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Hey, TNT! *throws greeting potato* Being a restocker, I heard that shops used to have a chat for that specific shop so you could chat with people while you restocked. Thinking this over, I thought it would be a great idea to have again. If I may ask, why was it removed? Also, do you have plans to add it again? ~birdtrainer
While it may have been different back in the very, very earliest days of Neopets, chatbox type communication isn't supported on our site because it's far too difficult to monitor. We have no plans to support it in the future.

Hi, guys! I've been wondering: how do the plots come about? Do you have people constantly coming up with ideas and you pick one every year or so? Does someone get a random idea and everyone mutually decides it would be a fun plot? I've always been curious about this! ~username removed
New plot ideas come up all the time and we save them for when the time comes. (We have a folder labelled "plot ideas" and then another folder labelled "Lawyerbot's plot ideas" because he submits so many on his own.) When a spot opens up in the calendar and a plot is scheduled, we immediately start working on the concept by looking at those old ideas and brainstorming new ones to see what we can come up with, then we choose the best one. To be honest, though, going with one of the old ideas is a pretty rare occurrence. We generally end up using new stuff, probably because we haven't heard those ideas already so they seem more exciting. :)

Hello, hello, hello, TNT! *sets out cups of Borovan* So, I had a question about the 8-Bit color. All of the Neopets get automatic clothes on when they change to 8-Bit. So, can you take off those clothes, or put different ones on? Thanks! ~jlw4candy
You can remove the clothing that comes with your 8-Bit Neopet, but there aren't any alternative clothing items for them.

Okay TNT, it's been almost 10 years. 10! And yet, still no one knows how exactly to get the "Edna - Cackle!" avatar. Rumor has it that TNT has said it is not random (I can't seem to find proof of this), so let's hear it. Is the avatar really random? If not, can you please, please, please (See, I'm not above begging!) give us a hint?!? ~lavylovesyoulots
*CACKLE* Well, since it's been "almost 10 years," we suppose we can give you a hint. If you're trying to be thrifty about it, we suggest not bothering to fulfill her requests unless she asks you for a few items.

Why do we have to advertise for the Beauty Contest on the account that the Neopet is on? Like, say something bad happened, like someone got suspended from the account the Neopet was on. Why can't that person advertise from an account that the Neopet isn't on? ~poppyandfeathers
The rule is in place to prevent people from recruiting their friends or guildmates to mass advertise for them. That's why you may only advertise on the account the Neopet is on. If you're concerned about it, we recommend being on your best behavior if your Neopet will be in an upcoming competition.

TNT, are you keeping the Seekers out of the skirmishes intentionally so that people won't stop battling because they have all six avatars / themes? If so, I understand your point of view, but the Seekers have been waiting our turn for our avatar quite a while now and it doesn't seem fair that we keep being left out. I can't tell if it's random or intentional, but if it's intentional and because of the participation, then please stop! ~7birdie14
The Obelisk Battleground is automated, and it randomly selects three teams each round. There's no grand plan behind any of it, unless the script that runs the feature has a secret hate for the Seekers, which is not very plausible. If it does, then the programming has become self aware, and we must prepare ourselves for the Neopocalypse.

Hi, TNT! I know you get a lot of questions with regard to scamming, and I'm not sure if this has been covered. I saw that someone had posted on the Trading Post that they are giving away this trade item if you buy all of a certain item in their shop. Is this considered a scam or against the rules? Thank you! ~ricemama
Yes, any time someone tells you that you need to buy X from them or send them Neopoints or an item before you get the honour of purchasing an item from them, then that is a scam. Please report them immediately.

Hey, folks. When I first started playing on Neopets (about a year ago), Jimmy James was featured on Staff Picks. After last year's Altador Cup, it changed to Comastar. When does the staffer featured on Staff Picks change, and how is the staff member determined? ~chasrad
It's not automated, so it's one of those when we remember to things. We wish we could say we have some awesome way of determining who gets featured next, but it's mostly a "Hey, who wants to be next?" kind of thing.

This will probably end up in the "Wut?" section, so please leave out my username! :D But... and it pains me to admit this... after close to 10 years on and off of Neopets, I have finally figured out that the Fish Negg does not look like a face with one eye, a scar where the other one should be, and a giant buck tooth. The tooth is actually the fin, and the weird scar is the mouth. I think the palm print is still on my face from the giant facepalm I did. The good news? I now understand why it is called a FISH Negg. ~twilight_luvr_4evr_
Nah, this isn't **WUT** bad. :) The person asking us about how to possibly solder wires to make their old handheld Neopets device work again nearly got in. This is just plain funny. After bringing up the image of the Fish Negg and tilting our heads slightly to the right, we finally saw how you had been interpreting the image.

We then laughed heartily.

