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Hey TNT, can you please clear up a mystery that has been bugging us on the NC Mall board? Those of us that bought the Grams received the Sweetheart Gram Dressing Room, as well as a message from The Neopets Team. The message seems legit and all, but what's with you all Neomailing us from a different account than TheNeopetsTeam, and without the TNT avatar? Did you all develop another identity? ~laica2003
Nope! This was just a mistake on our part. :) We don't use the Neomail application to send Neomails since we have magical access directly to the database. As a result, when the script was written to send the Neomails out, the username was accidentally set to "The Neopets Team" (which isn't a username and, therefore, doesn't have an avatar) instead of "theneopetsteam." Whoops!

It's since been fixed, though. If you still have the Neomail in your Inbox, it will be from "theneopetsteam."

*places plate of Asparagus Flavored Cookies on table* So... is the Crafting Faerie going to be just like any other faerie after the event is over? Will she just randomly appear and give us a quest, or is she going to be like the Snow Faerie? (Leave my name out!) ~username removed
Yes, she'll be like the other Random Event faeries, so you'll never be sure when or where she'll pop up and ask for your assistance.

Hi, TNT. :) My question is about the Faerie Quest event. Now that the event is over and we will return to regular Faerie Quests, this means the reward for completing a quest will not be applied to our active Neopet and we cannot choose which Neopet receives the reward from the Faerie Quest, right? Could you please think about that? It's so hard and expensive to train a Neopet; it would be an enormous help to all who are training only one Neopet, yet have more than one. Thank you, and please remove my username! :) ~username removed
All Faerie Quest stat rewards are applied to the active Neopet. That's a permanent change. It won't go back to the old way once the event ends.

Aloha, TNT! *throws island Koi plushie at TNT* I have a question about the Faerie Quest event that's currently going on. Toward the beginning of the event, I got and completed my very first Fountain Faerie Quest and painted my Koi island (hence the plushie I threw at you). My question is this: are all the users who participate in the quest event destined to get one of Naia's quests, or did I suddenly have an extremely rare burst of miraculously good luck? ~sqwertybug93
The same method of determining the quest that you get when you receive a Faerie Quest Random Event was used during the event. In other words, it was completely random. So, yeah, you had a stroke of good luck. :) Congrats!

Heeeey! This is just a Yellow Koi Plushie! Apparently we need to schedule an Island Koi Plushie so that it exists for Neopians to throw at us, then go back in time so we can be hit in the face with it.

Facebook is an off-site webpage. We aren't allowed to tell someone to go off-site, yet you mention Facebook (or FB) all the time now. Will FB be an exception to the rule now or not? ~leftykate
Asking people to search for something on Facebook or add you as a friend is off limits. It falls under linking off-site and is not allowed. Discussing Facebook in general, however, is fine.


  • "Haha, did everyone see TNT's latest post on Facebook? It cracked me up." (Or, alternately, "It angered me. WHY AREN'T THEY WORKING ON THE NEXT PLOT INSTEAD OF POSTING THIS!?!?")
  • "I woke up, checked Facebook, then logged into the headstart to level my chloromancer."
Not okay:
  • "Heeeeey I need more FB friends! Add me! My name is Fancia Pantinas."
  • "Search for RANDOM-FACEBOOK-GAME-THINGY-MABOB on Facebook. It's awesome."
We also want to remind you that, just like any other site on the Interwebs, it's best to be informed about how Facebook works to keep yourself safe. Our reach extends no further than our own Facebook page, and we obviously can't tell you what to do with your own account! So, indulge us while we suggest making your Facebook profile friends-only and that you refrain from sharing your Neopets username with strangers. *nod*

Hi, TNT. *gives TNT some cookies since throwing them might hurt* I read in the news that you're going to add a new feature relating to Facebook, but you said that users under 13 won't see any Facebook functionality. Will we still be able to like things, though, since that won't direct us to Facebook, or will we literally not see anything that has to do with Facebook? Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
If you're under 13 you won't see anything that has to do with Facebook at all. COPPA, which is a federal law in the United States, applies here. You can't have a Facebook account, and we can't link you to Facebook.

Holy Kau, TNT! That story about the Deserted Fairground is so violent and horrific! I did NOT expect it to be that scary... (please remove my username). ~username removed
Sorry, but we did warn you! :X There's a darn good reason that place is deserted.

