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I've been playing around with Dress To Impress (hope it's okay to mention, since it's a certified fan site), planning what my future MSP Poogle will look like (I will have one. Eventually.), and I'm a little worried because the various contact lenses aren't fitted to that body type. Is DTI wrong, or is this something that will need to be fixed? I'd hate to have to revise my plans. ^_~ Please leave out my username. ~username removed
Yep, it's perfectly fine to mention anywhere on the site now. :) Dress to Impress is correct. It seems there are some downsides to having a Neopet as unique as the MSPP. Contacts and clothing are made for the standard body type, and if the body type of your Neopet (such as the eyes of an MSP) differs from the standard to make it more unique, then customisation can suffer.

If I have Premium now, and at some time in the future I forgot to pay for another year and lost Premium for a short while, what would happen to my fifth Neopet? ~faith502
If your Premium lapses, you will be prompted to either transfer or abandon your 5th Neopet. If you choose to abandon it to The Pound, it will be held there for 90 days, giving you plenty of time to reclaim it before it is put up for adoption.

Hi, TNT. Wow, a new Battledome -- I'm sure you are already getting tons of questions about it. So, here's mine: while I am looking forward to seeing the new Battledome, I am now pondering whether the weapons I own will still be useful later on. I already saw some boards telling people to "quickly sell their weapons before they become worthless junk." I think that this would do quite a bit of damage to the Neopian economy, and I'm also positive that many Neopians will feel incredibly bad about all the NP they spent on their (No longer useful?) BD set. So, are you already able to tell us if the current weapons will still be useful when the new BD comes? ~maliechen89
Please don't do anything hasty! We have information coming your way that will answer a lot of your questions. Please don't panic and sell off your weapons. :)

Hello, TNT! I had a question about the Lab Ray Fortune cookies from the NC Mall. The description says they may only be used on your main account, but what if our only lab is on a side account? We aren't allowed to use them? ~bottledspirit
According to our support staff, if your only Lab Ray is located on a side account, then it's acceptable. If you have access to the Lab Ray on your main account, then it must be used there.

*shoves a plate of cookies at you* 8D So, my question is (and it's not hypothetical): if a user enters the Beauty Contest and puts a large (clickable) banner on his User Lookup, and then has other people put the link to his User Lookup in their signatures (and, of course, post all over the boards), wouldn't that technically be cheating? I ask because it's obvious their intention is advertising the other person's BC. If you guys do, indeed, think that is cheating, then would they get the BC trophies that they "earned" removed? Thank you! (please remove my username) ~username removed
Players may not have other players advertise their Beauty Contest entries for them. That's the rule, and if someone is doing something against the spirit of that rule, then please report them with as much detailed information as possible so we can make the call and take any action if they are not participating in a proper manner.

Hey, TNT. I was wondering: with regard to the Premium 5th Neopet, can the 5th one be a Neopet transferred from a side account, or do I have to create a new one? Thanks for the information! :) *hands you a cookie* ~ice_angel8278
It can be brought into your account the same way a third or fourth Neopet could. There are no special restrictions on a 5th Neopet (assuming you are actively subscribed to Premium). So, go forth and transfer! :)

I have a question relating to the Art Gallery. How many times are you allowed to send in a picture that you have done? I ask because there are new pictures each week, but to win does your picture have to be sent in that specific week, or can it be sent in multiple times? (Oh Krawkers, I hope that makes sense.) Thank you! ~kittykatty1
You can send it in as often as you like, though if you repeatedly send it in during a short amount of time then the doubles will simply be deleted by our judge. Every two to four weeks is more reasonable. Also, we don't delete the submissions that didn't win, and we occasionally spotlight entries that were submitted weeks or even months ago.

Thanks to everyone that sends us art, by the way!
We love seeing it!

Hey! So, obviously, I can't get enough of Neopets and I didn't feel right submitting a ticket for this, so: will I get frozen if I log into my account from my home computer AND work computer? Y'know, the whole "multiple IPs" issue? Pleeaseee, I need my Neo-fix at work, too. XD Thanks! ~username removed
Nope, that's just fine. :) There's nothing wrong with multiple IPs, as long as there isn't anything super suspicious going on.

Hey, TNT! I figured that, since you've added Petpets such as Meowclops and Slorgs to the Neoboard smilies, could you possibly add a Spyder smiley for Halloween? Thanks! ~weedle11
Sounds like a good idea to us. :) Enjoy!

I know the unconverted poses are considered "retired," but they are still in the image database! Is there a chance, in the future perhaps, to create an option where most Neopets can toggle between both UC and converted art? We would get the best of both worlds that way! ~ivoryrosefrost
No. Non. Nicht. 没有. Geen. iie. Nej. Nu. Não.

So, say you have an item up on the Trading Post and you have a user who constantly bids on this item, even though you have told them you do not want what they are offering. Is this harassment, or just an annoyance that has to be dealt with? ~lovingkittenstephie
If it's becoming an annoyance, we recommend that you block the player. This will stop them from being able to bid on your lot. If they move to another account to continue their bids, then we feel it would move from annoyance to harassment.

A while ago, you mentioned that Randomly Firing Freeze Rays were malfunctioning all over Neopia. However, they still seem to be malfunctioning: whenever it tries to freeze, a blank, white page comes up instead. Will this issue be fixed? Hurry, TNT, you're our only hope! ~boyob13
We're having our programmers look into the issue again. Hopefully they can shed some light on the issue, and we don't mean a glaring white page lighting up your monitor at night.

I just noticed the Long Silver Wig and decided that I had to have it for my Zafara Daenerys because, well... obviously. I then saw the description and just about fell out of my chair. I love you guys. (Now, how about one for Drogo? :D) ~guinness
*innocent whistle* We'll pencil your request in. :)

P.S.: Nice pets!

What is the plural of Bartamus? I assume Jhudora has several (Bartami? Bartamuses? Bartamus?) flying around her lair and doing her evil bidding. ~mystie06
Like the word platypus, there is no universally recognised plural for Bartamus. Bartamuses is the most commonly used plural form, but Bartami and Bartamus are acceptable, as well.

I was reading Editorials from a while back and it was mentioned that Dragona has a pair of socks with Jiji the cat on them. FROM WHERE WERE THESE AMAZING SOCKS OBTAINED?!? That is all. Thank you. *throws thank you cards with Meepits on them* ~ams12345
Dragona says she got them from a Studio Ghibli-themed store during one of her first trips to Japan. She also wanted you to know that she got a super-duper-cute [sic] cellphone charm of Jiji, too, when she visited the Studio Ghibli Museum during her last visit. Erm, apparently she'd also like to do a shout-out thanks to the nice Japanese lady that spoke enough English to guide them there after Dragona and her husband got hopelessly lost in Mitaka-Shi? o_O

*sigh* That's very nice, Dragona.


I just wanted to tell you that, throughout my on / off 4 years here, the Editorial has always been the highlight of my average Neopian week (Is there any other?). Thanks again for being continually awesome and supplying us with such punny jokes. May the Meepits be forever with you! :D ~lovely_koko96

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