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Dear TNT,
Every time I try and compete in the Battledome, I run into the same problem. Right above the box where you plan your move, there is a large, blinking, downward-pointing yellow arrow. Each time I get this I am not able to plan any moves or compete. Is there a reason for this, and is there any way to make it go away so I can compete? ~kayc_9384

That's the tutorial arrow, but without more information about your browser we can't be sure why it's happening. If you're using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), please note that it's not supported. The arrow should only show up on the first round of your first battle. Once you choose a weapon in that slot, the arrow jumps to the fight button. The arrow should go away the next round and never be seen again after the first fight is finished. Please send a bug report to us detailing what browser you're using and any other information that could help us figure out the problem.

Dear TNT,
I want to heartily thank you for the Random Contest! I was just looking through the Valentine's Day card contest from last month and they were just beyond awesome. I participate as often as I can, as time, material, and inspiration permit. For a while now I've been at the age where only professionals are "allowed" to do art anymore, but Neopets has kept that spark of creativity alive in me. I can use my imagination and make up stories, put together art projects, and work on graphic design and coding in an environment where individual expression is admired and even rewarded. Also, people are excited to engage with one another in an encouraging and helpful fashion! For me, the Random Contest is best of all! Every couple of weeks there is a completely new challenge because the theme and style of art is totally different from the time before. I may not be a professional by any means, but I'm genuinely proud of my contest trophies and my Neopian art. Thanks again and keep it up! ~loreeen

Pffft! You're never too old or young to make art, even if it's more a hobby than a profession. :) We're always amazed by all the creativity our users display, and it thrills us that Neopets inspires you. We're glad you enjoy it and are proud of your creations. :) We know we are!

Dear TNT,
I use my iPad to play Neopets via an app that you buy in order to use Flash on the iPad. I recently was blocked from Google due to abnormal IP activity and realized that all the app users must share the server's same IP address. Does this mean that I risk getting frozen if other Neopets users are using the app on the iPad and it looks like multiple accounts? I only use one account, and have a side account that I just store my other Neopets on after transferring them. Thanks so much; I have had my account for eight years and have never abused the rules, so the realization that I could be frozen has left me worried. ~morte_de_amore

We're not sure how the app works, but we are no strangers to many accounts appearing on the same IP due to school computers, libraries, or certain web providers. We have tools to help us differentiate the accounts, so you shouldn't have to worry.

So... how many captions did you receive for the 1,300th Caption Contest this week? ~secant
Thousands upon thousands. Sorry, Caption Contest judge!

Hi there, TNT. I was wondering... years ago, I quit doing the Altador Plot because I got stuck, but now I want to continue and finish it. Is there any way to find out how far along I am in this plot, or can we just start over? Thanks. ~silan
The Altador Plot can't be restarted on an account. We suggest that the best way of figuring out where you are is visiting Finneus and seeing what he has to say. That would be the best indicator of where you left off.

Hi, TNT! *throws rock* Haha, I haven't seen anyone throw rocks at you in quite some time. Anyway, I recently saw another user trying to offer a "cross-paint" custom Neopet for trade on the Pound Chat. The user said, "It would have to take up two transfers. 1st transfer to send clothes, then they send Neopet back, I repaint, and send it back to them." This user was told multiple times that it was against the rules, and many past Editorials were quoted, but they disagreed, saying those quotes didn't count toward this specific situation (because they were not about a cross-paint custom specifically). Could you please verify that this is against the rules one more time as bluntly as possible, pretty please? It's only a matter of time before someone else tries to pull this stunt, and I would really like something more specific to quote next time. Thank you! ~bisquet
*smashes face repeatedly into keyboard* If we're understanding this correctly, you're also trading for a service or a paint brush in addition to the Neopet trade, which is NOT allowed. One Neopet for one Neopet, people.

Hi, there. I've recently found an unconverted Neopet whose name is in no way inappropriate, but it contains letters that make up a filtered word, so it can't be mentioned on Neomails (but it can be posted on the boards). Aside from the hassle, is there any risk that this Neopet could be deleted in the future? Please remove my username. ~username removed
As long as the Neopet's name is not inappropriate, you have nothing to worry about. Sometimes perfectly common words need to be sacrificed in order to keep the boards civil.

