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Note from the editor: Hello dear readers! Sorry for the lateness of this editorial. I spent lots of time today crafting this issue of the Neopian Times, as I do each Friday, checked it all and pushed it live. Then I went about my day continuing to work, until I decided to do a quick check of the neoboards (yes, I like to see what y'all have to say about me I mean the editorial I mean The Neopian Times). Of course I then noticed that half issue apparently did not get published with the rest *sigh*. Sorry folks, here ya go!

Can you paint a Snowbunny with the new Spring Petpet Paint Brush to get a Spring Snowbunny? ~ ummagine3284
Unfortunately, no. Sorry! Spring petpets given as a one-time prize for an event cannot be created with a paint brush.

Hey, TNT. So I know that in the last editorial, you mentioned there is a known issue of bots causing lag on the site, which can cause glitches. That's bad. We all have been experiencing the captcha security that was implemented this week. For the first few minutes, I totally understood why you guys did it. But now I'm realizing how much work it takes to use the captcha every. single. time. I want to view a pet's lookup or a userlookup. It's A LOT! The inconvenience just makes me want to stop doing certain things on the site, which stinks. Are the captchas permanent? What's going to happen? ~ gameboyknight
Ideally, no, they aren't permanent. If/when we feel confident that taking them off won't set the bots off again, they'll be gone faster before you can wave them goodbye. But for now, all we know for sure is that they've made a huge impact in stopping these bots from running rampant on those pages, causing issues and lag, and essentially collecting lots of information about your accounts, which is bad (for inactive and active accounts, despite some popular beliefs).

Now, we know it's a lot, and we're sorry about that - trust us we are. It's been months and months of working on the backend to try to find solutions to prevent this, but we finally hit a point where it wasn't an option anymore. It was taking members of support, programming and server teams to work constantly on blocking these programs, freezing the accounts they were using (whether it was their accounts or not) and blocking the IPs these were coming from (which is also very not ideal, because IPs aren't permanent, and can result in legitimate users being IP blocked for reasons that have nothing to do with them).

Now as for the every single time part, we've had a lot of requests to make it less frequent, and we feel ya, but part of what makes this type of captcha so effective in stopping those programs is because there is no bypassing it. They can adapt to limits or timers, and often the method used to "remember" when you've already completed a captcha recently or in that session can be easily bypassed. The way these things are actually effective is when they're all or nothing, so unfortunately we had to go with all :(

sooo...what is this...Project X aaa keeps goin on about? WHAT IS THIS ROO GONNA DOOO? O: ~ dizziedino
EVERYTHING. Or nothing. *shrugs* Who knows? Oh wait, I do. Ha! What fun...

Hey guys! I was wondering why the Damask Lamp Garland won't work for UC pets? When I go to customize my UCs with this very lovely garland it does not show up in there closet only for converteds! I thought Garlands where for any pet to wear :c I think this might be a bug ~ corn_pops2002
Hi! Sorry but it's not a bug :(. Some items that you wouldn't expect, like this garland, needed to be placed for individual pets so it wouldn't be hitting them in the head. When we place things for specific pets, they won't work on UCs.

It's well known that selling art on Neopets or trading art for neopoints, items, or neopets is a big no-no, but I've always been curious. Why and will this ever be lifted? Please be a faerie doll and remove my username. ;p ~ username removed
This is against the rules because you can't make a profit (whether it be virtual profit like neopoints or items, or real) on Neopets or based on our intellectual property. Sorry, but this won't be changing anytime soon.

* Happy Thoughts*

Hey Jumpstaff! I wanted to thank you for all the new Battledome items. I thought you had forgotten about us, but I'm glad we were thought about this Daily Dare. Thanks. Please remove my username.

Thanks so much for bringing Daily Dare back! I'm having such a wonderful time, it really has been a while - I'd forgotten just how much fun it is! Excited to see what AAA's secret project is, mwahaha! ~ serebii251

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