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Hi, TNT. I have a quick question. Some people lately have been using side accounts, in addition to their main accounts, to put up trades selling items. They claim the transactions take place only on the main account, but is it against the rules to skirt the 10/15 trade limit? Is someone allowed to put up trades on multiple accounts just because there isn't enough room on the main account? Please keep my username out if published. Thanks!!! ~username removed
If someone is using multiple accounts to skirt a rule or limit, then no, it isn't allowed. In this case, even though they are only making the transaction on their main account, they still shouldn't be using their side accounts to avoid the trade limit.

Dear TNT,
Here are some bacon sandwiches. Please eat them. In any case, I was wondering: what animals are Kacheeks based on? Usuls are squirrel-like, Draiks are dragon-like, Cybunnies are rabbit-like, but... Kacheeks? Please answer with an animal. This minute problem has caused me so much trouble that it's become ridiculous. HELP! :( *squeezes sand ball* ~marzipan

Kacheeks are not based on any animal. Though many Neopets and Petpets are inspired by existing (or fantastical) creatures, not all of them are. We hope this frees you from your problem (whatever it may be) rather than compounding it. Good luck, and here's a fresh stress ball.

So, I thought I was imagining the little reference with the "more room on the inside" inventory, but after seeing the Doctor Who boon I'm convinced! Who're the TNT Whovians? :D ("Spoilers" would've been the most amazing answer to this question, but I've already spoiled that for you.) ;) ~_nimsay_
As you guys may have guessed, there are plenty of Whovians in the office. Just check out Comastar's collection, the view on top of Viola's desk, and Dragona's cellphone. Possibly our #1 fan is Muse. Her husband, V-Man, built her an entire TARDIS cat condo.

Let's say that I battled for the Order during this last round of skirmishing in Tyrannia, but then did something silly like go on vacation or work for several days and forget to check back in. Would I lose my chance at getting the Order avatar once the next round starts? Paranoidly yours, ~stoicjohn
During the 7-day boon period is the time when you may collect your reward for participating if your team won. If you miss the week-long window, then the new round will begin and you will need to wait until the team wins again to get the avatar / site theme.

Hi Neopets, I have a very important question. Say I am doing something in an Internet Explorer window, then go into Safari to fight in the Battledome because IE is not very good with the Battledome. Will I get frozen? Please leave out my name, and thank you graciously for answering this! ~username removed
Unless you're using multiple browsers to cheat or scam someone, please enjoy using or switching between any browsers you'd like.

Dear TNT,
Can you please, please, please with a cherry on top give us some Petpet smilies? *hint hint cough cough Snowbunnies are so cute* They are my favorite Petpets ever! ~reayla

Well, it's still technically spring, so why not?

Hey, TNT! I can't really sugarcoat this request with random junk (because I'm afraid the Meepits might use the sugar against me), but can you PLEASE make a Fish Negg smiley? My Neopet fishneggs would greatly appreciate it! ~desert_paintbrush_10
o.O You guys are weird sometimes, but we love you. Here you go.

Lately I've been doing a lot of pseudo-scientific anatomical drawings of Neopets. Would these be something I could submit to the Art Gallery, or do I just have to hold onto them? There's nothing sexual in nature about them; they're really entirely internal organs and musculature. ~fuzzyslug
Hmm... that's a tough call. While intriguing, it may not be Art Gallery material. It's hard to say without seeing your work, though. Our Art Gallery judge recommends that you submit a few of your favourite pieces once to see if it's something we could display on the site.

