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1. Charity Corner. So there's a little confusion going around and while things will become more clear soon I will give you a little heads up as to whats coming! One, there is not fixed points for every item. Items are divided up by rarity. Yes, there aren't prizes and I know this is very different but there will be more of a Perks Shop at the end of this event. You will be able to redeem your points to get certain perks, TNT & Granny Hopbobbin are in agreement this was a needed change! I know its very different, but I do think if you wonderful Neopians can keep an open mind then you will enjoy these perks!! We have a wide array of choices and you will get to choose which ones you get to redeem and if you still have extra, you might even get the chance to win some free NC.

2. The Wraith Resurgence. There has been a small delay in our next steps, but don't fret. Monday will bring you all new story, battles and challenges for this event! Our final battle is rapidly approaching...

Will any more maraquan wearables be released soon? My gelert keeps complaining about having to wear the same dress all the time. ~kristenbb1
Oh tell your gelert to turn that frown upside down because I think you will get some new items before you know it!!

I am a little confused on side accounts and NP. So everyone knows you can't earn NP on side accounts. What happens if we get a RE that gives us NP? Also, what about playing games just to get the avatar, and then transfer the NP to the main account? Is that allowed? Is it ok to keep NP on side accounts for the purpose of buying things for a gallery, as long as that NP was earned on the main account? *slides Asparagus Borovan Lasagne to hungry TNT* ~darkangeljls
Unfortunately, you cannot earn Neopoints on your side account even if only to transfer to your main account. Anything in the site that will earn you Neopoints is against the rules for a side account. Random Events don't count since you don't control those but anything you actively participate in that earns you NP is a strict no no.

Hi. I went to see what I was supposed to do for the new Random Contest, but the page says I already entered on January 27th. That was when I entered the last contest. I didn't enter this one yet. I'd like to enter, but currently I can't, due to this error. Chances are that other people are affected. Could you please make sure that the appropriate people fix this? Thanks.
So I wanted to address this since I got a few questions here! We are aware there's an issue with submitting right now and are looking into it! We will have it fixed ASAP but we'll also keep submissions open for a bit longer for you guys.

Hey there, TNT! I was wondering what the possibility of bringing back old characters in any future plots may be? I've been around for...a while, and really kinda miss Jeran, Lisha and the whole Meridell crew. I's been 14 years since we've heard from them, after all. :o ~fluffy_bumbkin
Funny you mention this! I was just thinking about our old friends the other day myself that we haven't heard from in awhile. I'll try to see what they've been up to and possibly get some fun updates on their lives!!

Hello! Scrappy Scrappy Doo!!! *Give 1000 cokies of chocolate and vainilla* Could you finish the editorial with a image of the beautiful Granny Hopbobbin? THANKS :D

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