Hey, TNT! Are we allowed to discuss the Lenny Conundrum answer right after it closes and the congratulatory Neomails are sent out, or are we supposed to wait until after the new LC begins? ~hershee_the_dog
As soon as you get the Neomails is fine. At that point you can't enter the previous contest, so there's obviously no cheating going on.

Do you assign Neopians "personal mods" if they're constantly getting into trouble on the boards? Also, do you always have a mod on the Kanrik's Guild of Bandits boards? It seems that as soon as we get, erm, a bit rowdy, there is always someone there to pass around the silencings. ~sabs14
Nope. If someone got into trouble that often they'd be silenced or frozen. Our monitors are there to keep an eye on all of the boards, not to babysit any particular player(s) that can't abide by site rules. Actually, with their eyes everywhere, they would make great spies for the Sway... or maybe they are already. *shifty eyes*

Hi, TNT! *throws asparagus cookie* I'm looking for some clarification. I was lurking the Pound Chat boards the other day and someone had a badly named, cheaply painted Neopet up for trade. The Neopet had a very old Petpet (a Boris) attached. Numerous other players came on the board telling the original poster that it was against the rules to advertise the Petpet as adding value to the Neopet, as it would be like trading items for Neopets. The OP responded by saying that that rule doesn't apply because the Petpet has no Neopoint value, and that it only adds trading value to the Neopet it's attached to. Is this correct? Are unconverted Petpets allowed to be advertised as part of a Neopet trade? ~_crescendo

Hey guys, Hanso here. The Editorialist just screamed, threw a keyboard across the room, and then tossed the computer monitor out the window.
We're taking that as a "no."
I guess we'd better finish it up. Let's see what's already been answered so far...
MORE questions about Neopet trading?
No wonder the Editorialist finally cracked. If someone asked me that, I'd toss them in my dungeon.
After all the fans you got during my amazing plot, they'd probably enjoy it.
*sigh* Don't remind me.
Anyway, let's see what else has been asked this week that we can answer.

Well, anything?
Still looking.

Oh look, yet another question about--
Players interpreting the rules to suit their own interests?
Hello. We also enjoy
finishing each other's sentence.
AURGGH! What are they doing here?!?
We are waiting for the prize shop to open.
We were promised cake.
And we will have it.
Why can't we ever just have a normal Editorial?
We can plaster mr.coconut at the end and pretend none of this ever happened.
I support this course of action.

Okay, here's one we can answer:

Hello! So, I was just wondering: I once got chosen for the Site Spotlight (thanks!), and let's say I want to enter another Pet Page. If I get lucky enough, would I be able to win again, or am I disqualified from winning any other Site Spotlight? Also, I would appreciate it if you removed my username. ^^ ~username removed

You answer.
Fiiine. If you've won a spotlight before, you can win again, but you'll be judged more harshly against those who haven't won yet.
So make it amazing!

Like my thieving skills.
I think they'll need to do better than that.

Oh, here's one:

TNT. Inquiring minds want to know! How do you pronounce Kanrik? Personally, I say "can-rick" but some of my friends were theorizing that it could be said as "con-rick," "con-reek," or "can-reek." We couldn't find the pronunciation on site and I very well may lose sleep over this. ~padfoot_rox_my_sox

You pronounce it in-feer-e-oor thief.
It's pronounced "can-rick." So then, why aren't you in charge if you're such a better thief than him?
I'm allergic to being stabbed.
I suppose his fighting skills are an issue. Hmmm. You could get yourself turned into stone again and just fall on him.
I'm not sure if I like this idea or not.
Though I'm not sure if Brynn would approve of you being the head of the Thieves Guild.
That is a good point; she is a little more uptight than Hannah. Wow, I just realised that all three pairs of us have at least one thief invol--ARMFF!


That actually made me smile.

Eh eyenphmfd ee!
Oh, they silenced you? Does this mean I don't have to hear your "witty" remarks for twenty four hours?
*shakes head*. Efs mah erd aur-ing
Ahh, 72 hours of blissful peace and quiet then. Well, at least until that crazy coconut starts shouting--


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