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I'm seeing a lot of guilds that use guild "points" as a currency where members can buy actual Neopoint items. These points are awarded when members participate in activities, recruit members, and donate. Can you please clarify whether this is against the rules? It seems to me like it is exactly the same as offering prizes for contests, but just adding a middle step of earning "points" to then "buy" the prize. Thanks. ~not
This is basically just a way to get around the no prize rule, which becomes an issue for us when time and effort is donated and rewards are promised (but sometimes not awarded), which causes big ol' messes and drama. We are planning on a way to help make it so guilds and nice people can give stuff away, but that's still in the works. For now, the rules still apply. If that changes, we'll be sure to let you know.

My question is this: IF you signed up for the new Battledome beta testing with your special Battledome Neopet, will you only still have access to the weapons that are already equipped, or will we be able to equip during testing? I'm unsure. ~loope_t_doo
The new Battledome will have an equipment page that beta testers will have access to. This means that, if you get into the beta, you'll be able to equip and unequip weapons.

On a related note, since we got quite a few very specific questions about what may or may not need to be done before the old Battledome shuts down, we'll include the FAQ link here again and remind you that you don't need to do anything or rush about!

I'm buggin' out, TNT. I have been racking my brain for years trying to figure out if my eyes are playing tricks on me or not. Every time I spin a wheel, I notice it seems to spin one way, and then it will look as if it has completely changed directions. Please tell me I'm not crazy. ~lu5
Nope, you're not crazy... just human. The wheel always goes in the same direction, but your brain interprets it as changing direction due to the stroboscopic effect (also called the wagon-wheel effect). Basically, the wheel is moving too fast for your eyes to properly catch what's going on, so your brain starts adding in-between frames as it attempts to process what your eyes are seeing, which can cause this effect. Science!

So, I'm off at college and in a dorm. I've been using the dorm's internet, which is also used by everyone else in the dorm. My question is: if someone else in the dorm were to be on Neopets at the same time as me, would we get frozen? ~jessia
Nope, we're no strangers shared internet connections. Neopets was originally designed for bored college students! :)

Hello, team! I recently acquired a new Neofriend and saw what a great Gallery of items they had, so I thought I would nominate them for the Gallery Spotlight. However, since it's not my own Gallery, I could not do this. Is there a way to nominate someone's hard work and thoughtful Gallery as a surprise, or can you only submit your own Gallery? Thanks in advance! ~channisleeping
That's very thoughtful of you, but only the Gallery owner can submit their Gallery. You can Neomail them and encourage them to enter, though! :)

Why do paint brushes hum? ~nocturnite
Because they don't know the words!


So, TNT... let us say that User A and User B are bestiesssss. User A brings up something that is a "no-no" on Neopets to User B in a Neomail. User B replies via Neomail, knowing it's a no-no but just going along with the topic, using similar words but also saying it is illegal to talk about, since they don't want to get their friend in trouble. User A, however, gets silenced. My main question is: if someone talks about a no-no topic, but is saying that it is illegal to talk about on Neopets, will they get silenced for using the "no-no" words? THANKS! (Leave my username out? C:) ~username removed
There's a fine line here, but as long as you're obeying the spirit of the rule, then we think it's okay. That said, if someone uses foul language or something, please don't quote them or repeat it. If a misunderstanding happens, please write in so our Support Staff can take a second look at things.

Hey, TNT! *hands you a squid* There's been a lot of confusion about this lately: is running Habitarium overnight against the rules? Almost everyone says no, but one Support Staff member claims it is. Can you please clarify? ~username removed
There are a lot of issues caused by running your Habitarium overnight or leaving it unattended for long periods of time. This can result in the game locking up, and players who repeatedly write in to Support with this issue should perhaps use their Habitariums a bit more carefully in the future.

Hi, TNT! So, I've really been into customizing my item Gallery lately, and some months ago I thought it was ready to enter the competition. I can't remember if I actually did submit it, though, or if I was just planning to do so. Is there any way to find that out? Thanks, and please leave out my username. ~username removed
If you can't remember, or have made improvements to your Gallery, then please resubmit. :)

Umm... did a horse vomit in your office the day you made the Lost Desert plot? Nabile = NEIGH-BILE. ~john3637
Oh dear, we think Jazan would have your head for saying his beloved's name in such a way! It's pronounced Nah-beel.

Hi, TNT! I am about to write a new article for The Neopian Times about a character that appeared in one of your plots. Since the story about that character is a little incomplete, I got the idea to fill it with "information" invented by me. It's an article, though, not a story. So, I would like to know if an article must contain only facts, or if I am allowed to write anything. Thank you! ~realidade
If everything is made up or contrary to site facts, it might confuse the readers. However, it's totally all right to share a bit of "exclusive" information to spice things up.

Do you have a few images of Edna the witch you could share BEFORE she became a Zafara? I suddenly was hit by a wave of nostalgia and really wanted to see her how she once was. Thanks! ~firefoxtails
It wasn't easy, but we found one! We, uhh... think we like the new and improved version better.

Of course I look better than that old hag!

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