Hi, TNT! Hypothetical situation here involving two good imaginary friends of mine, Sally and Bob. Sally gets a Fountain Faerie Quest. She already has all of her dream Neopets, however, so she has no need for it. Bob has never received a FFQ before and Sally wants to donate her FFQ to Bob as a gift. Would it be allowed for Bob to send his Neopet to Sally's account, where Sally would use her FFQ on Bob's Neopet and then transfer it back to Bob? I'm getting confused about this because it isn't allowed with the Lab Ray, so I can't work out if it would be allowed with a FFQ. Please let me know! ~zemzii
While giving away your hard-earned lab zap or FFQ pass is a nice gesture, we don't allow this because Bob should be earning his own Lab Map. Bob should complete his own FFQ (if he were lucky enough to receive one) in order to get a pass to the fountain. First and foremost, Neopets is a game. Bob should be using his own progress in the game to achieve goals and reap the benefits, not someone else's.

So, now that the Facebook frenzy is making its way to Neopia, I have a question about group links. The guild I'm in also has a Facebook page that's just for our guild members. Could we post a link on our Neopets guild page of our Facebook Neopets guild page? ~animavisionary
As stated in an earlier question, this would be linking off-site and is not allowed.

This has been bugging me for some time. The coins / scarabs from the Coin Shop say Kiko Lake Coin in their description and item type. Why is this? Was the shop originally supposed to be in Kiko Lake, or is this the doing of some deranged Meepit? Could you please put this to rest once and for all? ~waterdragon386
Yes, the shop was originally planned to be in Kiko Lake, but that was changed at the last minute. We'll see if we can change the type name, maybe to something like "Coins and Collectables" so it's more clear. (We'll try to change the seashells one, too, while we're at it. :P)

Dear TNT,
*throws some REALLY old kinds of food at you* I've heard some commotion on the Pound Chat (PC) with regard to the question of a mass conversion of Neopets. They say that, since you allowed Facebook (which you said wouldn't be allowed), you might allow a mass conversion of Neopets, which would disappoint all of the Neopians who have unconverted Neopets! Not being an owner of a UC myself, it doesn't concern me, but still... I worry for those that do. Please tell us you won't convert them! Thanks for reading, and please remove my username! ~username removed

Long ago we also thought we'd never have ads on the site, but now we do. Neopets has been around for over a decade (a long time for any game!), and we survive by having wonderful, loyal players, and by trying to keep up with the times. Over the course of the site's life many things have changed, and so we've changed our minds, too. We've learned to never say "never" because, down the road, you don't know what will happen and you don't know what circumstances will arise that necessitate a change. All we can do is tell you our thoughts on the matter now; with regard to UC Neopets, we still don't have any current intention of converting them.

In the news, you mentioned that Dr. Sloth was auctioning off old stamps. Where can we find these auctions? I have been seeking the last stamp for my Lost Desert page for ages and I want to see if he's selling it. ~philodox
The auctions are done through the dr_sloth account, but this month's auction has already come and gone, removing a terrific amount of Neopoints from the economy in the process and funding the reeducation of many Grundos! (Congrats again to the winner!) The good news for those who couldn't quite afford the stamp's auction is that the sudden flurry of players selling off items in an attempt to get the pure Neopoints to bid actually caused quite a few other things to become slightly more affordable!

Hooray for economics!

Hey, TNT! I have one small question: on a recent quest to find the perfect Petpet for my adorable chocolate Kougra, I sauntered past the Petpet Puddle, only to find that there were no chocolate Petpets listed! Of course the Chocolate Petpet Paint Brush doesn't exist, but those chocolate Petpets certainly do! Is there a reason they aren't listed? Have they all been eaten? ~shonnie666
Chocolate, as well as ice, jelly, strawberry, and gold (with some exceptions) are all Lab Ray-only colours. Therefore, they do not show up at the Petpet Puddle. Despite the rather misleading name of "All Petpet Colours," the Petpet Puddle is there to show you what colours your Petpet can be painted, not what colours exist for that Petpet, which is why you won't find Petpets such as the Yooyu there.

Mmm... chocolate.

Warm fuzzy letter of the week:

This isn't really a question, but I just want you all to know how much you've been a part of my childhood. *throws memories* From the original sidebar, the circles in Neopets backgrounds, everything... :') you don't understand how dreary my childhood would have been without you; thank you so much. :) I sure miss a lot about the old Neopets, but TNT has done an incredible job, and you should all be proud to be a part of it! I know I'm such a geek, but you've really shaped me as a person - even if you don't post this, thank you, Neopets! ~lolsaint
Excuse us, our faces seem to be leaking. *goes to find tissue*

We also realised that we made an "oops" in the last Editorial. For the purposes of the Beauty Contest, your Neopet does not have to be the colour it's represented as in the image. Sorry for the confusion! We threw the person responsible for the error into the Meepit-pit. It shouldn't happen again.

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