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Hey, TNT! *throws dice* So, I was wondering: if you play Dice-A-Roo with a Blumaroo as your active Neopet, are your chances of winning higher? ~sidestar59
Nice theory, but nope. We're sure any Blumaroos would be happy with the attention, though. :)

I heard from a friend of a friend whose friend has a friend who was having a bad day that decided to test her luck at Ye Olde Fishing Vortex. To her surprise, her Level 6 fishing Neopet reeled in a Pirate Paint Brush. Did her bad luck turn to good, or was she just cheering herself up by telling a great story? Just in case it was only a good story, could you please remove my username? I don't want to miss out on any more great tales! ~username removed
It looks like Neopia decided that your friend needed a smile on her face. It's rare, but very possible to get paint brushes from Underwater Fishing. :)

Hi! My younger brother recently started playing Neopets and is trying to collect the Secret Laboratory Map pieces. I had found one on the floor and decided to give it to him. I knew he already had that piece, but figured he could trade it for another or sell it for Neopoints to buy one he needs. Well, I found out that he sold it for very cheap because he was too lazy to look up the price that it currently goes for. Truth be told, I got mad and unfriended him. Mean, I know, but... I added him again and today he gave me a Darigan Mazzew, which I didn't even know existed! Since I collect Mazzews, I went to see if there were any more I was missing. Upon visiting the Rainbow Pool, I was left wondering why the Faerie Mazzew isn't there? ~fuzzyh2o
Haha, we all did silly things like that when we were newbies, so don't be too hard on him. :) As far as the Faerie Mazzew goes, that was an exclusive prize for donating 200,000-499,999 NP to the Save the Wheels event. Since it's a special prize, you can't paint a Mazzew faerie at the Petpet Puddle, which is why it's not listed there.

Hello, TNT! :3 I was wondering if we were allowed to trade two of our Neopets for another user's single Neopet. If you publish my question (which is not likely, since you guys ignored two of my previous questions... :K) could you please remove my username? Thanks! ~username removed
No; Neopets may only be traded one for one.

Do you folks ever just get really smug about the fact that your website has its own memes? I feel so cool and elite when I say goodbye to my friends by saying "GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut" and they have no idea what I mean. ~loopyloopa
We'll admit that it does put a smile on our faces. :)

TNT, I have two questions. *hands moist towelettes to wipe off all the thrown food* First, when was the first time you guys had food virtually thrown at you? Second, will the Festival of Neggs avatar be reactivated for this year's festival? ~marinexiguana
That's funny; you're the second person this week to ask when the food throwing started. Honestly, we're not sure ourselves. D: As for the Festival of Neggs Y12 - Quester avatar, that particular one was exclusive to last year's festival.

Hello! I'll refrain from throwing sweets and flaming coconuts, since I'm sure you're up to your necks in presents and cavities. Anyway, a while ago, I thought it was a cute idea to make my baby Xweetok the "owner" of my Gallery, so today I looked for a striped Xweetok shopkeeper for my shop. To my dismay, there wasn't one! Is it likely that you guys will add more shopkeepers in the near future (especially a striped Xweetok)? Thank you if this gets picked! ;_; ~lyallaurion
We already have more shopkeepers scheduled for the upcoming months, but we'll add a striped Xweetok shopkeeper to our daily content idea list. :)

Toothfully, we've got some crazy dentist bills.

*throws 107 ton iron at TNT* Hi, TNT! This has been bugging me for a while: what is the difference between when you donate something and when you discard it? A second question: does Mr. Insane go insane because of coffee, chocolate, sugar, or something else? ~lilpri
When you donate an item, it goes to the Money Tree (or the Second Hand Shoppe if it's wearable) for other players to collect. Discarding an item means that it *poofs* into oblivion. Mr. Insane is insane due to what is behind the secret door in NeoQuest.

