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I'm looking for clarification about what is and isn't considered leading someone offsite, and mentioning offsite places. First, could I recommend someone watch a movie on Netflix, or mention Netflix at all? Also, can I recommend a phone app I find useful? I ask because Netflix, as well as many phone apps, are also web sites, but I'm not necessarily telling them to go to these sites. ~unfavorablely
Mentioning Netflix or an app would be directing someone offsite, so no. Saying your favourite movie ever is The Princess Bride? That's fine. Telling someone to go someplace internet-related to watch it? No.

What does the circulation number on top of every issue of The Neopian Times mean? ~ummagine3284
It's the total number of owners, as seen on Pet Central. We distribute one copy of the Neopian Times to every Neopet owner in Neopia! (That's a lot of Weewoos.)

Hey, TNT! I love looking at art in the Art Gallery, and I was wondering if it would be possible to search for art by certain users sometime in the future, or perhaps link to a page with all of a user's contributions from their User Lookup trophy (just like the Neopian Times trophy)? I'd really like it if we could search for art the same way we can search for NT publications. ~ummagine3284
This is something we'd like to do, but as is the issue with many projects, we need to find the time and available programmer to do it. Hypothetically it won't take a programmer a long time to do it, so perhaps we can squeeze it in somewhere. But please, no breath-holding. Waiting so long for it that you passed out from lack of oxygen and your face landed on the F5 key resulting in you constantly refreshing the Money Tree for hours on end would be hard to explain to support. They hear that one a lot.

Hey, TNT! So, the other day I decided to switch my language from English to Japanese for practice. I then went to the Neoboards, and it said that the Neoboards aren't available in Japanese, Korean, or Italian (at least, that's what I think it said). Why is this? ~__blue_star__
We no longer actively support those languages, and as we don't have staff that could monitor those boards, they have been closed.

Could we get a black bat silhouette smiley? I want to start celebrating Halloween a few months early like the grocery stores do. :) ~duckswithxeyeliner
Surely you mean a black KORbat silhouette smiley? In that case, yes. Please spookily decorate your boards a month early with reckless abandon. We even made you a bonus one.


Is it okay if we share our Animal Crossing: New Leaf "dream codes"? A dream code basically allows other players to tour your town WITHOUT any social interaction. I was just wondering if this would be allowed? Thank you! ~pepper_kitten44
We do understand how AC:NL dream codes work, and while technically they don't break any rules, we feel that they would still cause too much of a problem, so we're going to have to say no. The problems are that other players may see the codes and assume sharing friend codes are okay (which they're not). Also, there's the possibility someone might say it's their dream code when it's actually their friend code. Since friend codes and dream codes have the same numerical format, it would be impossible for our monitors to tell the difference.

Hey TNT, what should I do if, say, I read an entry in the Times and I recognize it as something that's already been published before, as if the author either forgot they submitted it or didn't realize they even had submitted it? (Oh, and please remove my username, thanks. *winks*) ~username removed
Please report it. If it's just a case of one user resubmitting something they've already gotten in, they won't get in trouble. We'll just remove the duplicate entry. This goes the same with Art Gallery or any other creative competition.

After seeing Sparky and learning the story behind the little fellow and the actual Spardel, are there any other Petpets based on actual pets? ~tabascosoup
Yep! The Schnelly was created in memory of DJ Skellington's beloved cat of the same name. Whenever we get Schnelly fan art (such as Art Gallery entries), we always forward it to him so he can print it out and hang it on his cubicle. :)

My guild has a very family feel to it. Do you (the Neopets staff) feel that way about your co-workers? ~aperkins2189
Very much so! We're a very happy dysfunctional family. :)

That is, unless someone burns popcorn in the microwave and stinks up the whole office. Then they are rightfully disowned for the day.

Hello, TNT! *explodes* Ahem... I stalk the Pound Chat a lot, and folks have been advertising Neopets "with permission" or "stored on a friend's account." Now, I know from an earlier Editorial that it is against the rules to advertise Neopets you don't own, but in these cases, would it be allowed if the username of the person advertising is listed on the Neopet's description?
This is us clarifying that, by "your Neopet," we mean it must be on one of your accounts. Please do not advertise / trade Neopets that are not on one of your accounts.

Sooo, the Quiggle Joke Book. Since us owners can't read Neopian books, what did the red Quiggle say to the green one? ~neohappy123
Hmmm... *grabs the Quiggle Joke Book off the shelf and flips through pages* Ahh, here it is. The response is, "Wow, you must like broccoli!"


Maybe it's for the best that you can't read these books. Quiggles tell awful jokes.

HOLY KAU!!! The birthdays on our Neopets' lookups... how fantastic! :D Thanks so much for this addition! ~goldennightfox
You're welcome. :) We hear Neopets enjoy books, toys, and a good grooming on their birthdays.

Hi, TNT! *throws cookies* So, say someone has a Gallery with a bunch of cool plushies in it. If they were to put in their Gallery description something along the lines of, "If you would like to purchase one of these beauties, please contact me through Neomail!" would that be allowed, or is it reportable? I've been wondering this for a while! Please remove my username. (: ~username removed
We see nothing wrong with that. If someone wants to use their Gallery to display their wares, then that's just fine.

Please end this Editorial with a spiced pumpkin latte. ~jusstice
Well, that was easy!

To the likely no less than three of you that will write
in to the Editorial to point out that this item is actually
called a "Candy Pumpkin Latte," we know.
Please remove your fingers from the keyboard and
go play
Kiko Match II or something. *heart*

Hey TNT, I just wanted to compliment you on the NC Mall (of all things). I've seen many free games fall after releasing overpriced items of very poor quality, but every time I've shopped, I was pleasantly surprised how much value I got out of what I spent. The occasional free NC is also nice, especially since it's usually enough to actually buy something. It's definitely a breath of fresh air. So... thanks! (please remove my username, if that's alright) ~username removed

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