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Hey, TNT! Say I get a Fountain Faerie quest on my side account. Is transferring over one of the Neopets from my main account to dip them allowed? Please tell me! Please!!! *puppy dog eyes* ~meadows_lark
Yes, that's fine. We know how random those Random Events can be!

Can you still equip Battledome weapons? I have a Dark Nova (thank you Games Master Challenge!) and I want to get the avatar, but I can't equip it to my Neopet. (Please remove my username.) ~username removed
You can't equip Battledome items from your inventory page at this time. (Though that functionality will return!) Visit the Battledome to equip your Neopets for now. :)

Hello, TNT. As you know, we can select on our profile whether we are male or female. However, I am agender and I really don't feel comfortable showing myself as either gender... would it be possible to get an "other" option for this, or an option to not show it on the Neoboards and my profile? Please remove my username. ~username removed
This has been a long-requested feature, and is currently in the planning stage. Hooray!

Since GANGNAM STYLE has became a popular thing in the world, can you show a picture or a moving image of any Neopets doing the GANGNAM STYLE? PLEASE... :) ~jomarcenter2012
How about our staff?

Dear TNT,
Unfair Seesaw Toy? That made my week. P.S.: Thank you for making my childhood accessible to me at any moment of my life. Neopets is awesome and always will be. You guys are the best. :D *throws adorable unconverted fire Shoyru* ~sarahsarahtarawera

Awwr, shucks. *shuffles foot*

Font competition / spotlight? Ever? ;) ~codswobble
While we do appreciate the creativity you guys display on the Neoboards, we think this would be problematic for a number of reasons. So, for now, we're going to have to say no.

There was this guy on [a website]. He told the Neopians... to give him their password and username. He also claimed that he was a past employee and got fired when he wanted items to be free. He said that he needed our passwords so that he can give us items. Should we believe him? ~username removed
No. Never give ANYONE your password.

1.) No employee is going to hand out free items. Even if they were going to, they wouldn't need your password to do it.

2.) Employees that no longer work for us do not retain their admin abilities. VERY few employees even have the ability to grant items.

Let's put it this way: a stranger approaches you on the street. They claim they are a disgruntled ex-employee of your bank. They tell you that, if you give them your ATM card and PIN, then they will put a million dollars into your account. Are you going to hand over your card? Of course not. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, both online and offline!

Hi, TNT! You know what would be great? Ending this Editorial with a sketch by anyone on the staff of Dr. Sloth on a pogo stick... you know you kinda want to. ;) ~ruvaak
We couldn't wait until the end. We got too excited. BEHOLD.

In retrospect, maybe we
should have asked an artist...

Thank you so much for the Games Master Challenge this year! Even with the glitches, it has still been a lot of fun (Please give this pumpkin pie to the Holiday Fix It Team. *hands y'all a pie*). I am curious, though, about how you chose the games. Very few appeared to have anything to do with the theme, but they all seemed to have one thing in common: most Neopians don't play them on a regular basis. I'm just wondering: was this on purpose? Again, thank you! ~username removed
We picked themes for each of the days (except day 7) that you might not have noticed. We also tried to use as many games as we could that were pirate or ninja-themed. We seem to need more pirate and ninja themed games. :) We also try to mix up the games a bit, so that you aren't playing the same games over and over for every event. A group of us gets together and goes through the games and figures out what fits all of the criteria, and then we try to decide if we think that is a good game and will be fun for the event! Hopefully a few of you found new games that you love.

Hey TNT, I was wondering: if you submit a short story and then, after it's published, you decide you want to continue it and make it into a series, or you get Neomails requesting that you do so, is there any way this is possible, or should you just be very sure you want it to be only one part before you submit? ~azkpuppy
Our NT Queen has informed us that you can send in a series and mention that it's a continuation of a short story already in The Neopian Times, and that we will make a handy link for your readers so they can catch up if they missed the first story.

Why can male Neopets wear dresses? ~khoufu
Because, sometimes, they just want to look pretty.

Now that faeries are restored, would you please ask them to randomize the disease given out by the Wheel of Excitement? It has only inflicted Chickaroo for the past two years. Faeries would love to practice healing all kinds of ailments. ~firvulag
Egads. We'll go ask the faeries if they can inflict some other infectious disease upon Neo... pi... a. Wait. Why are we paying the faeries 500 NP a go for the chance to inflict disease upon us in the first place?!? Maybe the Healing Springs Faerie has some sort of racket going. #NeopianConspiracy

I've noticed that, ever since Neopets' 13th birthday, there's been weird bouts of downtime, broken games, etc. Teenagers can be such a handful, am I right? ;) ~1scorpio1
We've, like, totally noticed that, too. And we were, like, "This is such a pain." So we called our BPF (Best Programmer Forever) and totally complained about it for like an hour. And then they were like, "Yeah, we'll totally fix that," but then it broke AGAIN. Like, I don't even know how to deal with this. Whatever.

Please remove my username, thanks! I have a question. I encountered a Neopets Petpage that made custom layouts in exchange for Neopoints. Is this against the rules? ~username removed
Very much so. You may not exchange services (art, coding, etc.) for Neopets / items / Neopoints. There's just too much leeway for scamming and disagreements. Rest assured, we do appreciate all of our talented artists and coders, and that's why we've set up creative contests for you -- so you can earn Neopoints and items and Neopian glory without the drama.

Can you please end this Editorial with a picture of a pea Chia that has a moustache? *throws a stick-on moustache in a sock to Dragona* THANKS! :) ~floatinglanterns
Ehh, why not?



Hey, TNT! I spotted your wonderful web site a few years ago and have been here ever since. It's an amazing site! So many awesome features like guilds, the Trading Post, game challenges, and more! ^_^ I've learned so much from the web site and met so many amazing Neopians! Well, my point is: Neopets is just amazing, and thank you so much for every single thing you do! ~bluemadam

Happy Thanksgiving, TNT. I am thankful for Neopets being in my life! xoxo ~aphroditeiscool

*throws confetti through computer monitor* Happy birthday, TNT and Neopia!!! I remember joining Neopets back in December of 1999! I was an awe-struck seven year old just barely getting the hang of a computer and the world wide inter-webs when I stumbled upon Neopets and fell head over heels in love! I would play for hours upon hours, and now almost 13 years later as a 20 year old adult (With a blue Kougra tattoo -- can we say obsessed? O_o), I'm still awe-struck and have the same amount of love (if not more) for all of Neopia!!! So, thank you TNT for making my childhood full of wonderful memories of: coconuts, meeps, dung, Weewoos, plushies (both regular and McDonald's Happy Meal ones), trading cards, handheld virtual pets, books, plots, magazines (owns all 26 issues), interactive figures / plushies, playsets with collectable figures, clothing / accessories, and so much more!!! *heart* Sincerely with love, a crazed Neopets fanatic named Jessie4evermore. *throws more confetti* ^_^ ~jessie4evermore

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