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*hands you cookie-shaped piece of ice* Hey TNT, I was just wondering why you don't keep the Altador Cup games open all year so that players can practice? Would it get too confusing or something? Just wondering, because I could definitely use some Yooyuball practice. Ha ha. :) ~lillytheavatar767
The Altador Cup is a special event, so we certainly don't want you guys to burn out on the game by playing it all year, or having the time to become such masters of the game that you'll destroy all of your competition! We do like you guys to get in some practice, which is why we open it up shortly before the Cup begins so that you can stretch those fingers!

TNT, it has come to my attention (and the attention of several others) that the Editorials of late have been rather short. It makes us sad. It's the highlight of my week, pretty much. I check for The Neopian Times even when I know it's not Friday. So, I have a question: are fewer questions being answered or fewer being asked? ~almedha
It depends on the week. Some weeks we are inundated with many wonderful questions that we can answer, and sometimes... well, not so much -- especially when there's something big going on and most of the questions are regarding the same subject. We typically read through every question submitted in a given week and attempt to answer every question that we have the ability to answer. Sometimes we also need to remove questions that we can't get answers to in time from their appropriate departments, so that sometimes causes shorter-than-typical Editorials.

Hi, TNT! I have recently become obsessed with Kadoatie feeding. Hanging out on the Games Board, reading game guides, and even searching through the NT archives, I've come across some conflicting information regarding whether or not one can win a Kad by feeding them. Folks over at the Games Board all seem to think that this is a beautiful lie started by an NT article. However, the article in question refers back to the Editoral section of NT #159, wherein you state that Kads can be won this way. So, can I win a Kad by feeding enough of them? ~jocelyn_joy
As we explained in the far more recent Editorial #336, that was originally intended as a possibility. The idea was scrapped, however, but not before it was mentioned in Editorial #159. For the more in-depth prior response, click the link above and see the question just under the fire Antwerph.

Hullooo, great TNT! Do you use vector or pixel based art for your item graphics? It looks like some of the items aren't resolution-independent. Just wondering. ~sleedom
Most of our art is vector based, though we do touch things up with Photoshop sometimes. :)

HI, TNT! *throws old Editorials* So, first, I'm extremely excited about the new Premium changes! Great job! Now, on to my totally non premium-related question: WHEN can we submit our article(s) for the 550th NT issue? Thanks! ~return_of_weatherbee
We're glad to hear it. As for your question regarding the 550th issue, our NT queen states, "nowish is fine. :)"

On you mark, get set... WRITE!

You're going to have to speak up sonny, I can't hear well... so, is elderly zappable? ~perduco
Yes, it is possible to zap your Neopet into the elderly colour using the Secret Lab Ray. :)

Hi, TNT!!! Yay! You answered my question! *throws confetti* So, I had a friend of mine tell me that I can place an object over my F5 key to have continuous refreshing and maximize my chance of Random Events. This seems fishy to me. Can't you smell it? Can you please confirm that this is against the rules so that I can rub it in my friend's face? ~_ginganinja_
Placing objects on your F5 key to refresh for you is considered cheating. Please don't attempt to abuse the system, as it may get your account frozen.

1.) Can you tell people to stop saying "Neomail best offer" on the Trading Post? It seems unfair to those who can't Neomail. 2.) Isn't it a little unfair if you are, like, winner #251 on Lenny Conundrum and don't get the trophy? I ask because it takes a long time to do Lenny Conundrum. :P ~ bowsermario303
While we understand where you're coming from, putting that as one's Trading Post wishlist is fine. As far as Lenny Conundrum, the winners need to cut off at some point. While it's unfortunate for submitter #251, if we let them win, too, then submitter #252 would be in the same spot, and so forth. That's why we have a specific number as a cut off.

[Warning: this question is a tongue-twister] So, TNT, I'm feeling rather repetitive with this question, but since it has not yet been answered, I have to keep asking it since I don't know what the correct procedure is in relation to submitting questions to the Editorial: do we have to submit each week if we are not featured the previous week, or is it a continuous list? *unsure* I hope that made sense! ~not
If your question wasn't answered in the previous Editorial, we recommend submitting it the next week, as we usually only pull from the current week's questions. However, if you've submitted a question repeatedly each week and it still hasn't been answered, it's likely that there's something about the question that makes it not suitable for the Editorial, either due to us being unable to answer it, having answered it before, or it simply not being the type of question the Editorial answers.

Butterflies seem to be a popular theme for dressing up Neopets during the spring and summer. The ink frames seem pretty popular, too. Any chance we will see a Butterfly Ink Frame in the near future? Thanks. *offers you a lab cookie* ~jahschwa
Near future is doubtful, as we schedule out such content months in advance, but we have sent a request to the appropriate content staff. :)

End this page with the Cheat monster! RAWR!!! ~mastermepp
Hmmm... okay. Let's just set this action figure on the F5 key and-- AGHHH!!!


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