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Bonjour, TNT! *throws Easter Neggs and a Kari plushie* It was just another day, and I was off to the Soup Kitchen on my side account to feed my Neopets for the day, when on the way over there I found a random plastic Negg! Sure, it's plain and doesn't count toward getting a prize, but I'm still worried, because plastic Neggs are scattered all over Neopia right now. What should happen if somebody accidentally finds one when on their side account? (I'll bet you're getting flooded by tons of people having the same question!) ~rissierose20
Don't worry about it. Don't go hunting for them on your side accounts, but if you stumble upon one by accident, it's nothing to be concerned about.

Short and simple: from which land does the Weewoo hail? ~amber13245678
Weewoos are native to Krawk Island. If you were to go there at dusk, you wouldn't believe how many you can hear. :)

*throws requisite cookies* You recently released the Spring Gift Basket in the news and people were getting them on the first day pretty regularly. Since then, however, I haven't heard of anyone getting one. None of them are for sale, and neither are the prizes that come from them. Could there have been a tiny glitch somewhere, which has been preventing us from getting these nice baskets? Please don't deprive us of Spring Snowbunnies and Spring Flowers Foregrounds forever. D: ~devin1211111
We noticed their absence as well, and have asked our programmers to look into it. :) Hopefully you'll be seeing them appear again soon.

Hello, TNT! *shoves a basket of easter Neggs* I have a question. If one person is lent an item, perhaps to get an avatar or a battle item (or both!), and a Random Event that makes the item disappear comes up, would the person who borrowed the item suffer the consequences of losing it (such as being frozen)? I believe my question is: are you guys able to track everything that happens to an item? Oh, and can you please remove my username? Thanks! ;) ~username removed
If it's actually a Random Event, well, that's Neolife. Of course, we'd say that 99% of such claims are just cover-ups for someone scamming the item. In this case, darn right we can track it (and whatever account the thief tries to hide it in). Please remember: if you scam, ALL of your accounts will be frozen. If someone claims that the item they were borrowing was stolen by the Pant Devil, please report the account (even if you believe them) so that we can look into it and confirm what happened to the item.

Hello! I'm in a very tightly-knit guild, but we're experiencing a dilemma... our guild leader has poofed, vanished, disappeared. And with her? The guild admin. Is there some way we can get others to receive administrative powers in the guild? Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
If a guild leader is frozen, after two weeks they are removed as guild leader. If they are simply taking a long leave of absence, however, then it's unlikely we can assist.

Since there seems to be so much confusion on the issue, I figured that it's best to clear it up. For the Negg Hunt Community Challenge, do you have to click the "Return to Kari" link in order for the plastic Neggs to be counted toward the community challenge? Please remove my username. ~username removed
No, as soon as you visit the page containing the plastic Negg you are given credit.

We don't want you straining that delicate index finger!

*hands TNT cupcakes* Hi! I just created a Cybunny and painted her biscuit, but when I went to customize her, she was partially gone. Her body and paws are invisible and her eyes look like she is sick. Is this a glitch that you are currently working to fix? I'm asking because I'd love for my Cybunny to look like the one you pictured in the news! Thanks! ~honeyapples
Hahaha, we saw some of the new Cybunnies painted that way and laughed because we supposed that the artist who was working on it got hungry! Never fear, though... we got out the stomach pump, so hopefully all parts should be accounted for soon.

The Wheel of Excitement says it's just 150 Neopoints a go. It says this when you first go to the wheel, but at the wheel itself it says that it's 500 NP. I take it this just slipped by you. Would you please fix it, though? It's confusing! ~rcklnc
Ahh, yes... when we updated the wheel we also upped the price. Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out for us. We'll get it fixed. :)

TNT, can we please, please, please do something about all of the dung in the Second-Hand Shoppe? It's now less of a shoppe and more of a bathroom. :( I'm sure that poor Ruki would thank you for improving his working environment. ;) ~alatariele
It used to be that dung was destroyed rather than donated, but once it became wearable we changed that again for some reason. We, uh... think there are enough wearable pieces of poo in Neopia now, and will therefore see about getting them sent back into oblivion.

If you're locked out of the Habitarium due to the gem lockout, can you start over and play the Habitarium on your side? Please leave my name out if this makes it through. ~username removed
No, since you earn Neopoints from the Habitarium. While we appreciate it that you enjoy the Habitarium, site rules must still be abided by as we continue working to fix the glitch.

Hi, TNT! *throws little square of cardboard with a faerie Usul on it* I want that back when I'm done talking to you, you know. Anyway, I recently found my old "Adventures in Neopia™" board game and realized that I don't have the instructions page anymore. I have the piece of cardboard that says "ADVENTURES IN NEOPIA™ / THE MINI ACTION GAMES," but I don't have the instructions for the actual game. I kind of want to play it again, so I was wondering: is there any place on the site with the instructions on it (preferably in a printer-friendly format)? I also suspect that I'm missing a couple of pieces, so it would be extra helpful if there were also a page that had the pictures and names of all the game pieces. That way, I could make / print out copies of anything that I may be missing. Thanks a lot! ~the_shadowusul
Yay! :D It's a fun game. Several of us still enjoy ours. As far as replacing the instructions, we don't think we have them on our site, but you can download them in pdf form from the "Instructions" section of the Hasbro website's Customer Service area.

Have you guys ever thought about having a button that lets you Neomail every person on your list at once? That would be so much easier if you had an announcement to make or a Neopet up for adoption that you'd like for everyone to know about. Please answer! D: ~alexachomburi
The potential abuse of this considerably outweighs the benefit it would bring to people using it as intended, so our answer is still no. :-/

Hi, TNT. Okay, this is something that has been bothering me since, like, the beginning of forever. Why can't kids under thirteen edit their Neopets' Petpages? They aren't talking to anyone, and no one can Neomail them saying that it's immature. I love Neopets, but I need someplace on the site to express my creativity. Thanks! ^_^ ~chocolatewildjoey
This is because players under 13 could post personal information there. We look forward to the day when you're of age to express your creativity and make your Neopet pages uniquely your own, but until then, we must make sure your account abides by COPPA regulations.

Hi, TNT! I was just wondering if it's against the rules to completely fill the Money Tree with junk from one user. I was at the Money Tree recently and it was all filled with branches, old cans, and shoes from Deep Sea Fishing. They were all from the same user. I was just curious whether this was within the rules, since it stops people from getting any useful items. Thank you for all your hard work! ~frog_fairy
Well, the Money Tree isn't quite the place to be if you want to get useful items, but we digress. It's perfectly fine. They were probably just cleaning out their Inventory or Safety Deposit Box using Quick Stock, and not maliciously trying to deny anyone a small bag of Neopoints or other Money Tree gifts.

Yes, yes... very informative, thank you. Hanso here again. You know, you guys could have mentioned that Nabile was planning to get even with me for sending her husband through the Qasalan sewer system. But noooo, no one bothered to tell the hero of Faerieland about her trap. I'll admit it was clever. Who'd have thought reaching for that pretty little necklace on the ground would send me falling into a pit of angry Werhonds? You wouldn't believe the sizable chunk of fur I'm missing from my-- aghh darn it, here come the guards again.

See you around!

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