Hi, TNT. I fought long and hard in the Obelisk War, and received many points for my efforts. However, I did not spend all of those points. Is there a way to go back and spend them? I didn't realize there would be a time limit on it, and I wanted to choose wisely. Thanks. ~kim1961
As with all prize shops, they are open indefinitely, and we'll warn you if it's closing. If you wish to spend the points you gained during the Obelisk War, you can still use your points here.

I wasn't aware of the new development in jellybean etiquette until I read the Editorial. I'm so glad that someone is actively working on solving this terrible problem. Whoever thought of the sanitary spoon is amazing. We really do need to eradicate all of the plague-infested jellybeans on the planet. Candy bowls everywhere will surely rejoice! However, what if some devilish soul licks the sanitary spoon? What will become of us? ~mysocko
We can only assume that all of civilisation would crumble. :(

In the last Editorial, previous plot characters were arguing which plot was the best. So, what are you guys' personal opinions of what was the best plot ever? ~loco_753

Snarkie: Story-wise: The Faeries' Ruin; Puzzles: Tale of Woe; Most fun to work on: tie between Lost Desert and The Faeries' Ruin.
Comastar: Tale of Woe!
Viola: I loved the characters (PIRATES!) for Curse of Maraqua and I enjoyed the story of Tale of Woe. The Faeries' Ruin was fun to work on.
Mr. Insane: My favorite plot was the one to overthrow the [CENSORED] in the [CENSORED] library [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [REDACTED] [JUST PLAIN WRONG] management [CENSORED] hilarious [INACCURATE] [TYPO] [BANANA] Meepits [AGENDA 21 CLASSIFIED] and you'll never believe how many [MEEPITS] there were [IN MY SDB].
Dragona: Oohh, while The Faeries' Ruin was my favourite art and storytelling-wise, I'll never forget having to map the Temple of a Thousand Tombs for the Lost Desert plot, so I think that one's my favourite.
El Pickelsaur: Hmm... Brucey B and the Lucky Coin? I love the old cartoons (maybe because I didn't have to draw them, hehe). I also have a sentimental soft spot for the one where Heermedjet and Merouladen stole King Coltzan's crown, but I guess that would be considered a mini-plot, right? More recently, I'd say the disappearance of Krawk Island.

I read on one of the Certified Fan Sites that the "Island Mystic" avatar is not completely random, and is given out to usernames with a certain string of letters each day. Well... my username has no letters. Is it now impossible for me to get the avatar? Thanks. ~48066
We checked the code, and your username doesn't have anything to do with the avatar. So don't worry, it's perfectly possible for you to receive it.

I just recently zapped my JubJub garlic, a color I have lusted after for years, but I was disappointed that I am unable to put color contacts on him anymore. Is there a way y'all could fix this? I'll give you red velvet cupcakes... ~christielove
As fun as uniquely-shaped Neopets can be, the downside is that they are unable to wear clothing, as they don't conform to the default body shape (even if it's similar). We recommend loading them up with trinkets or foregrounds that can be worn by any Neopet.

What was that hideous creature that ended the Editorial last week?!?
That was the Monoceraptor, the main aggressor in the original Tyrannian War. You can read a plot summary on Jellyneo or The Daily Neopets. **Clicking these links will take you off-site to our Recommended Fan Sites.**

I seem to remember a while ago that there was a Neopets magazine. Is it still in print? I can't seem to find it anywhere. If it's not, will you guys ever make one again? ~hotpinkfishfood
The Neopets magazine ran for 26 issues from 2003 to 2007 and was published by Beckett. We had a lot of fun working on it, but every Gelert has its day, and it is now just a pleasant memory of the past. While we're not opposed to the idea, we currently don't have any plans to do another magazine.

I have a question that needs to be answered. Do you play Candy Crush Saga for iOS / Facebook? If so, tell me: how is your experience with the game? ~jomarcenter2012

El Picklesaur's iPhone is still running iOS 4.2.8 (because he is a world class procrastinator who only uses his phone to obsessively keep tabs on the latest pro basketball signings and trades, anyway) and Candy Crush Saga requires 4.3. :(
Comastar is on level 17 (Ed. note: Pffft!)
Viola is on level 50
Sweets is on level 133
DJ Skellington is on level 152
Snarkie: I'm on 186 but I stopped playing ages ago. Wait, now I just started up again. Thanks, jomarcenter2012. =/
Dragona is on level 304, which she thought was awesome until she heard Marketing Maggie's level...
Marketing Maggie is on 374

It's a good time-waster when you're awkwardly standing in line at Starbucks. Why is Lawyerbot coming over? Maybe he's going to tell us what level he's on--what? Oh, yes, of course... sorry. Ahem. Neopets is far superior to all games. Play Neopets. Drink Achyfi. Obey the Meepits.


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