Howdy, Neopets Team! Can we expect any updates regarding the beta Battledome? Are we almost out of beta, or is there still a way to go? Thank you! ~_mariokart_
We still have a lot of improvements we'd like to make to the Battledome (such as fixing some abilities, adding stances back in, and figuring out HP increase, among other things). We've gotten a lot of great feedback and we're continuing to work to improve it. That said, such things can take quite a bit of time, so the Battledome will remain in beta until we feel it is complete. :)

Do you take questions / suggestions into consideration, even if they're not published in the Editorial? ~jessealoud
Yes, indeed, we do! There are plenty of Neopet and Petpet colour requests, wearable suggestions, minor spelling or item corrections, and a host of other things that we take note of each week, even if we don't publish it here. :) Also, you don't need to send something to the Editorial to be heard. We have several people sending weekly emails of nothing but player suggestions and feedback from the forums, fan sites... you name it! We are always listening. :)

*comes up surrounded by Meepits* So, recently I had my Neopets zapped by the Lab Ray. My Skeith became mutant and my Grundo became Maraquan, which is great. When they were converted, however, the stuff they were wearing disappeared and I can't find it. Where could it have gone? Thank you so much. :) *gets dragged away by Meepits* ~drymns_2
Eep, we've gotten similar reports. The items are still safely on your Neopets, just inaccessible. Please send a ticket to our Support Department if this has happened to you so we can fix it.

Hi, TNT. So, The Order finally won a skirmish (Yay!), but something confused me about one of the boons... the "Doctor Who?" boon seems to be a Healing Springs boon, but features the Fountain Faerie on the art. Why is that? Is there a part of the boon that we're missing? ~0o_tokitoki_o0
Er, no. It is was just a simple art mistake, it seems. Our Graphic Arts department has now corrected it. Thanks for spotting that!

First off, let me just say that I don't envy the mods on this site. They are often stretched way too thin and complained about constantly, yet seldom thanked. I would like to say thank you for all you do to try to keep this a pleasant and friendly site. I would, however, like to know why a player is allowed to chat from sides when they are permasilenced. This seems to be circumventing the punishment. Please clarify this for me and remove my username. Thank you. ~username removed
Similar to when an account is frozen, they're welcome to create another account if they are able to behave properly the next time. The permasilence is all about having a second chance. In the past, before we had permasilencing as an option, the account would have been frozen. Now, if they're unable to handle chatting with others -- but aren't scamming or cheating -- they're welcome to keep their account and gameplay achievements. The permasilence is to let them know that their posts aren't tolerated. They are, however, welcome to chat on another account as long as they behave. If they continue to break the rules, they will then lose their second chance and we may resort to freezing all of their accounts.

Hello, TNT! I'm almost positive that I had joined the Order of the Red Erisim for the most recent round of the Battleground of the Obelisk, but I didn't receive any rewards. I'm positive I participated in a couple of battles. ~kelsyjones
There is a minimum amount of participation required to receive the rewards. If your efforts did not net you any, you may want to be sure to battle more during the next round.

I know new Neopet colours are usually released on pet days, but could we have a randomly released shadow Lutari, please? ^^ ~raynbow_light
Oooh. A shadow Lutari would be cool. We schedule daily content months in advance, so he may not be around until some time during summer, but we've put in the request to our Content Department.

Hello, TNT! This question has been bugging me for quite some time now. What is Alshemar of the Seventh Scroll's colour? ~lophostrix
We quite often make site characters their own special colour so that they are unique. You may notice this a lot with site heroes or villains.

Periwinkle is all the rage this summer!


Howdy, Neopets Team! This is not a question for you to answer, it is simply a thank you for all the hard work put into The Battledome. It is wonderful to have SO many new battlers in the community. There was never an opportunity for so many new users to start battling without feeling inferior to other battlers. Congratulations! ~_mariokart_

Oh my goodness, TNT. Thank you SO much for creating Neopoint wearables for Maraquans! And such gorgeous ones, too. ;___; You guys are amazing. (please leave my username out) ~username removed

TNT, I want to thank you for granting the wishes / requests of many, many Neocash users that wanted a way to trade in our unwanted, have-a-hundred-of-these buyable NC items and turn them in for a type of store credit. I love these Upcycle cookies so much, and I'm sure that those who can't get NC are just overjoyed that they can try to catch some awesome NC stuff that gets dropped in the Money Tree. Way to go, guys! ~laica2003

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