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Is there a way to set it up so that I am not visible to others in the neofriend bar when I am online? I know a lot of people are stoked to have this fixed, but sometimes I like to be incognito when I'm online x)
WOW, these are my exact feelings. Like, seriously, I am ALL ABOUT that incognito life. So, there are two ways to achieve this! Both of in User Preferences, first, you can turn on Stealth Mode (because who doesn't love being stealth)!

Second, you can go into User Status and choose Do Not Display. Both will keep your status on the down low!

Hello, when will inactive accounts next be purged? There are some pet names I'd love to use (and a username) but they're currently taken. Thanks. ~majesticpickle
Hello. I feel ya, I'd love to steal Scrappy from someone *evil grin* and we have discussed this! I'll try to give you a more detailed update soon but I think it is safe to say you can expect one of these to come up!

Howdy! [hands you some finely prepared toast] I was wondering if we could submit comics/stories set in the far past of Neopia or the speculative future? Modern day Neopia is neat and all, but I wanted to submit some stuff in Neopia's hypothetical future and I wasn't sure if it'd be rejected or not! Thanks!! ~zennookami
*looks at this toast suspiciously* Well, uh, absolutely! We currently have a series going on set in the future (it's awesome, btw...go check it out)! *totally preoccupied by this strange food...nibbles on it* My, oh my this is pretty delicious. Never had toast before, but I think it's safe to say I'm a fan! *TNT member nudges me*
Oh yes, sorry, what were we talking about? Ah, yeah so we love all time periods!! Whatever your feeling, lets see it!!

I know you are allowed to move items to your side account to furnish a neohome, but will moving a bunch of things at one time compromise my main account. I don't want TNT to think my account has been compromised and freeze it for my own protection. I have a lot of things saved up to make a Halloween House and I'm excited to get started. Thanks. ~guinevere77
Nope! As long as both accounts are yours, there should be no problem!

Scrappy, I know TNT has tried to keep this a secret for a long time, but I think it's finally time you told us... WHY DOES THE KAU AT THE FRUIT MACHINE HAS FINGERS?! That's insane, I tell ya! INSANE! We must know the truth!!~simbologies
Hey, it's not us!! The Kau doesn't like to talk about it. Even I only know bits and pieces...I guess, there was a, uh, mishap in the past. Not sure of what kind exactly or what other effects resulted from it. All I know, is that it is a VERY sore subject. So, you know just be cool. Act like all is normal, okay? Cool.

It's been a few years since Faerieland fell out of the sky, but the city still looks the same as it did the day it first fell. Towers are cracked and broken, etc. Do you think Faerieland will ever fully recover? ~ellipses4k
Oh do I? Absolutely!!! Those Faeries are resilient like I've never seen! They are truly fact, I think they are planning something special. But that can't be right...why wouldn't they include me? Is it a party? It better not be, a party without Scrappy is an abomination! Don't they know I'm awesome and plan the BEST parties?! Wow, well I need to investigate further but they are definitely planning something big....

Dear Scrappy, Is it still true that Editorial questions are most likely to be answered if they're submitted on Tuesdays?~ jaylahcat
Well this one was submitted on Monday and BOOM! Here it is! So clearly that is absolutely ridiculous!! I mean come on folks, if I'm gonna favor any day clearly it would be Wednesday! Duh....

(hands Scrappy a double cheeseburger with all the trimmings and a root beer float) Thought you might like something more filling than sweets :). Anymore hints on upcoming plot? Even the tiniest morsel would be deeply appreciated sweetie! Pretty, pretty please (slips double chocolate peanut butter cup to her under the table)?~keeper_of_the_dunes
A burger, for me? Aw, I couldn't accept this... *scarfs burger in one bite* well anyways. Hm, all I have to say is between collecting all the awesome new stuff and celebrating the awesomeness of it. You guys will surely be happy!

Okay saying I got an overwhelming amount of comments about the Flash update is an understatement. SO, understand I say this is the nicest possible way, but guys...CHILL! It's all good in the Neopian hood! That's all I'm gonna say!

With love,

Because honestly, is there anything in life more important than food? The answer is no. So, don't worry folks we are looking into this whole Rice and Pizza Omelette issue and all will be sorted out soon :)

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