow flash. On Chrome to the left of the site address there is a small little i and if you click it just click to allow flash. In other browsers just be sure to go into your settings and allow flash.

Hi there! Have you guys considered updating the NP reward that we get when we're on top of the high score tables? Those 750 or 500 NP seem kinda outdated in today's economy. Thanks!~~jett_antonio
Hmmm interesting verrry interesting..haha jk I will be sure to slide this to content for sure and we will see what they think.

Happy holidays to all. I was happy to see the link in new features for Learn to Speak Neopian. I checked it out immediately. There were some missing pet names. Please add Gnorbu Vandagyre and Xweetok. I have not had the time to check other entries as yet. Thanks~~blindedby2
I will try to prioritize this.

How come Card Magic 101 given out by the advent calendar can't be read, it is a book!~~shadomir
There were a few books that were unreadable but those have now been fixed. So sorry to disturb your reading.

GUYS GUYS GUYS, can I just say how AMAZING the Stocking Stufftacular and Advent Calendar items have been this year?! Omg!! I'm really blown away by the quality of the artwork. Thank you so much for these lovely items!! And happy holidays to you all *leaves out cookies and milk*~~unbridledlove
Wow thank you so much. These are two of the biggest events of the year and they take A LOT of TNT members to make it happen, so we really appreciate that. It means a lot :) I personally plan Stocking Prizes so thanks again so glad you enjoy them.

Hey there! I'm really sorry to bother, but I bought a Fang-tastic Background in hopes to use it for my UC Grey Gelert - unfortunately, it seems there is a glitch where the BG makes UC pets disappear. =( Could you please send Donny to take a look into it? what a glitch. After much review with the head programmer and Donny of course I have fixed this!!! I take much pride in these fixes especially when they take a lot of time XD. Anywho customise away my friend.

To Donny's Corner: Cave Painting Background needs to restock in the Mystical Surroundings, not the Ugga Shinies. Mutant Staff of Darkness, Mutant Staff of Foulness, and Dark Mutant Lantern need to restock in either the Neopian Gift Shop or the Unis Clothing Shop not in Ugga Shinies.~~silly_mistake
Oh wow how fitting is your username this definitely a silly mistake. These have all been fixed now. We have this thing in HQ we call the 'ghost glitch' and that's when certain items in our database suddenly change categories, erase the description or make the item inactive. It's really strange and we really don't know why it happens. It's a true Neopian Mystery.

Hi! I love customising my Neopets but I have noticed one thing about the latest items - the wigs aren’t voluminous! Please can you make future wigs more voluminous and bouncy - they’ll be so much more profitable! Thank you kindly~~happyinengland
Oh so you want VOLUME!? OH I will give you volume! I will make some awesome flowy voluminous wigs just for you ;) Get ready though, this volume might blow you away!

Howdy! Last editorial, you guys posted the Beauty Contest rules, and they said that "no non-drawn works, meaning they cannot use sculptures, plushies or other hand-made or manufactured items in their artwork.". As a 3D artist myself, are renders included in this rule? As in, if I sculpt my pet on, let's say, ZBrush, and render a picture, can I send this render to the contest?~~i_am__i
Sorry 3D renders would not be allowed in the Beauty Contest but would be fine for the Art Gallery.

Hey there TNT, In the last editorial, you said only drawings could be submitted to the beauty contest. No sculptures and things.... Would this also rule out an oil painting? It’s still kind of drawing but. I guess you could say I’m not sure where the line is “drawn”. Heheh~ Anyway, thank you for your time and have a wonderful night~~serikyl
Why thank you I hope you have a happy holiday :). Painting would be fine since that's technically a drawn medium since they would draw the image and then paint. They would then take a picture (or scan it) and send it in (much the same way as anyone who would draw with pencil and paper and take a picture of scan it and send it in).

To the tune of Rudolph the RedNose Reindeer. Harry the mutant moehog Had a very shiny Mohawk And if you ever saw it You would even say, “That’s dope dawg.” All of the pretty faeries. Used to laugh and call him names They never let poor Harry Join in the neopian games. The faeries lost their hair brush one Christmas eve And Fyora came to say Harry with your Mohawk so tight Won’t you style our hair tonight? Then how the faeries loved him As they shouted out with glee Harry the Mutant Moehog The best hairdresser in history!~~lindyaol

Lord Darigan: No, you fools! Evil does NOT decorate!!~~gihani_10

Donny's Corner: This week we fixed a few issues with some unreadable books through Advent, fixed Cave Painting Background, Mutant Staff of Darkness, Mutant Staff of Foulness, and Dark Mutant Lantern along with Fang-tastic BG. We are polishing some behind the scenes secret projects for January so that's where most of Donny's time has been going. He appreciates all the support he's been getting lately, it helps when he finishes each day. Donny and I would both like to wish a Merry Month of Celebrating and we will see you in the new year!

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