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Hello Neopets Team, and seasons greetings to you all! *offers a platter of cookies* I was wondering: could we possibly get a status update on the lag problem? Sometimes pages are loading somewhat fast (two to three seconds), and then there are other times when pages are loading incredibly slow or not at all. Is this something you're aware of and working on fixing? ^^ Thanks so much! (: ~mobiusaur
We are definitely aware of the problem and are working to fix it! We hope to have it under control soon.

Initialising lag-obliterating laser in 3... 2...

Hi, TNT! Is there a bug with the "Players Online" number on the front page? I haven't seen it change from 3,534 in a while. Thanks! :) ~zachf5
Yup, that's definitely a bug. We have it on our to-fix list, but we're working on some higher priority bug fixes first.

Hi, TNT! I love dressing up 'pets, and while there's a good abundance of wigs and other hair items on the site with a large variety of colors and motifs, there seems to be a lack of variety in textures. I'm talking about wigs with more tight curls, kinky hair, dreadlocks, braids, twists, afros, etc. Most items available right now are all very similar to each other in terms of hair type -- even curly wigs are mostly large, smooth curls. It leaves me feeling like my own hair type isn't represented very well on this site, except for items that are, unfortunately, based on stereotypes (such as the Voodoo Practitioner Wig) or a few disco 'pets who get to have afro-inspired wigs. I would love more variety with customizing my 'pets and I am sure other users would, too. There are so many more options that could be explored by creating wigs that are different from the majority of what is already available. Please remove my username. Thank you! ~username removed
What a good point; thanks for the suggestions! We will forward the ideas to our design team.

*throws peglegs at TNT* Are females bad luck on Neopian pirate ships? ~iluvmihoshi
Nope; in fact, suggesting that might get you thrown overboard by a certain female pirate.

Ship's Cook
I'll show ye bad luck! Arrrr!

Hey, TNT! I'm enjoying the Advent Calendar this year, as always (Also, on another note, thanks for fixing guilds!). I was wondering: how long does it take to put the Advent Calendar together? How early does your team have to start working on it? ~antipopulace
Centuries! Actually, planning started in April of this year. Requests are sent out for ideas, brainstorms are conducted, and the Content Department chooses the best to send to the Art Department. Then art happens! Each animation goes through storyboard, sketch, rough art, and final art. The files are then compressed and sound is added, final approvals are made, and everything is set up on the site (along with the corresponding prizes, which also have to be brainstormed, drawn, approved...). It's not quite as complicated as putting together a plot, but it still takes time.

NEGGS. *throws a Fish Negg* How do they taste? Like, in general. Obviously Fish Neggs will taste like fish, but what about green ones or purple ones? If I'm gonna force-feed my Battledome 'pet to make it stronger, I've gotta know what I'm putting him through! D: ~noxmiles
In general, Neggs are a bit eggy, but with a fruity sweetness that lingers on the tongue. A dash of salt will bring out their flavour, but if you don't happen to have any salt then you can always substitute Space Spice without too many repercussions, like accidental mind control.

Hi, TNT! *throws muffins* My little brother wants to be able to edit his Neopets' lookups so they can look all fancy, but he still needs a consent form first. We've tried sending one in and it never went through. Do you have your new office address listed anywhere so that we can send it? Thank you! ~megafoo4452
We don't currently have a P.O. Box available for consent forms, but you can fax the consent form to our number here: 1-310-533-3700. We apologise for any inconvenience!

Hello, TNT. I currently only own one Neopet (a Lupe called avo_22) and I was thinking about adopting another Lupe from The Pound. Therefore, I was wondering if I am able to change his / her name once they are adopted. I think changing their name would give them a fresh start in life and help them to forget the cruel owner who dumped them in The Pound. So, would I be able to change their name once adopted, and if so, how? Thank you for the wonderful games we are able to play, also. ~_22doglover22_
A Neopet's name cannot be changed once it has been created, even if it is abandoned. If you want to help out a Lupe from the Pound, there are plenty of other ways, like food and toys, paint brushes, or even reading a book to it.

Have you ever noticed how the Iced Fish Cake always looks like it's smiling at you creepily? ~ub3r_g00b3r
It clearly knows something you don't. Are you sure there's no one standing behind you?

Iced Fish Cake
We're watching you...


Hey, Great Gods of Neopia. Today I noticed that you fixed buttons on our pages. A few days ago, you fixed Battledome prizes and editing guilds. These are small steps, but they give us hope for new, bigger ones. I can't wait to see Defenders of Neopia back. Good luck, TNT. ~suharki

TNT! I just have to say that the Maraquan Xweetok is a MASTERPIECE! My sister and I have been waiting for it for years, and we're really glad to have finally gotten it! Thank you sooo much! :D ~annnoel

Thank you SO MUCH for bringing us all those lovely items dedicated to The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity! I absolutely love that little guy, so seeing all those items that I can collect in his honor made my day. :') Please send my compliments to any artists who took part in those items! ~annsunshinex3

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