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Wheeeeeeere, oh wheeeeeere is our premium collectible? Wheeeeeere ohhh where could it be? ~kyleeannamarie
My oh my, friends! I am SO SORRY!!! Can you believe it got lost somewhere along the way?! We are tracking it down and it will find its way to all of you premiums very soon!!! (It might've been my bad, guys)

Hey, Scrappy! So, what has Delina been up to? I feel like I haven't heard from her in a good while!
Wouldn't you know, I JUST talked to her the other day! She been planning some fun stuff for you guys that'll be coming up in a few weeks!

Hello there!! My neopets want to put together a band, and it seems we're unable to find anyone who plays keyboard or keytar because there aren't any that my neopets can wear. :( Is it possible to put a keyboard or piano-like instrument wearable out there? Even if it's species specific (though a foreground or something that all pets could wear would be welcome!) Hope you guys are having a fantastic New Year so far, keep up the great work!!
Hm...well that is indeed an issue. I mean, how could you possibly have a band without a keyboard player?? Maybe we can find some of those around this ole office of ours so you can have a full and complete band!! Also, thank you very much for the well wishes we are all doing great over here and wishing ALLLLL our lovely Neopians a lovely New Year as well!

Hi Scrappy! *passes out cookies and neocola* I would like your thoughts on this question because I watched and saw a lot of drama on board 31 this week, but what are your thoughts on the NC trading? According the rules the fact that some of us are actually trading is not okay but there is so much of it going on. The gift boxes are meant to just gift them and people use that as a generosity. Now the "NC guides" have been going on since the beginning of the NC mall opening and what are your thoughts on that? Do you think what all of us are doing are fair? Should one item be traded for 5 other items as a trade?
*eyes grow 4 times widers* coookiiesssss!!! So, all I will say about this right now is that we have talked about POSSIBLY putting a NC Trading System in place! There would be a lot of details that need to be figured out for this to happen but we've been noticing it is something that could definitely be valuable to our community!

How often does TNT (i.e. you) release a new Flash game? ~jet5baby6_26_6_8_4_3
I think our time of releasing Flash games are over, any game that we release now will be HTML5 and mobile friendly!

Hey Scrappy ... You PROMISED there won't be any more multiple entries in the CC !! yet one user has 2 captions and another user has THREE captions !! This isn't fair to the rest of us !!
Well, this is entirely unacceptable and will be dealt with very soon! This must've been an oversight somehow and I am sorry for the error! We will look into it and handle this ASAP!

Hi Scrappy! :) Coming from someone who loves having space for all of my pets on one account finally... but who also really wants one of these new lovely water aishas... you mentioned in a previous issue that there may be even more new pet slots in the future. Is this something we could expect within the year? Or something that might not take place for a long time? Thanks! :) *showers you in cookies* ~knightwriter2010
It is definitely something that I personally would love to get out to you guys as soon as I could. There is still a question of how we will deliver them and how many to allow so it is not something that will happen in a month but I don't think it will be too far down the line.

First; *gently shoves a ton of the most delicious Maraquan delicacies in front of you* (Uh, not trying to bribe you or anything, just, I heard you like food and stuff.. and Maraqua has a lot of great food..! And, like, the most expensive and exclusive gourmet food restaurant is located there..!! Just some things to keep in mind, you know, so they can subconsciously influence your decisions..? *fingers crossed*) Aanyway, more to the point; could we please please please have more NC (or NP) Maraquan wearables? I'm sure Maraquan pets all over Neopia would love some contacts, and more markings, wigs, handhelds and male/female clothing, or many more dyeworks, or anything really. Maybe another Maraquan gram? Pleeease~ *irresistible Maraquan Draik eyes*
Wooooow! I see what you're trying to do here and bribes will absolutely not work on me!!! *slowly inches towards the delicacies* I definitely don't want any of my Maraquan friends to feel left out so I will do my best! Although, I heard one of those might be coming your way soon...


Hi Scrappy! I just wanted to give a big thank you to you and the rest of TNT for the Wraith Resistance plot! Plots are one of my most favorite parts of the site, and I know they must take up time and resources that could be used elsewhere, but in my opinion, they bring Neopia to life in a special way that helps Neopets feel like so much more than just a fancy virtual pet website. I think plots and events are vital to the spirit of Neopets and I have to give you all tremendous kudos for constructing and carrying out a plot, even in the midst of things like an acquisition and an office move. Your hard work is greatly appreciated! ~cosmicfire918

I just wanted to say: thank you Scrappy and to the entire TNT team for the Gift of Neocash event, as well as the closure regarding the duplication event. That was a boon and I'm really grateful. Can't wait to pick up a few shinies and I'm excited for whatever else you have in store! ~earthlingdreamz

I gotta say, thanks for letting us keep the extra NC that was accidentally awarded at the end of the Gift of NC promotion, and for giving accounts that hadn't been affected by the glitch an extra helping of reward NC too! ~pikakeet

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