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Hey, TNT. So, I came upon a User Lookup where the person stated that they had a certain medical condition that caused them to have good motor skills / hand-eye coordination and just generally made them good at games; they also said that they weren't cheating so please don't freeze them. Now, I know you guys have already said (multiple times) that you don't pay attention to User Lookup disclaimers, but I just have to ask: you don't take that kind of thing seriously, right? ~aldurswolf
We generally don't even look at the User Lookup when investigating an issue (unless the issue is related to the User Lookup). As we have said before, anyone can claim whatever their fingers can type on a User Lookup, so we go by facts, not claims.

Last week you had a question regarding double customs. However, the nature of the double custom described was incorrect. A double custom means Person A offers a custom to Person B for their Neopet. They trade, and then Person A does a second custom on that pet for Person C, and they trade. Surely this is allowed, right? It's simply a three-way trade with customs involved, which was always allowed before, not a 2:1 trade. Thanks for the clarification! *tosses a freshly-baked brownie* ~toadsdontexist
*eye twitch* Just reading that (and the other descriptions of "double customs" that were sent in) makes our collective heads hurt. x_X As long as you're trading Neopets 1:1, we suppose "double customs" are fine.

On June 28th, 2004, you released some new Acara Battledome items in the news. Two of them were never properly activated, after which one of them was fixed because of an Editorial question about it. The Blue Acara Slingshot, however, still has not been fixed and probably has the wrong rarity as it does not show up in the Battlepedia (meaning it does not have a restockable rarity). Could you please change it, so that it restocks?


On June 30th, you released four new instruments as toys to the Toy Shop. The Neopian Music Shop was later added and three out of four of these instruments were changed to instruments, but the fourth, the Trumpet, was never changed and remained a toy. Could you please change it over to an instrument after all? ~juney4

Both are now fixed. :) We also did some of the easy fixes for similar items we found listed on your Petpage.

Hello, TNT! *throws rabid Meepits* I was wondering: can Random Events take away items that are currently being auctioned? Thanks! ~worship_the_rat
No; items being traded or auctioned are immune from Random Events. They are, however, fair game the moment they lose that status. ;)

I'll be waiting! /cackle

Dear TNT,
I was just wondering if it was fine to put artist signatures on artwork, but in URL form. Like, say, a URL to the artist's deviantart? Is this fine, or would it be against the rules? Oh... here's a cookie, by the way. (:~ ~smileycrave

We appreciate the cookie, but alas, the answer is no. Please do not use a URL as your signature.

Hey TNT, quick question: if there's an Editorial submission that you guys think is a little embarrassing / scandalous / whatever, will you add in that "please remove my username" line on your own? Just curious, because I see it in a lot of posts that don't necessarily require it. Please leave IN my username. :] Thanks, guys. ~acacia_love_bari17
We're always surprised by the number of players that want their username removed. If you see that text, then they requested it. On rare occasions we'll decide to remove the username if we feel they might be maliciously targeted by other players due to their question, but in those cases we just typically remove their username.

Hey, TNT! First of all, thanks for bringing back the beloved coconut who tells us all good night. Second of all, I was looking through old Editorials and (to you Harry Potter fans, not to sound like Tom Riddle Jr.) I came across a term that I didn't fully understand. It was something about NeoCircles. What were NeoCircles? Thanks, TNT. Oh, and you guys at TNT have read Harry Potter, right? ~chestnuttiger787
NeoCircles were similar to site rings, which were popular back in those days of the Internet. Basically it was a way to link sites together with a small HTML table. For example, you could have the "Bookshop Alliance" NeoCircle and have members that all sold books. The NeoCircle would allow players to quickly visit the "ring" of shops. Player-run malls that you find these days function in a similar way.

And yes, many of us are Harry Potter fans and have read the books. :) We even recall some of our monitors being concerned about running into spoilers while on the job after Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released, and many of us spent our lunch breaks reading it as well. One monitor went as far as to pick up a copy at midnight and spent the whole night reading so they wouldn't have it spoiled the next day at work!

So, when the Plushie Skeith Handheld was released I was overjoyed, because I assumed from the name that the plushie would look like an actual plushie Skeith, which I think the name implies. If the plushie is meant to be that color, can it be renamed to make more sense, to something like the Handheld Skeith Plushie, or can the color be changed to more accurately reflect what plushie Skeiths look like? *hands over doughnuts because plushie Skeiths eat doughnuts* ~devin1211111
Sorry about the confusion; you're quite right. We've changed the name to properly reflect the item. :)

Hey there, TNT! Just a quick question here for ya: I noticed that this year's avatar for the Faerie Festival had a different title than last year's avatar, but they have the same animation and everything. Does that mean they count as two separate avatars, or just one? Please remove my username, thanks! ^^ ~username removed
The beginning animation is somewhat the same, but the avatar shows the building of the Negg Festival booth for this year's. Last year's showed Neggs forming. The border is different as well. Last year's had rounded corners, and this year's used the frame treatment around the avatar. As such, they count as separate avatars.

Hi, I was wondering about the lab maps. What do they do?!? What are Neopians talking about when they say "zapping my pet"? Please remove my name! ~username removed
After you collect all nine different Secret Laboratory Map pieces, you can turn them in here, under the laboratory area. After that, you are granted permanent access to the Secret Laboratory Ray, which you can use on one of your Neopets, once per day. The ray "zaps" your Neopet, and can change its stats, gender, colour, or species. Colours like robot, chocolate, jelly, 8-bit, and others come from the Lab Ray, as there are no paint brushes for those colours.

Hey, TNT! I've been wanting to paint my Gelert mutant for a while now, but I'm not really sure which background would match. Do you have an opinion to share? ~mjones29
Well, there's a new question! We've noticed the Bone Vault Background seems to be fairly popular to use with the mutant Gelert, though we personally think the subdued browns of the Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry Background looks best. If you'd like a bit more colour and contrast, though, the Creepy Cave Background looks nice as well, and gives the mutant Gelert a more menacing "I'm going to come out of this cave and bite your face" feeling.

Really, though, mutant Gelerts look pretty awesome no matter what.

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