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Why hello there Neopians, wow, what a week it's been. I want you all to know that I review every single one of your questions each week. And I report them through the proper channels. I apologise if I can't always give you the answers you so seek, but know that they are heard and we are doing our best to address all of you. I never want to present you with false information or mislead you in anyway. What I can tell you is that we have transitioned to Zendesk as our new support system so if you have any issues please follow this link //www.neopets.com/help.phtml.Thanks for a great Daily Dare you guys really went hard this year it was so great to see you all rise to the challenge. Altador Cup Press Tour is here so be sure to check out the highlights everyday! So with that, let's just jump into the editorial shall we…

Hey Scrappy! It's been a loooooong time since the Thieves showed their faces in the Battleground for the Obelisk? If I place a big basket of cookies near the obelisk, maybe that can lure them out? *gives you a cookie too for good measure*~~squishable
Unfortunately they can't be bribed XD. But I've checked with the programmers and they say it's really just based on random chance and we checked the algorithm and it produces runs of other factions not being chosen in a round for 6-8 rounds in a row. So the Thieves will be back when the Random Number gods deem it so.

So, we've all seen the new notable perk below our pets... is there any way to turn it OFF? Or at least NOT flip through? It's REALLY bad for those of us with motion issues. (I feel like I'm gonna throw up just browsing the site...) And it also sucks for the people who bought the perk, because every page refresh just loops it back to the first, so not everyone is seen. But mostly the motion thing.~~ goldennightfox 
We noticed people didn't like it scrolling automatically, so we changed it so that it remains static and has arrows that players can use to scroll through it instead.

I'm curious as to why the grid for daily dare was 7x3 instead of 5x4 when there were 20 days instead of 21? I was worried enough to have everything done before it was too late, but others were not as fortunate, and many people ended up with a participation medal rather than what they were aiming for thanks to the misleading design choice making them think that they had another day.~~ scarab_u2h_1_1
We wanted to stick to the size of last year's grid to avoid a lot of unnecessary extra work for our programmer. We didn't realise how misleading it was, or rather, why that was an issue. We did make sure to put the start and end date in the FAQ, but if we had realised how important this was, we would have put a few reminders in the news, or just made it 21 days! Sorry for the inconvenience, lesson learned for next time!

Hello everyone! How's it going? Good? Good. My house is being invaded by bees so I figured I'd barricade myself at the computer and take a chance to ask a question. So, this is something I've been wondering about because I've been debating doing this, so it's kinda two questions in one but here we go. 1) If for whatever reason you want to make one of your side accounts your new main account, are you allowed to transfer your existing items and neopoints by like, trades or something, from your old main account to the new one without getting in trouble if you have a lot of items and such? And 2) even if you aren't moving accounts, as long as you buy the items on your main and don't sell them on your side, can you mass transfer items over there for...whatever reason really?~~furiku_wildwind
Yes, you can move items and neopoints from one account to another if you are looking to switch. However, know that if you switch you need to stop collecting neopoints on your main for a few days (a week to be safe) to make sure theres no confusion that you're trying to use two accounts. As long as you're not collecting NP on two accounts then you are good

Hello!, international player here  . I was wondering if there are plans on introducing Neocash cards in Mexico again? It's the only way i could buy them without being affected much by the currency exchange. Thank you in advance and keep up the good work, guys!~~ jacquelineramrez
Hola! Sadly there are no current plans but we are definitely looking to make Neopets a worldwide phenomenon so hopefully soon!

Hello Jade/Scrappy! I'm out of chocolate, but...how about some gummy bears? I was wondering... a long, long time ago, before the Conversion, it was said in this editorial that you could get a Chocolate Chia by feeding it tons of chocolate. Is this still true, and will it work for other species? Thank you!~~ doritosinmybathtub
(answered by Scrappy ;) GUMMY BEARS ARE MY FAVEEEEE!!! You know, I've heard this rumor once or twice. I'm not totally sure what the deal is, where it came from or if it can actually happen but I'm just saying I've never seen it happen with my own two eyes…

What's going to happen with all the people with extra charity corner points? Will you make the perks unlimited? Will you make more perks? Will you compensate us somehow? Who makes a prize shop where you can't spend most of your points?? Please TNT, we spent a lot of time and nps, this is really unfair!!~~ supertualet
(answered by Scrappy ;) We have wanted to figure this out but have been a bit busy planning some of the upcoming exciting stuff butttt we will be sure to discuss and come up with an option for you all with extra points. Not sure exactly how yet or when but we will discuss and let you guys know soon.

Hello, TNT. So, I was wondering, if somewhere in the possible future, preferably nearby future, there'd be more pet slots? Maybe? My older Neopets playing friend said it takes a lot of coding, but I'm sure at least ten other users will agree with me when I say that I would like another pet (in my case, a White Uni), but can't because they have the max and don't have the heart to get rid of one of them. Please? sets a little plate of cookies before slowly leaving Thank you for considering!~~ puppy_luvr06
(answered by Scrappy ;) snatches the cookies and runs yes we definitely want to! it will probably be for sale slots and they will definitely still be limited but we are hoping to open up some more soon!

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