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I somehow won the Mystery Pic contest twice. I got two Neomails from you guys, double the Neopoints, and two prizes (109 Cupcake Recipes). I feel funny just accepting it and saying nothing, haha. Is there a way I can give back those prizes that I didn't really earn, or should I just say "thank you" and go on my merry way? Thanks! ~bonbonbobos
It seems like the Mystery Pic script had a little hiccup. Don't worry about it, and enjoy your lucky bonus. Thanks for letting us know, though. :)

*hands over expected cookie offering... then snatches back cookies and eats them, instead throwing jellybeans* Hey, TNT! I was just wondering something that I've wondered for a long time about Shoyrus. Do they have just one eye, or are they just very frequently drawn in profile? ~minue_
They have two eyes; they're just drawn in profile often, as that's how they were originally drawn.

I recently noticed this at the top of the page of Petpet Protection League winners: "The top Petpets are shown here, but we have taken off the usernames / Neopet names because we don't want them to get scammed!" If this was a concern for the PPL, then why not for other contests? Is it still a potential issue? If not, I personally would enjoy being able to visit the Neopets who have had these Petpets attached for so long. ~hermione_890_neo
The unique issue with the PPL is that some of those very old Neopets may be attached to old, inactive accounts. Old inactive accounts may have poor passwords, or use older email services that aren't as secure as the more popular ones used today. It's not that we don't want to bring attention to an account (like other spotlights); we just don't want to highlight old, unused accounts that may have valuable Petpets.

*magically appears in mid-air* I bet you haven't seen that one before! Anyway, if the lab scientist can change the gender of Neopets, couldn't he change the gender of faeries? ~pizzaplatah
He can't change something into something that doesn't exist.

Hey TNT, thanks for taking the time to read this! In my life on Neopets I have gotten one warning. It was because I was pretty dumb back then. Someone had been advertising their account and they said they would give their password to whoever Neomailed them. I'm PRETTY sure now that this is against the rules, but would you please give your verdict on the case? Thanks! (please remove my username) ~username removed
NEVER accept an account from anyone, or access an account you didn't create. In addition to it simply not being allowed, this is a common scam. We don't want to go into details, but you could very likely end up with your main account compromised by them, or frozen by us after they report you for stealing / accessing their account.

Hi, TNT! *throws something* So, a few weeks ago I changed my shopkeeper to a Strawberry Slorg. I recently went to look and see what colours a Slorg could be painted and noticed that strawberry isn't one of them! I think it would be cute to have a Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush option for Petpets. What do you guys think? Thanks! ~evangeline_jane
Strawberry is a Petpet Lab Ray colour only, so it's not listed at the Petpet Puddle (which only shows colours that can be painted). We know, we know, a colour that uses a paint brush on Neopets is Lab Ray-only on Petpets, and then there's a Magma Petpet Paint Brush for Petpets when there's no such paint brushes for Neopets. What can we say? We're just wild and crazy people here.

Clearly we just enjoy chaos.

Can we submit Neopian Times articles / comics from our side accounts to get the avatars? Please remove my username. (: ~username removed
We ask that you please not submit from your side account, as sometimes we give out item prizes.

That was a great Editorial last week! *applause* Anyway, are there any Neopoint wearables that make noise? Also, is there any way to tell if a Neopoint item moves or makes noise before you purchase it? ~jeancgirl
There are currently no NP items that make noise. That could change in the future, but it would likely be a special item or reward from a site event.

Hi, TNT! Let's say that I want to write an article for The Neopian Times. Are we allowed to ask people for their opinions on a certain topic and then quote them (with permission) in the article? Please leave my username out. Thanks! ~username removed
Yup, interviewing other players can be a great way to add interest and credibility to your article. Please make sure you have some content of your own besides questions, though.

Have you ever forgotten to remove a username when they ask you to on here? That would be awkward... ~ryanr1010
Yes. T_T We're super sorry about that, username removed! You'd think at least ONE of us would have noticed it. *sigh*

Hi, TNT! I've been thinking of submitting a multi-part story comic to The Neopian Times, but with each part having a punchline. As I started drafting out my story, though, I realized that it would be many, many parts long. Is there an upper limit on parts of a "to be continued" comic? Also, how would one go about submitting it? Thanks for any advice you can give! ~jupebox
Comic series are quite welcome! We recommend breaking up long comic series into multiple arcs of no more than twelve parts each, though, to be fair to others who submit.

TNT, I will have you know, I have approximately 800 plushies in my collection! I'm running into a problem, though. When I search sites for lists of all the plushies in Neopia, the category "Plushies" doesn't always bring them all up. Some are toys, some are wearables, etc. So, exactly how many plushies are there that YOU as awesome TNT-ians would consider plushies, regardless of category? *swims in sea of plushie goodness* Thank you!
We go by item type, so we consider there to be 1,868 plushies.

