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Hey, folks! *tosses asparagus* So, I recently took a break from Neopets (real life was just too hectic). I am now back, and have noticed the new Wishing Well avatar. Now, I have researched a bit, and have seen some of the crazy theories around, so I have a question... or two! Does anyone OTHER than TNT Staff have the avvie? My second question is: if you are the very first player to receive the avvie, are you awarded anything special, or at least alerted that you are numero uno? Thanks a million for everything you guys do and keep on rockin' in the free world. xD ~lilpunka_1098
Thus far, only staff testing accounts have the avatar, and no, you don't get anything special (aside from the prestige and your 15 minutes of Neo-fame). :) We're pretty sure you'll know if you're the first!

So, I understand that we are not allowed to give out help for the current Lenny Conundrum. Are we allowed, however, to make a page explaining previous questions? There isn't much explanation in the answers, and I'd love to see how some of them are done. ~krisdaniel
Yes, that's fine, as we used to do it ourselves. :)

How exactly does one eat a Titanic Giant Squid? ~infinity_factorial
Some kind of archaic wood chipper device? A small army of sushi chefs? Clearly this is something that warrants further ideas and discussion.

Hey, TNT. I was going through some old Editorials (both for information and sheer entertainment value; you guys are so clever), and I noticed people getting multiple questions answered in the same week. Usually people ask two or more questions in the same submission, and a few times, people have had multiple submissions get into The Neopian Times. So, my question is: which do you prefer? If someone has multiple questions, should they submit one entry with all of their questions, or multiple entries with one question each? (Two question marks, one question. I'm sneaky like that.) ~iamduffan
If the questions are clearly related, then please put them in one question. If they have entirely different subject matters, however, please submit them individually. There's no limit to how many times you can be featured in the Editorial during any given week.

What's your favorite Mario game, TNT? OR I CAN DIRECT THIS QUESTION TO ONE PERSON, BY THE NAME OF SNARKIE... (Leave out my username? :D) ~username removed
We forwarded this question on to snarkie, and her response was:

"Mario Teaches Typing! Okay, just kidding. (Though, I do love me some Mario Teaches Typing.) Does it have to be a true "Mario Bros." game? I'd probably have to go with Super Mario Kart if not, because my brother and I played that game for hours on end after school. If it's gotta be an official Mario Bros. game, then Super Mario Bros. 3. But I'm also keen on the original Super Mario Bros. (of course!), the Paper Mario series, and Super Mario 64 was swell, too.

However, I would be remiss if I didn't say that I always played Luigi whenever possible. He will always be my favourite. Sorry, Mario.

Thanks for that, uh... thorough answer, snarkie.

Dear TNT,
I have a question that may only concern the Dutch Neo users. Rumour has it that Neopets has stopped translating the Dutch Neopets site. Is this true? If so, what will happen to the Dutch guilds? If this isn't the case, then I'm happy and celebrating. Keep up with Neopets, I love the site. Buhbye. *throws codestones and plushies* ~jinxxx187

No need to worry. Dutch translation was out of commission for a while, but we're working on it and everything should be back to normal soon. :)

How's it goin', TNT? I was wondering: let's say you have an Aisha named Fred. For Aisha Day, you decide to take him to Cap'n Threelegs for the free training. Then, the day after, you take Fred to a certain lab and he changes into an Elephante. So then, for Elephante Day, you take him to get free training again. Then, the day after that, he changes into a Kacheek, so for Kacheek Day you take him and get more free training! Then, for the rest of the year, Fred keeps changing into the Neopet species that's about to have its Pet Day, and as a result gets lots of free training. Would this be against the rules, or is Fred just the luckiest (or unluckiest) Neopet in Neopia? ~dragonlord_7078
If Fred is just that lucky (or Fred's owner has a lot of Neopoints to blow on morphing potions), then we suppose there isn't anything technically wrong with it. It might make Viola growl a bit, but then again, most things do.

Since we can all assume that Illusen is a nature fanatic and a naturalist, I must ask: does she even bathe? She has never once asked for a bar of soap while I was doing her quests. You can imagine how filthy that glade must be. And after all, she is an EARTH faerie. ~kipsie
Actually, if you did her quests, you may have noticed that she has an entire line of all-natural beauty products, ranging from Cucumber Eye Cream to Rain Water Shampoo. She keeps that delightfully earthy fragrance while keeping herself quite clean and well groomed.

Why in Neopia did you feel the need to change the time zones?!? In Australian time, 6:00 pm used to be 12:00 am NST, but now 7:00 pm is 12:00 am NST!!! WHY?!? I have to wait an extra hour to do my dailies!!! PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!! Or at least respond... ~dragonwolf8
Neopian Standard Time is the same as Pacific Standard Time, which falls back an hour in autumn. :-/



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