Hi, TNT! I was wondering: are users allowed to post questions on the boards that they want to get into the Editorial and encourage other users to send them, too (increasing the likelihood they'll get in)? I have lots of questions about what's against the rules, what isn't against the rules, or even simple things like why is this converted Neopet now unconverted. I get frustrated when these questions are not answered in the Editorial because I don't know how else I can get answers to them in a timely manner that other users can see. Please remove my username! ~username removed
We do see this from time to time (the same question being asked by multiple people), and we'll give you a straight answer: if it's the same copy and pasted question, it does not increase the likelihood of us answering it at all. If it's worded differently by each player (sometimes somebody will ask a question more clearly than another), then it can help. However, if it's simply a question that we are unable to answer, then repeated questions don't help at all. :-/ A huuuuge variety of questions are asked each week, and there's really only a small percentage of them that we can offer definitive (as possible) answers to.

Hey TNT, just a quick question here that's been bothering me for quite some time. *ahem* So, if I were to create a Neohome 2.0 right now, would my Neohome Classic be permanently deleted? I mean, I've had my classic for years, but now that I'm considering making a new one I still want to hold on to my old one (and perhaps keep both). Is that possible? Thanks! ~zervetex
No, your old Neohome will not be deleted if you create a 2.0 Neohome. Both will still function and be linked on your User Lookup. As always, things may change in the future, but for now you're welcome to enjoy both classic and 2.0 Neohomes concurrently.

*tosses Kadoatie* Hi. My cat just gained three pounds. Anyway, I was wondering: suppose I had an unconverted Neopet and I painted it. Would it become converted? ~symbol12
Yes. Unconverted Neopets can no longer be created. Therefore, if you paint an unconverted Neopet, it will become converted.

Where exactly is the Mystical Surroundings shop located? Like, in which world? Thank you, TNT, if you answer this. (: ~pinkikii
You can find Mystical Surroundings in the shopping district of Qasala. King Jazan would also like to assure the populace of Neopia that Qasala is now 99% zombie free and that he is working on some other ideas to help increase tourism to his city.

Hey, TNT! *kicks a soccer ball* I was just curious... whenever I refresh while I'm restocking, at the very bottom of the page it has something like this: "Heads up! You're about to leave Neopia! You've clicked on a link the will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website, so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be different! Are you sure you'd like to continue? It is a journey I must face... alone. *dramatic music* I want to stay on Neopets, where the dangers of Meepit invasion are taken seriously." Why is that? Feel free to shorten this! It is very annoying, though. :/ ~seanman1224
We've been noticing this as well, and have alerted the programmers. Hopefully we can get it fixed soon. :)

I've read a couple of the Editorials, and I have to say, you guys are so funny! XD Also, I have a question for you: I know some players think you have a personal vendetta against them simply because they don't stumble upon Draik eggs every other minute, or win every jackpot, but even so... do you guys like us? The players? ~pirate_cove
Though sometimes you guys do push the boundaries of our sanity (like asking why we wrote a Neopedia entry instead of fixing a site bug*), nothing makes us happier than making you guys happy. :) We love it when you're enjoying the site we've made for you, are happy about the prizes we came up with, or love the characters we've created for a plot. We scour the site for your feedback daily, so even if you don't always see the changes that you want made, or think we're not there... trust us, we're listening, and you're important to us. :)

*You really don't want to see what happens when our writing staff attempt to code the website. It isn't pretty.

I loved it when Jazan closed the Editorial last week! Hanso is so sly with that picture swap. XD Maybe Hanso should be the new Editorial closer? Oh, and please don't show my username. I don't want all the coconut lovers to tell me I should be ashamed of my non-love for mr.coconut. D: ~username removed
Ask, and you shall receive! *sweeping bow* This is Hanso here. I gave Jazan the slip and made a false trail for him to follow. He's probably knee-deep in the Qasalan sewers and cursing my name at the moment, so I have time to close the Editorial today. *looks up* You've all asked some excellent questions, but I see no one has demanded that Queen Fyora give me the key to the city... *cough*andtheHiddenTower*cough* for my extraordinary efforts in saving the faeries. You should all demand that next week.

Uh-oh. I think I see some guards coming around the corner. I'd better get going. Goodnight Mr.... Walnut? Hazelnut? Oh, whatever.

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