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Hello! Last editorial you stated that sending a minimum score the maximum amount of times hurts your team. Now I'm worried about what is considered a low score.. Is it just the minimum? Or is there a minimum score for each game to not hurt your team? Like 1 goal in YYB might be bad, but above 6 is fine? Or 1 SOSD goal is bad, but anything above 1000 is fine? What are the minimum requirements for the games not to hurt your team? Thank you! ~ rijstebrij
All I was trying to get across is that the Altador Cup counts the quality of your scores, not just the quantity, as something to be aware of, but there is definitely no single point where that score hurts. There are so many variables at play here, it's impossible to pinpoint one specific spot where the line is drawn.

Look at this way, Team 1 is playing Team 2. Assuming here as an example, that they have the same number of people playing today who all send the same number of scores. Team 1 all plays to the best of their ability, some will be great scores and some will probably be on the low side, so overall Team 1 will come out with some kind of average score in the middle. Team 2 has half of their team playing the best they can, but the other half are all sending minimum score games... Who do you think wins that match? Probably Team 1. However, if everyone in Team 1 sends a great score, but only one score each, and team 2 sends a lot of average scores, they could come out ahead. In a real setting, there are different numbers of people sending different amounts of scores at different qualities, so all you can do is play your best for your team, and that will always help.

Hey TNT! :) I was just wondering if the game points to prize shop points ratio will be altered to reflect the new game caps? It's my first year playing for more than the first few ranks as I didn't take summer classes this year, and I wanted to make sure I understand the implications of the change fully. Thanks for bringing back this fan favourite! :) (Please leave my UN out!) ~ username removed
Hi! Yes, definitely! It'll work out roughly so that earning the same rank gains you the same amount of items from the prize shop.

I definitely get the whole cheaters should be punished but the legit players are being punished as well! With the new shakeup to the Altador Cup earlier this week, will Maraqua and Kreludor be punished for the rest of the cup? If not, please elaborate more to this "disease" mentioned in the news. Also please remove my username! Thanks and good luck with the cheaters!! ~ username removed
Okay, first things first, Maraqua and Kreludor were not being punished. This new system of "quarantining" illegitimate players was a whole new approach - one we haven't tried before. Which means as much as we could plan ahead or think we know what would happen, seeing how drastically it worked was a surprise even to us. Those players were still being counted towards the team total, but as we froze a large number of those accounts, the team size went back down to where it should be and things balanced out. We've now tweaked the system so quarantined players won't count against team size, but going in we didn't know how fast so many would end up on that list. There's no magic button fix, all the efforts made this year have taken a lot of time and manual work, but we're doing all we can to create the best experience for every Cup player.

Hello Country Queen. I was wondering about the "too many good entries" rejection neomail for NT entries. Does it mean that there is something amiss with an entry? Or does it only mean what it says? Is it alright to re-submit it without any changes? I feel off about doing that. Thank you. ~ maxwell_love
Hi! So it never hurts to take a look over your piece one last time, and make sure you have no further changes to make, but yes, it generally just has to do with the amount of good entries I have for a particular issue or topic at one time. You're good to submit again, but waiting a little bit could help you as well - it's probably pretty unlikely I suddenly have less entries minutes later :)

Howdy Country Queen! I have been enjoying the Altador Cup this year and am especially intrigued by all of the changes! Thanks for the hard work of the entire crew for coming up with some ideas to make the cup more competitive and interesting. I'm so particularly desirous to help my team win, that I want to be able to play the games wherever I go. I was wondering, is playing the games on a mobile device allowed under the rules of the tournament, provided we can get the flash content to load? Thanks and please remove my username! *Throws Yooyu* ~ username removed
*Catches yooyu and spins it on one finger* If you can get it to work, you can play on any type of device you want. Good luck!

Hey TNT! For the first time in a long time, we're going to be having an Altador Cup where there's no team being propelled to the top by cheating groups, and I want to give a MASSIVE thanks. This is really going to be a fun year. I just have a couple things to ask: People have now been targeting All-Star Groups as people who should have their scores suppressed for some reason. A lot of us feel like it's simply playing the cup the way it should be played, as an organized team effort, and just because we aren't loyal to one team every year doesn't mean our scores should be removed? I want to know what the thoughts are at TNT HQ regarding this. One more thing - it seems reCAPTCHAs were added to user ranks, and a lot of us are wondering why. A popular rank calculator can no longer function with this implementation. Is there another security/cheating threat associated with viewing ranks? Thanks, and please remove my username. ~ username removed
Hi! We're glad to see that attitude around, makes all the hard work worth it :) As far as All Star Groups go, we see why people view things that way, but we aren't going to suppress the scores of users who are playing legitimately, it's not fair to those users working hard for their scores. It's not "rigging" the cup, they aren't artificially changing scores, and as long as everything stays on the up and up, we won't be stopping them from participating. As far as reCaptcha's go, we added them to that page to prevent score sending programs from being able to use it. We're sorry that affected a rank calculator, and we've started talking about if there's something we can do here. Bear with us! We're trying a lot of different things to make the Cup more fair, that comes with a fair amount of trying things to see how they work, and going from there.

*Happy Thoughts*

I just wanted to say that that wearable kadoatie is just about the best thing ever and I have so much love for you guys right now. ~ dianacat77

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