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*tosses cake* I have heard that there is something in Neopia (even though it costs a fortune) that makes your Neopet's gender change! It's called the Strange Potion. I was wondering, if you had a royalboy or royalgirl Neopet, what would happen if you changed the royal Neopet's gender? If it is a royalgirl and is changed to a boy, would it change to a royalboy? Sorry if this question has already been asked! ~kittinz008
It would only change the gender of your Neopet; it won't repaint your Neopet into the colour associated with the gender. For example, you'd have a Neopet that looks like a royalboy but is actually female.

People on the Daily Dare Neoboard have been debating the new rules for Daily Dare trophies, so could you pretty please clarify? Some say that the rules and FAQs make it clear that you will get a gold trophy by beating AAA in every challenge, regardless of whether you do it on release day. Others say that, since the top trophy in past years was based upon beating him on release day, this is actually still the case. So, could you please put a stop to the debate? Which is it? ~butterfly_girl_22
The gold trophy will be awarded to players defeating AAA at all the challenges, regardless of the day on which it is done. This year, instead of having multiple trophies for such things as beating the challenges on their release days, there are bonus prizes each day for completing the challenge on the day it's released.

*hands you some Neggs* When I was looking at my page, I noticed that one of my Neopets had been replaced with a cogwheel. Is there a way to fix this? ~njrafaelnj
We recommend either booking your Neopet for a stay in the Neolodge or customising them to get rid of the cogwheel. :) If that doesn't work, please send in a bug report so we can fix it.

Hey, guys. I logged onto Facebook and found that someone had sent a request accusing me of purchasing Neopoints from a site that I have never been to! Not only that, but they said I could get the points for half the price. I wrote in with some feedback so that you guys might be able to find and ice the responsible party (as you should), but figured you guys might like a chance to remind everyone that purchasing Neopoints for cash is against the rules for clarification. Please? Thank you! (I value my account too much to do this, so therefore I don't mind if you show my username!) ~silentnite_alchemist
Please be cautious when enjoying other sites, as there are always plenty of people out there who prefer to prey on others to make a quick buck. Purchasing Neopoints or other services and visiting websites that offer other such illegal things puts your account and computer security at risk, in addition to us additionally freezing your account for cheating.

Konnichiwa, TNT! *throws green tea at you* So, yesterday when I read my Neopet a book, he asked me how many there were in Neopia. Well, I couldn't really answer that, could I? Therefore, I would like to know: how many books are there in Neopia? Please answer quickly so that I can read them all to my poor Neopet. :) Please leave my username out. ~username removed
Right now we have 2,740 items listed as books in our database. We can't guarantee that they're all available, but at least that can give you a rough idea. :)

We hope you have a really comfortable reading nook!

So, I read my Neopet a book, and for some reason it didn't disappear. Would it now be against the rules for me to sell it? ~silverslider61
Nope! Go ahead. One of our Veteran User Perks is that there's a small chance that a book won't be consumed upon reading it to your Neopet, so enjoy!

Hey, TNT! If you navigate to Hungry Skeith from the Games Room (not by a link), you're redirected to an older version of the Hungry Skeith game page, without all of the right links / features. Could this possibly be updated? Thanks! Please remove my username. ~username removed
Ack, thanks for bringing that to our attention. It's been fixed, and is all spiffy and up to date now. :)

Hello, person and / or people who write the Editorial each week. I thought I might point out that the new item Shiny Silver Neopets Shield is zoned wrong in the customisation module. It's currently zoned as a right-hand item, but it's actually a left-hand item. This causes my Neopet to be unable to hold something in both hands (like a sword), and it seems pretty pointless to have a shield with no weapon, don't you think? I just thought I should let you know. :) ~radomatt
We got an onslaught of pokes to the Editorial about the issue, and our artists are already working to correct it. Hopefully, by the time you read this, the shield will be correctly zoned. :)

Hi, TNT! *throws extra Green Tea Custard* I have a question about that nifty Lunar Cape pictured as a prize from the Lunar Temple. I haven't seen any Neopets actually wearing the cape, and though I've gone to the temple every day for a little while now, all I ever get is Green Tea Custard or moon combs. I can't even find people selling the cape in shops. Is this a super rare prize, and if so, is there some special way of obtaining it? ~ladybarzahd
It is quite a rare prize from the Lunar Temple, so just keep at it. Right now it's too expensive to be found in shops, but you can find it on the Trading Post.

*throws frustration* Hi, TNT! I was wondering: why do you have to save art pictures as lowercase gif or jpg? (If you don't, something's not working for me. D:) The program I use doesn't save as lowercase, so I can't send my "beautiful" pieces of art in! Please help. D: ~pauluna4
The Internet hates file names with caps (or, at least, our submission page does). Even when you save and are prompted with a filename, you should be able to change it to .jpg or .gif just by typing it. If not, you can also change the file name after you have exited the program.

*comes from the shadows, throwing off a cloak* Having made that segue, with the release of The Three Collector's Cloak it reminded me of three (get it?) questions about The Three. First, we know that The Three go by the names Revenge, Greed, and Ambition. What we don't know, however, is which name belongs to which member. I always though Revenge was the Gelert because he has a sword, and that Ambition was the faerie because of her beauty, leaving Greed for the Skeith. Second, what element is the faerie? She’s colored like a dark faerie, but her wings look like a light faerie's? Third and final: now that the Transparent Paint Brush exists, would you say that the Skeith member is painted transparent? Thank you for answering; you can keep the cloak if you like. :) ~pikachu315111
Those who typically have any dealings with The Three often go insane, so there's not much information on them at the moment. They've been around for a very long time, and we doubt Neopia has seen the last of them. Perhaps one day those very questions will be answered. We can assure you, though, that their appearance is not due to a simple paintjob. ;)

Hey, TNT. *throws magical Meepit at you guys* Being an "older aged" Neopian, I was wondering: SINCE my Facebook account is connected to Neopets, will how I behave on Facebook affect my account on Neopets? I'm asking because some crazy stuff gets written on my wall every now and then and I don't want to get frozen because of it. ~yoomtah
Haha, nah. What's posted on your Facebook page is your business. It's not our site. Only if you're participating in something illegal like buying or selling Neopoints / items / Neopets via Facebook would we get out the ice ray.

Hi, TNT. *tosses a Meowclops* I recently noticed a change with the submissions in the Art Gallery and was wondering if the criteria for being eligible have changed so that only pictures with full backgrounds are being accepted? (please remove my username!) ~username removed
Nope! No changes have been made. It may have just been a coincidence. We'll keep that it mind, though, and try to be more mindful of finding a wide range of images.


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