*tosses you some chocolate Neggs* In Editorial #586, you said "Neopians are completely unaware of the existence of Easter." How can this be, since there are 67 items with Easter in their names? Also, don't even try to blame it on the poor Mee-- GRRRRMPH... ummppppphg... LEMME GO! *is dragged away* ~prplecat
*makes shifty eyes and pushes a bag full of Neopoints over to a group of Meepits* Thanks!

Are you aware that, in the last Editorial, Kanrik said Hanso would be silenced for 24 hours, and then he said for 72 in the next panel? ~ellock
If you could understand Hanso's muffled speech, he said it was his third warning. The duration of a silence is increased by 24 hours each offence.

I submitted a comic to The Neopian Times a while back, but I still haven't gotten a Neomail about it! Do I need to re-send it? ~xweetok2430
Yup! If you haven't heard back in two weeks, feel free to look it over and resubmit it. Note: if you have received a held-over Neomail, you do not need to resubmit.

TNT, why do you keep answering questions you've answered in previous Editorials already, when there's stuff like Jellyneo's Editorial Database? Aren't you just wasting precious question-answering space? ~_dragon_legacy
Because a lot of players don't go offsite and search through Editorial databases. New players, or players that have just recently discovered the Editorial, often do have questions that have already been answered in the past, and we don't expect them to read 500+ back issues. The new players get the information they need, and the older players get reminded about site rules and whatnot.

Hello! *throws yarn* Yay! Yarn! Knitting is awesome, and I'm glad we have some items to show it. Is someone on TNT a knitter? ~thepogostick
Yep! Quite a few of us here are the crafty sort! Dragona knits, snarkie makes really adorable felt faerie dolls, Comastar does embroidery, and Viola quilts. Our content team likes to be creative in both work and play. :)

Greetings, TNT. My Meepit army and I demand that you end this Editorial with some sort of Neopets meme! ~katiegaulden6556

(We were apparently SUPER good this past week! Yay!)

This isn't so much a question as a story: a number of years ago when I was just old enough to post things on the Internet, I sent an email to someone on The Neopets Team asking that you produce a stuffed toy of a Neopet species and paint job I really wanted (an electric Lupe, to be precise). I remember receiving an email back thanking me for the suggestion. It made me really happy to receive a personal response, and even happier a few years later when I saw it in stores. I wasn't able to keep the email, but I did keep the plush toy. I just really wanted to share that memory and thank you guys for all of the fun experiences that I and many others have had on here. I don't know if you guys get told that enough. ~temporal_sage

Dear TNT,
I giggled quite loudly at the end of the Editorial last week (587). I appreciate that even well-known residents of Neopia (like Hanso!) are subject to the rules! Thanks for having Neopets continue to be AWESOME!!! ~svaie

Hey TNT, last week was one long string of bad days and I just wanted to say that the Editorial really cheered me up. Thank you for making Neopets a place I can go any time I need a smile. *loves* ~shining__waters

TNT, I wanted to tell you that you are so awesome! Last Friday I was having a particularly bad day, then I read the Editorial and it made me laugh so much that I almost fell out of my chair! I really needed that laugh, and I wanted to thank you for making my day brighter! ~artemislknight

EEEEEE! Thank you so very much for bringing back Hanso and Jazan in the last Editorial! I literally screamed and almost cried because I was so happy. Keep being awesome, guys! :3 ~beans_45_6_6

Dearest TNT,
*tosses spoons into the air* I just want to say that last week's Editorial was amazing! I could not stop laughing toward the end of it when you added the warning image. You guys are priceless and I love you so much. Could you give those who put it together a big hug from me? Thank you so much and keep being hilarious! ~smilie99

The ending of the last Editoral was so perfectly hilarious! Hanso is awesome! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Every single warm fuzzy for you! :-D ~3xcellent

I loved this week's Editorial. "We can plaster mr.coconut at the end and pretend none of this ever happened." Gold. ~applehat

*smiles at the nested Blumaroo dreams picture and "HAPPY THOUGHTCEPTION!" and puts a spinning top on the table*
Dearest cultural reference-rich TNT,
Just wanted to say that I really, really enjoy playing on Neopets. You guys (and gals and 'pets) make my day, and your events are simply addictive! Hope to see more of those coming along in the future. :) *leaves without noticing the top still spinning away on the table* ~ritmixie

Dear goodness, TNT, just thank you for last week's Editorial. That made me actually laugh -- uncontrollably, even -- for the first time in two miserable weeks. Thank you for making everything better, like you always do. Just thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you guys. ~kyndalbrooke

Dear Editorialist,
I have a question about Neopet Trading... bazinga! Really, though, I made you some tea, and here is a hug! *hugs and hands you some tea* ~star_chica08

Hahahahah! Thank you for the laugh; it put a smile on our faces. :)

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