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I'd never been warned before today, and the warning I received was for mentioning Facebook on the Neoboards. Although I didn't mention any personal information or offsite links, I still received this warning message: "While you can reference Facebook and talk about content that is posted on the Neopets Facebook page, you still cannot post your personal Facebook account information or any links to offsite content, whether it's Neopets related or not." Was this just an informative warning to let me know the ground rules of talking about Facebook, or will it count against me in any way? :x Thanks. *leaves plate of cookies because you guys are awesome* ~beccaandcolton
No, it will not count against you. It was just an informative message to help clarify our rules about mentioning Facebook on the site. Remember, "Official Message" in the subject line is just a note from the staff. "Official Warning" is the one that counts.

Hey, TNT! *throws Usuki* About the plot prizes from The Faeries' Ruin... how did you know about Jazan's Guyliner and Brynnso? ~scarlet0109
Because we read the boards and participate in the plot right along with you guys. :) Although, to be fair, we'd been calling them Brynnso since the early concepting stage (once we changed from Brynn's working name, which was LARA).

An odd question: *TOSSES TURMACS* in the Darkest Faerie TCG set, there is a Green Turmac. Why can't we paint our Turmacs green? I DEMAND GREEN TURMACS!!! ~fegeroo
*gets hit in face with Turmac* So there is. oO I guess we'll get to work on that. *rubs nose and pencils into schedule*

Yeah, so with the new map out now (sad about not getting a pirate Draik yet), I was wondering if you can get a piece from a Random Event, or is it just from the Anchor Management daily? Also, this question is allergic to images, so don't put it on the bottom with your space-taking pointless images! ~dcoolb
No, these map pieces are only available from Anchor Management. And don't worry, we won't put your question at the bottom, or tack on a pointless imag--


*tosses a Rock* I was doing the "Which Petpet Are You?" quiz and noticed that I only got Pink Slorg as a result. In fact, I've never even heard of anyone getting anything other than a Pink Slorg. So, is it just really common, or is Pink Slorg the only result you can get? ~planoshark
It'd be ridiculous and just plain silly if you could only get one outcome from that kind of quiz. If anyone wants to try it themselves, here's the link.

So, are you ever going to let us have out Petpets and Petpetpets roam with our Neopets in that 150 x 150 pixel square to the left of our sidebar? Petpets and P3s get so neglected, and I'm sure they would enjoy the lovely scenic backgrounds, too! ~vilosophy
It's something we discuss among ourselves from time to time, but if we did it, we'd have close to 3,000 different images for Petpets alone that we'd have to create new art for. It would be a considerably time-intensive undertaking. Also, there would be quite a few programming and functionality issues to overcome (as in, how can it be in your Closet and attached to your Neopet at the same time?). If we somehow have it automatically show up instead of being in the Closet to solve that issue, what if the player doesn't want the Petpet displayed? So, while we agree that it would be cool, perhaps you can see why it would take a lot of discussing and time to make such a thing possible. We're not saying we'd never do it... but it's not likely any time soon.

Dear TNT,
Did you know that the first time the term TNT was used in the Editorial was in the 208th issue? The question was about M*YNCI! ~baxterdogb

x_X Wow, now that's dedication. We salute you.


Hi, Tamed Napping Technologists! I have a question: if Snarkie lost her snarkiness, what would her name be? ~grape0lot

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was that you used the word cephalopod in last week's Editorial! I read the thing about fish in the sea and was all ready to write an angry letter about how squid are NOT fish, nor even closely related, and then saw "cephalopod." So, you made me laugh! Thanks! :) P.S.: How many questions have you gotten about the Wishing Well avatar since it was released? ~kidpower2004
We actually received several compliments on working the word cephalopod into an Editorial. Who knew there were so many out there that appreciate such things? With regard to your question, we have over 1,500 questions in our Editorial database, and those are only the ones with "wishing well" in the subject box. x_X We don't even want to try to fathom a guess as to how many more there might be with more ambiguous question titles. Really, you can stop asking. T_T

Can you still make Maraquan Jetsams? They're not listed at the Rainbow Pool. :|~jesikascott
There's never been a Maraquan Jetsam. Perhaps you're thinking of the mutant Jetsam or Maraquan Grarrl?

TNT, why is that ghost Bori in the parade? Couldn't you guys find someone more entertaining to fill his spot? As a Bori lover I am shocked that you hired the worst Bori in Neopia to be in that random parade. My rant is over. *tosses apology cookies* ~devonte127499
DO NOT ANGER Floating Ghost Bori. Floating Ghost Bori will haunt you if you upset him.

No, no, Floating Ghost Bori.
Everybody loves you! You fit in perfectly well with the parade.
Please don't harm us in our sleep with your wildly twitching tail.

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