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Hi CQ, since certain books and foods can't be read/fed to our pets, and you stopped us from changing language to do so, getting a trophy is now completely impossible for most pets. Is there any way to change the trophy system or to make sure every pet can read/eat every item? Many of us love to read and feed, and to now know that our efforts will never be rewarded makes me (and a lot of other users) really sad. Is there something you guys could do about the avatar HS list as well? Since there are so many retired avatars it's almost impossible for new players to get anywhere near the top. Also, CC was absolutely amazing, loved it! I really hope it's a yearly thing. Much love :*~ cinnamon_girl
Hi! So first of all, I want to clarify that the workaround is not usable for newer items because we are not translating new item names at this time, we did not change anything with older items, so that method still works for those (although it's not encouraged). This has been the case for a few months now; it is not something we suddenly changed this week. Now, as for the quirk of your pet not liking certain items, we will discuss changing those restrictions to make it fair for all pets. Also, we're glad you loved the Charity Corner!

Hey CQ, quick question. Say I'm switching accounts and making a new main account. How long should I wait before I start doing dailies on the new account? And cease doing them on my old one, of course. (Please remove my username) ~ username removed
Hi! So as long as there is no overlap between the two accounts, you are okay to start using your new main right away, but it is probably best to wait a day or two to make sure there is no multiple accounts abuse.

If your previous main was frozen or is inaccessible right now, you can go ahead and use another account as your main, as long as you do not continue to use both as main accounts if/when the other is returned. If you're voluntarily switching main accounts, please be sure you want to do that. Repeatedly switching which one you consider your main account can be seen as multiple account abuse.

When are you going to release more colors for the Vandagyre? There are so few now. ~ dark_shadows_angel
Vandagyre is November 12th, and we'll definitely have a few things in store for that! Less than a month to go for your lovely Vandagyres to get some much needed new colours!

Hello there CQ, I have a question that has been answered before a few years ago. Are split trades allowed? A past editorial said it was allowed but not encouraged by TNT. Has this changed? Have a nice day! ~ ckdiscord
Hi! Our thoughts on this haven't changed, you are allowed to do it, but we recommend you don't. If something goes wrong with it, we cannot guarantee you the item(s) and/or Neopoints you lost. However, hopefully with the increases last year to the Trading Post and Auction House, you won't need to do these!

Hi there CQ! *hands a box of doughnuts* I understand that the four month limit on accounts is meant to stop people from making side accounts to hoard painted pets, however, I do not understand why this also applies to transferring pets too? I'd love to adopt my dream pet right now, however I cannot as my account is under four months old. My friend has her on a side account all ready to transfer too. If you could do something about this or make it so it only applies to adopting pets that would be great! Thank you! Also please remove my username. ~ username removed
Hi! *chews doughnut thoughtfully* So, the reason this applies to transferring pets is because it can be abused very similarly to how adopting pets can. We're sorry you have to wait a bit longer to adopt your dream pet, but the intention is to prevent people from creating side accounts to send hoarded or scammed Neopets.


Ooh, The Shell Coffee Table and the Pretty Shell Vase are absolutely gorgeous! I want them for my real life home. Good Job art department! Give yourselves a pat on the back! ~ syffat

To celebrate Symol Day, please end this editorial with a Symol of a random color XD Thank you! ~ dawgcpa
How about a whole bunch of them?

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