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*gasp* No one threw anything at you guys last week. :O ~lightfpower
Shhhh! Don't jinx it!

I was recently silenced because I did something wrong. Being a premium user, however, I was NOT silenced from my webmail... is this a glitch, or does being silenced have nothing to do with that? Please remove my username. Thank you very much. ~username removed
That's intentional. You still have access to portal features when silenced.

Heyness, TNT! I was looking through my Safety Deposit Box recently and realized that some items I just put in there were not at the end of the list, and it is obviously not in alphabetical order. So, how is the SDB organized? Is it completely random? ~warriorsrock965
No, but we can understand how you might think so. :) The order in which the items are listed is the order the items were created on the site. That's why you see items with very old art in the beginning of your Safety Deposit Box.

On the team page for Shenkuu, you've got Antola Maeir listed as "male." In a previous Editorial, you claimed s/he was female! Now, to me s/he looks like s/he could be either one, but please, could we get a definite answer? ~_moonsfire_
Behold, the magical powers of the Strange Potion!

Hey, TNT. I've been seeing a lot of confusion regarding the Kadoatery recently. There have been a few people on the Avatar Chat board saying that they never got their avatar awarded after feeding their 75th Kad. Inevitably these people are swiftly attacked for being cheaters, the explanation always being that, "TNT can tell when someone is using a cheat engine to automatically feed Kads, and won't reward them the avatar. If you didn't get your avatar, you're a cheater!" If that were the case and you found someone cheating, wouldn't you guys just freeze their accounts? Other people say that you, TNT, don't hand out the avatar to people who feed while having more than 50 items in their Inventory. Are either of these two postulates correct, or are people just using these theories to attack each other for "cheating," when the truth is that a simple glitch keeps some users from getting their avatars? Please leave out my username. :) ~username removed
Those are rather elaborate theories! Neither is correct, though. It's a simple glitch that we're looking into. If you have fed more than 75 Kadoaties and haven't received the avatar after visiting your User Lookup, please contact Support so we can investigate!

Hi, TNT! I love the new Sword of Ari, Sword of Reif, Sword of Tawre, Sword of Thare, and Sword of Thigl, but where is the Sword of Kressand? ~kaioti
*glances meaningfully at the Sword of Skardsen that's been in the Hidden Tower for quite a few years now...*

Dear TNT,
I am very upset to be informed that there are no whisks in all of Neopia. What's up with that? How am I supposed to make my homemade omelettes? Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go all the way to Tyrannia to pick one up OFF THE FLOOR. ~wildmask123

We know a fork won't do as good of a job for beating eggs to make an omlette, but it is probably better than resorting to eating an omelette that's been sitting on a rocky basin crawling with prehistoric creatures.

It's better than nothing!

Hi!!! I love tormenting the seaslug in the Ruins of Maraqua! One day, as I was poking at him with a pointed stick, I realized that I have no idea why he's there. Does this antisocial seaslug have a purpose? ~defyinggravity4ever
Back before Maraqua was rebuilt, he was there to inform everyone to buzz off. These days, he still says the same thing, just with regard to a smaller area.

Hey, TNT! *throws Perfume Mallows* SO, this is a REALLY urgent question: could we use our side account on Neopets for a main account on other Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds sites? My main can't log into these other sites, so ANY help is greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance. You rock my rainbow socks, TNT! ^.^ ~lalily2010
Yes, feel free to choose any one of your accounts to use as a main on each site. That being said, if you would like to use your Neopets main on the other sites and it's not working, please submit a Support ticket on those sites! We'd be happy to look into why you can't log in and see if we can get that fixed for you.

I've now seen Neopets refer to a fair amount of nerdishly awesome things. I thought you might enjoy some validation that they are not going unnoticed. Stay classy, TNT. ~loopyloopa
/tries to high-five you and misses

TNT, I'm very concerned about the amount of time ONE game of Yooyuball takes. In years past the timer would continue to count down during the cutscenes. Also, we could choose to skip the cutscenes (allowing us more time to score). With this new version, we're not allowed to skip them AND the timer just stops. As a result, for every goal we make, the game time increases. A lot of us are spending ten minutes on a single game. This makes All-Star quite a bit harder to reach. Could you please fix the timer and cutscenes to work how they did in the past? ~emberfusion
Yup, we're already looking into the timing issue. It's supposed to be the same as it was last year, where the time continues to tick down during the cutscenes (or it just removes the full block of time if you skip). You shouldn't be penalised for scoring goals!

However, you should already be able to skip cutscenes. There's a bit of text that pops up at the bottom of every scene that says, "Press Any Key to Continue." If you're not seeing that at all, please submit a Support ticket and let us know which operating system, browser, and Flash version you're using, as well as what happens during the cutscenes. (Does it play the whole scene without that text? What happens if you press a key? Etc.) That will help us figure out what's up!

Also, heads up that we've added WASD controls in the next build for you lefties and are looking into a glitch with the auto switching that we've been hearing about. We hope to have all of these changes in before the tournament starts or shortly thereafter. *fingers crossed* We'll announce in New Features when the game has been updated on the live site.

I just got an ad in my email about the new Nickelodeon Game Card, and it said that I received the message because someone had, "used this email account to create a Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds account." Do they mean an account that was just created, because the only account that I'm using is over a year old. Has my email address been compromised? Is my account gonna get frozen, or was it just a strangely worded ad? I'm so confused. ~hidden_dessert
No worries, that's us. Our virtual worlds encompass Neopets, Petpet Park, and now Monkey Quest. These game cards can be used for any of these games, as well as some other related Nickelodeon sites. The email address it was sent to was used, at some point in the past, to create an account.

What was the Scary Cave in the Haunted Woods? ~redherochild
Oh, wow... that hasn't been there for a very long time. It was removed a couple of map updates ago. From what we recall, it was used to host scary stories during Halloween time.

I have filled out forms NP-12344A; NP-3434B, C, E, W; and three copies of NP-34783443C in black ink (with back-up copies in red ink, green ink, purple ink, silver ink, gold ink, orange ink, brown ink, yellow ink, white ink, invisible ink, and pencil, just in case Lawyerbot has trouble with black ink, as well). I've had them looked over by my friend, Lawyertron5000, and he says that if they aren't at least looked at and considered by Lawyerbot, well... let's just say that I doubt that Lawyerbot will be allowed to look over a complaint made about HIM, and I've already filled out the appropriate forms to do that, as well. *giggle* ~cany230
You DID remember to notarise the copies of NP-34783443C, right? Oh dear....

ERROR 1794: Documents not notarised. Please resubmit.

**Happy Thoughts**

Hey! I just wanted to tell y'all how amazing I think Neopets is! I have been playing for over six years and I literally cannot imagine my life without Neopets! I believe it would have been completely different and that's not even including how I came to learn to code because of Neopets. Thank you for all the work you guys have put into it, and I look forward to many more years of Neopets! :) ~ratkid120

Dear TNT,
This, obviously, isn't a question. I'd just like to say thank you for making the site and keeping it up and running! It's places like this that really got me to improve my English (i sp0ke lyk dis b4) and I'd like to think that it was my improved grammar and punctuation that got me through my English GCSEs. :) I got a B, by the way.

Yours Sincerely,
A Loving Fan. ~ximenes9419

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