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I happened to notice earlier today that I am Neofriends with .000401% of users online (if I did that math right). I then got to wondering: what is the average number of Neopets per user? ~bobrocks177
1.460, to be reasonably precise. You can find this information on our Pet Central page. :)

Where on the Neovian map can we enter Grave Danger? Also, when will the coming soon page get an update, because it's been the same for years... or don't the Meepit overlords allow you to say what is coming? ~tingle_tangle
It will eventually be added to the map of Neovia, so it will be more convenient for you to send your Petpets to mortal peril. As for the coming soon page, it was getting too spoilery and stuff changes so often that we decided to stop updating it indefinitely.

With the scarab album complete, that means all albums associated with the coin shop are now finished. Will any new albums be released in the future for coins, or is that it? If not, I would like to request a spider album for the future if you guys are cool with it. :) ~ivoryrosefrost

*cringe* You realise that would require our Content Team to comb through endless images of spiders looking for ideas, right? At least scarabs are pretty! We'll have the Content Team brainstorm some new ideas for an album.

Dear TNT Holiday Enthusiasts,
I received a Bright Holiday Snowball from the Advent Calendar. Its rarity is r500, which would normally indicate that it is a Neocash item. However, it shows up in the Neopoint sections of my inventory and Safe Deposit Box. Can you clarify what type of item this is? Thanks. Happy holidays! ~jahschwa

It's a standard item. We just accidentally assigned it the wrong rarity. Thanks to everyone who reported it. It's now been fixed.

Good day, TNT! Firstly, I've really been enjoying the Advent Calendar animations so far! As a college student studying art, it's really been great! I was curious, though, if anyone in the office contributed their own voices to the sound effects in the animations, or if it was synthetically produced digitally. ~maverickdragonrider
Our sound guy (his staff name is Mr. Ears) did all of the voices himself! He records each voice to the animation and then "adjusts the pitch and texture to better fit the Neopet that is making it."

Hey, TNT! Would it be against the rules to give one of my friends a side account to use for the Almost Abandoned Attic? His oldest account is set to be purged, and it will be a while before he is able to use the AAA on his main account. ~jchen808
Neopet accounts are not transferable. Please never log into an account that you didn't create yourself, unless you are assisting a young family member. Any account that transfers hands is subject to be frozen.

Thank you for the border-radius support, TNT. I love you forever. *heart*~qazfan
You're welcome! Sorry that it took so long for us to push it through our to-do list. We look forward to seeing some new User Lookup Spotlight entries!

Because round is awesome!
Wait... wrong kind of round, guys.

Uh, still wrong...


THANK YOU! Sheesh.

Can you please, please, pleeease make some adjustments to the size of the Daily Dare trophy? Every time I look at my User Lookup I feel a pain in the brain because its size is so out of scale. :( ~pekinpa
The Daily Dare trophies should now properly display as 80x80s.

Hi, TNT! Is the Kadoatery broken, or have you lot just come up with a fantastic new way of driving us poor Neopians crazy? Kadoatie-feeding enthusiasts have lately discovered that the reasonable regularity of the Kadoatery is no more. So far no exact pattern has been deduced, and we're simply wondering if this is an intentional New Order, or if something is broken and needs to be fixed? ~twiddl3d33
If the Kadoatery timing is still acting oddly, please submit it to bug reports so that we can get a better idea of what's going wrong with it, or if the issue has already resolved itself.

Thanks for being so fast to fix glitches in the Games Master Challenge this time, and for all the lovely prizes. The "Sun and Moon" theme was a great choice. ~pikakeet
We're glad you enjoyed it!

Probably over a year ago, a Neofriend of mine self-froze and gave me a really rare battle item. They told me it was worth a lot. They then froze themselves. A little later I sold the item (assuming it had been a gift), and a lot of time passed. Recently they unfroze and asked me for the item back! When I told them that I had sold it, and that I was very sorry, they then asked me for the value of it in return! What should I do? Will I get into trouble? :( ~lilshadowdweller
Unless they clearly stated that the item was a lend and not a gift, then you are not responsible for the worth of the item, as it was freely given to you.

Hi! We were chatting in Charter about avatars we were surprised didn't exist (or that we thought would be awesome), and someone brought up an avatar for winning the Neopian Lottery jackpot. The lottery doesn't get played much anymore, and we thought that having an avatar for winning the lottery (with all of the numbers matched) would help raise awareness of the game and increase its prize pool. So... could we get one, pretty please? :D ~chooterboo
We support this idea and will talk with the content creators to see if it's something we have time to do. :)

I have to say, TNT, I quite enjoyed the Games Master Challenge this year, and I'm VERY pleased with my beautiful silver sun trophy. Sadly, however, others don't feel the same way. I just came to ask: how come you did gold / silver this year, unlike the past two years? Thanks! :) ~winter_pony4
We did it because we got complaints last year that the winning team didn't get a different trophy. It made sense since one team clearly wins, so we decided to give it a shot. Assuming we do GMC again, we may keep it the same way or do something completely different. As always, we do go through the feedback you send us, so your input is always valuable to us.

Hey, TNT! I was wondering: is it possible to start and end the Games Master Challenge in the years to come a day earlier? As it stands now, I have to finish the biggest bunch of challenges on a Monday, and like many others I have to work, so I don't have much time for it. Last but not least, thank you for this GMC and merry Christmas (for later)! ~boer_claas
We're not in the office on Sunday, so we can't really launch it then. We totally understand where you're coming from, though, and we've taken your feedback and will see if we can make adjustments (assuming we do GMC again next year). For example, we could not make the 60 qualifying games challenge on the last day of the event.

I really love the Foal in Box (though it took me a shamefully long time to get the joke), but there is a slight problem. It turns out that most people who have cluttered Inboxes also have cluttered inventories, so most of the time I cannot send this rather clever item. Is there any way to fix this? ~darkassasinguild
Unfortunately, at that point, there's not much more you can do. Some players do this to avoid being contacted.

Hey TNT, because you didn't do an Editorial (or The Neopian Times) last week, I would like to request that this Editorial have more content. Thank you! ~ivoryrosefrost
Thanks to you, it is now one question longer than it would have been. Neopia salutes your efforts!



With regard to the new Wherfy Petpet: O_o it's possibly the most squishycuteadorbs thing you have ever created. Great job, TNT! ~esophee

Hey, TNT! *puts on imitation AAA glasses* I just wanted to say thank you for another fun year of the Games Master Challenge. Despite the hiccups I really enjoyed it. It was lovely to be able to get in from university and unwind by trying to beat the challenges. I didn't complete every one, but there was a good range of games -- I even found a couple of new ones that I'll be playing more often! Oh, and I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. :) ~theundeadacademy

The Advent Calendar is great this year! Day one was awesome! The O_O look on the Ruki's face was priceless! xD ~99chickie

I just wanted to thank you guys for working during the holiday to fix all of the glitches and respond promptly. There's always a chunk of complainers whom you can never please, but there's a big chunk (along with myself) who think you guys did an awesome job this year. Thank you!!! ~feeyaface
Aww, thanks. :) We'll be sure to pass along the praise to the dedicated staff memebers who took time off from their holiday to iron out the unexpected GMC crinkles.

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