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I was so excited when I first saw the Autumn Trumpet... that was, until I saw how it was being held! You NEVER hold a trumpet like that! AH! The horror! You lose your mouthpiece that way! Please, for the next instrument you create, look up how it is held! Thanks for being awesome! ~toanukada
Our. Bad. :X We'll try to be more aware of such things in the future. Our humble apologies to all of you trumpeters out there.

I've seen a few people on the Neoboards that have basically started fresh with a new account. They still have their old main account, but their new account is their main now. Is this allowed? Also, can you play Deadly Dice on side accounts? Please remove my username from this question if you could! ~username removed
Yes, that's fine, as long as they aren't bouncing back and forth between the accounts as "mains." Some people like the challenge of building up an account, which we agree can be a lot of fun. :) As far as Deadly Dice goes, we've talked about it and decided that it's fine to play on any of your accounts, as there are no items or Neopoints involved in the game, only levels, which is similar to training on side accounts (which is also fine).

*throws spaghetti* So, I want to eventually enter my Gallery in the spotlight competition, but I currently have Neocash items mixed in with Neopoint items! The NC items all relate to my theme, but could you please, please tell me if this would disqualify me? Can I still win the spotlight, or should I remove them?!? (please remove my username) ~username removed
That's just fine. Gallery submissions are more than welcome to have any combination of NP or NC items in them. :)

Okay, I really would like to get this cleared up so that I know for the future... I found a VERY rare Draik-specific dress during a Random Event. This dress is worth about three to seven million Neopoints. Somebody offered to trade me their NC items for my NP item; is that allowed?!? Please respond so that I don't get in trouble for lack of knowledge. :) ~username removed
No, trades between NC and NP items are strictly not allowed, as that would grant players an easy way to "buy" wealth on Neopets, which we don't want happening.

I'm a giraffe! ~toe_bob
Good for you!

Yeeeeeah, we don't know either.

Is there a Petpet species that looks like a sphinx? There are so many that I feel overwhelmed looking through them all. @___@ ~raye1084
BAM. There you go. Yes, we know we're awesome. /bows

I just got a Ficus Tree as a prize for voting in the Neopies. It is showing up in my inventory as both a wearable and a Neohome item. I've never seen an item say that before. Is this right, or is the Ficus Tree glitched somehow? ~pozhar
Nope, not a glitch. It's just a very versatile tree!

I recently decided to test the fact that Flouds should not eat Carrots. I put both in my inventory and, after smashing my finger by repeatedly pressing F5, it happened... the Floud ate the Carrot! I was surprised when nothing happened! No Floud disappearing, or turning mutant of anything. The Floud had eaten a Carrot, and that was that. Was the warning just a gag? ~manny_beats
By Fyora... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!? *hits the Floud alarm and runs out of the office before it's too late*

Hello, TNT. I first want to say that I always enjoy when the Neopies come around. It's so much fun to vote on my favorite stuff of the year, in addition to seeing what the majority of Neopians like and dislike. I was wondering something, however. Each category has four options, yet there are some categories (such as the Best Neopoint Item category) that could have like a bajillion different options. You only put four of the new Neopoint items from this year, but I know there were many, many more new items. What I was wondering was: how do you pick four options out of the many other possibilities for each category? Why did you choose, let's say, the Cannibalistic Pumpkin, and not a different item? ~tenshi_73
Okay, we're back from our evacuation. Please don't do that again. Ahem, as to this question: our content team tends to have a very odd sense of humour, for one. It's very hard to narrow down the items, but they do so by going through all of the past year's news and picking out their favourite things (which also don't fall into another category), and then slowly narrowing it down until there's only four left. They also try to avoid duplicating types of items, so that there's not three books and a plushie to choose from, for example.

Hey, TNT! First off, thanks for mentioning Tor in that Neopies description of the Lupe Knight Outfit. Second, about that whole "don't suggest a paint brush color or something really specific and creative" thing: does this apply to suggestions for Neopedia articles? I mean, if they're really vague (like "please write a Tormund Neopedia article") is that okay, or is it still too specific? Please end this Editorial with a picture of Tor! ~kyndalbrooke
Suggesting that you'd like us to write a Neopedia article about Tormund is great! We love such ideas, because then we can offer players something that we know (well, at least one person) wants. What we wouldn't want, however, is something along the lines of "write a Neopedia about Tor going to the Lost Desert and finding a secret tomb..." because if (by happenstance) we write a Neopedia about Tor where he happens to find a tomb in the Lost Desert, then you might claim that we used your idea, regardless of whether we ever saw it. Players will then write in mean things to us and we'll be like "How were we supposed to know? T_T" and players will yell, "They're lying! It's a Neopets conspiiiiiiiiracy!" and all those other bizarre things that you see on the boards. So, yeah... that's why it's better to just be vague. The End.

P.S.: We're sorry, but the Editorial final image request has already gone to...

Dear Neopets Team,
I require this particular edition of The Neopian Times to be ended with a picture of a Lutari balancing on a ball. No other image will be acceptable. It must be this one. Oh, and I need to know whether or not there will be Lutaris released for adoption on Lutari Day this year. Pwease and thanks.

Me. ~artsygirl12

Well, we aim to please. As for the release of Lutaris on their special day, it's never guaranteed for any Neopet day. We'll just have to see if there's enough looking for homes when their day rolls around.

He was balancing just fine on it a moment ago, we swear.

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