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Hi, TNT! Can I say that I fell in LOVE with the new game? Assignment 53 is PERFECT! The graphics, the music, the levels, everything! Thank you very much; we appreciate the hard work you put into this! I've got a question about it, however. Since the New Game Challenge wasn't released with it, does this mean that the NGC has ended? I'm just curious. Oh, and I know you are secretly planning something big... I'm watching you... *vanishes in a poof of smoke* ~leo_flores
The NGC is considered retired at this time. We may bring it back again in the future (likely with a redesign), but for now it's over.

When we submit an article / comic to The Times, does it stay in consideration for a couple of editions, or do we have to resubmit it every time if it doesn't make it in the first time? ~vhalerie
Yup, it stays in consideration. If you receive a Neomail that your submission is being held over, just hang on and pretty soon you'll see it in print... er, onscreen. If you haven't heard back at all, that means we just haven't gotten to it yet. No news is good news!

Hey, TNT! *tosses moneybags* There's a Neoboard smiley, *swagbag*. It's mainly used on the Trading Post boards to show that someone is buying. It's a money bag, but now the word "swag" is filtered into "cooties," so the smiley doesn't show right for anyone other than yourself. Could you please change it to *moneybag*, or maybe stop filtering "swag" into "cooties"? Thanks! ~ravenartu
Whoops! Yep, that seems like a good solution. We'll do that. :)

Hey TNT, what's up? Anyway, I was wondering why some of your newest smilies are not on the smilies page... like the Battledome ones! :* ~redmadam
We only list some smilies on that page. Others are considered "secret smilies" for those Neopians in the know. *taps side of nose*

Hello, TNT! *throws muffin* Three people told me that I should submit my site into the Site Spotlight, but I was looking through the rules and wondering: what if someone else, not me, made the site's layout? Can I submit it anyway? =D I hope so! Also, what if my site is on my side account? Can I submit it from my main account? ^_^ Thank you in advance! P.S.: I am super glad that the Site Spotlight is back. You Neopets staff people are the best! :D ~redmadam
The coding for your Petpages should be your own. You're more than welcome to submit on side accounts, though! :)

Hiya, TNT. I'm curious: since the free NC Mall Goodie Bags don't give out Neopoint items anymore, is it okay to collect them on side accounts? I mean, you can't really do much with them unless you buy more NC, and with everyone getting them it's hardly worth doing that. ~ziporen
Yes, collecting the free NC Mall Goodie Bags on your side accounts is fine. :)

Everyone please form an organised line to log onto
your side accou--argh! *trampled*

You see, I have four Neopets that I love, but I also want a Darigan Ixi. Would it be allowed if I made an Ixi on my side account, earned a Dargian Paint Brush on my main, and sent it to my side account so that I could paint it? ~catlovergriffindor
Yep! That's exactly how you'd do it! :)

Hi, TNT! *flings jelly* So, I've noticed that the Beauty Contest trophies say "Best Dressed" on them. I find this weird, since the BC has nothing to do with clothes. Could you explain? ~kittenstealth
That's... a good point. Those trophies were created long before customisation. They could desperately use an art overhaul, anyway. We'll likely remove the text when we do.

Hey TNT, I was thinking, and I realized something that truly NEEDS to exist in Neopia. Bacon Tacos. Everybody loves bacon, as well as tacos... so why not make a Bacon Taco? Pleeeeaaaassseeee??? Thank you!!! ^^ ~rhythmi
We really couldn't agree more. *pencils it in as a future item*

Hi! I have a question. So, okay, if it was raining really hard in Neopia, would you say "it's raining Angelpuss and Spardel," or "it's raining Angelpuss and Puppyblew," or something like that? TELL ME! Thx! :) ~meadows_lark
It is more likely to rain Kadoaties than Angelpi. Usually the saying is "raining Kadoaties and Warfs," because really, have you ever stood under that Warf Rescue Team tree? You'll see what we mean.

Could we please get a Shop Wizard smiley so that all of us questers can be cool and stuff when posting results? ;D ~jawsch
Done and DONE.

Wow, I got a Faerie Queen quest and she asked me for a Tuskaninny Hand Mirror. Not too bad, a rarity level of only 89. So I did a search on the Trading Post -- nothing. I then did a search in Auctions. Again, nothing. I canceled the quest, then did a search using the Shop Wizard... I guess canceling the quest was a good idea, as not only were there no Tuskaninny Hand Mirrors in the shops, but there were none in the Galleries, either. It was one of those non-existent, existent items. Do you have any idea when you'll be releasing a few into Neopia so nobody gets to dream an impossible dream, er... quest? ~patjade
It sounds like she asked for an item that had been just released. For those items, you'll need to wait a while for them to restock or decline the quest and curse your bad luck.

I just have to say, I loved the picture that ended the Editorial last week. The picture made me stare at the computer funny, but the caption just made me crack up for about five minutes. Is there any chance you could end this week's with a flying Slorg?~twizzlerfan4
Is it a Naleap? Is it a Uni? No, it's...


**Happy Thought**

Hi, TNT! *hands out freshly baked chocolate chip cookies* I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you do every day. I have been on Neopets since May of 2001, so it has been over 11 years now and I have loved every minute of it. I know you get paid to do what you do, but I want you to know that what you do every day provides me with hours of entertainment daily. I've met so many amazing friends on here over the years that I would have never possibly met if it wasn't for each one of you. I'm a proud longtime Premium member and I love the Premium services. I also have a hopeless addiction to NC, and every time you have a new event or a new must-have item, I'm on it. :P NC was a great addition to the site; thank you for that! Pretty much thank you for everything. I will continue to play for MANY years to come, so please keep up the excellent work! :3 ~kaylaxbeth

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