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Hey, TNT. You gave out Darigan Krawk Collectible Figurines for the Krawk Day Daily Puzzle. They're supposed to be toys, but you can't play with them. You can't do anything with them, actually. Do you think you could look into that? Please leave my username out of this. ~username removed
Gah! *slaps your hand* That is a collectible figurine, NOT a toy. I bet you took it out of the package and everything. *sigh*

Hey, TNT! I decided to submit to the Storytelling Contest, something I liked to do in the past. I had typed out my addition to the story, which was about 1,500 characters, and submitted it. However, once I submitted it, I received an error message saying that I exceeded the 1,000 character limit. I had never remembered a character limit and the submission before me had well over 2,000 characters. Do you know why this error occurred and if there is a way to prevent it? ~kadtastrophe
The limit was changed recently, but we may be removing it in certain areas. Until then, you can submit your entries by breaking them into smaller parts and labelling the entries like "Part 1 of 3," etc.

Have you taken a look at the Green Kacheek Comb? It's Kacheekthulhu! ~porphyric
:O By Fyora, you're right!

Hey, TNT! ^^ *gives cookies* So, I was on the Pound Chat and saw someone mention that they had a Neopet with a Mootix attached up for trade. I told them I was pretty sure that's not allowed, because it's basically trading a Neopet for an item, but they started yelling at me (in caps, at least) that it was allowed and I was completely wrong. Everyone then started agreeing with them and telling me that I was a joke and yada yada yada. Could you PLEASE clear this up? Is advertising a Neopet with a Mootix attached as an "avatar pet" allowed? Thanks, TNT! ^^ You rock! Also, SLOTH ROCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF! ~creaturelove5
Please feel free to smugly link them to this Editorial next time so that they can see it clearly stated that you may neither advertise nor consider the worth of a Petpet OR Petpetpet in a Neopet trade.

*releases cage of Meepits for the fun of it* Hey, TNT. I've been thinking about trying to enter the Art Gallery, but it seems most of the pictures there are digital art. Is it that you don't prefer hand-drawn art, and if I did submit some, would I have a lower chance of getting in? Thanks! ~lionkirbys
The vast majority of the art submitted is digital art, so that's why you see so much of it in the Art Gallery. Other mediums are more than welcome! If you do submit traditional art such as hand drawings, paintings, or sculpture, please make sure it is a well-lit, non-blurry photo or scan. We just hate to see wonderful art having to get passed over because the image quality is poor, very badly cropped, or upside down. :(

We need a COFFEE smiley for the Neoboards! *falls asleep* ~118nps
Huh? Wuzzat? OH! Coffee. Cooooffeeeee... zzzzz. Oh! Right. Coffee smilies. Here ya go. Here's a tea one, too, for those who prefer that.

Yes, we're aware the coffee image is actually a tea item on the site,
but it LOOKED the most like generic coffee!

Hi. I was just wondering: are you sure that the Floobix has been released? I know that you can get one with the Petpet Lab Ray (because I have one), but I can't find one anywhere else. They are supposed to be rare, but I can't find one in any Gallery or trade and I've never seen one that wasn't lab created. Thanks. Please remove my username. ~username removed
The Floobix is a rarity 101 Lutari Island Petpet, and while active (and thus being possible from the Petpet Lab Ray) it is not currently available as an item by any means.

Hey TNT, do you have any plans to make Petpetpets removable from their Petpet? Thanks! Please remove my username. ~username removed
Short answer: nope. Long answer: no we do not, but thanks for writing in! :D

Who answers all of these questions? o_O ~poppyandfeathers
Anyone who can.

No, really. We get questions about programming, art, rules, The Neopian Times, site competitions, and just about everything imaginable. The Editorial is a group effort by staff specialising in different areas of the site.

*politely hands you some asparagus* I had a near panic attack today when I couldn't find my Stealth Paint Brush. Upon closer inspection, I found that it was in the special category of my Safety Deposit Box, and not the paint brush section. Why is that? ~gmdaddy
Whoops. Looks like it was miscategorised. The Stealth, Zombie, and Get Off My Lawn Paint Brushes are now properly labelled as paint brushes and should show up in your SDB search for paint brushes! Hooray for gmdaddy!

Hello, editor! Not to pester you or anything, but a few weeks ago -- in Issue 588 -- you told someone that there were currently no Neopoint items that made noise, but that's not true... there's speakers. Those aren't equippable and they're older, but they're not so rare as to be hidden from search, so I assume they're still stocking, too. ;) ~badluckshadow13
Oh, you're quite right. We should clarify that there's no NP wearables that make noise.

*offers a wooden spoon covered in delicious cake batter* Hey, TNT! I've always liked visiting the Pet Popularity page, but I've also always wondered how it works. Do the numbers strictly reflect the Neopets that are created, or do they change when a Neopet is morphed / transmogrified / zapped? Also, could you please end this Editorial with a cute Ogrin? People say they're ugly, and that makes me so very sad. 8( Thanks! ~bubbles_101
Only the Neopets created through their creation process count. Morphing and zapping don't increase the number.



I don't really have a question, just a comment and kudos for the artist that whipped up the picture promoting the new NC Mall Enchanted Tale Superpack. It's absolutely wonderful, and just so pretty. :) ~queen_potema

When I saw the art for the Enchanted Pack on the front page, the first words out of my mouth were literally, "Oh my gosh, that's beautiful!" Okay, maybe not quite in a "La Belle Époque" way, but the colors, the composition, the expression... I really love it. That's not to say I don't love everything else, though. :) Kudos to the art / design / content people at TNT! ~xfiligree

Hi, TNT! Shame on you! I used to dislike baby Neopets very strongly because their customization options were so limited. SO you had to come out with the most adorable baby items in the mall and I spent an entire month (and a lot of my grocery money) making sure I got ALL the baby things I had not collected from the start. My life has many challenges, but every morning when I log on and I look at my little baby Neopet, my day is already a whole lot better! I never thought a true baby shunner could be so completely, uhm -- dare I say it for the die-hards -- converted! :D :D So, whatever you do, keep the cuteness coming! Hugzz and more huggzz. Please remove my username, although that's not going to help me much, will it? ;) ~username removed

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