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You said textarea is working again but it's not, unless you intentionally use textarea rather than text_area (like it has been for years). Using textarea makes page content appear on the edit page next time because the box is a textarea, so many will lose code having not made a copy in txt / odt / doc. ~scifi_crazy
According to our programmers, "There was a bug causing the textarea tags to get stripped from the edit field, but it's been fixed on both User Lookups and Neopet homepages now."

Hey, TNT! I was refreshing the news page every so often all night on Monday, waiting for the news to appear so that I could find out what was going on with this faerie quests thing. The problem is, I'm from the United Kingdom and eventually the time was 11:30 and the news STILL hadn't gone up, so I went to bed. I logged in on Tuesday - the next day, according to Neopian Standard Time - to find out what was going on with faerie quests. A lot of my American friends had completed one quest while I was in bed, and were completing another one on Tuesday, too. Does this mean that I missed out on the first day of quests? Will I still get the prize at the end? It's not my fault that I went to bed - that was later than I usually go to sleep, too! Think of all the people in Europe who might have missed out on Monday! D: Thanks! ~garinawk
No worries. Since the first day was only a partial day, it doesn't count against you as far as the final prize. Just continue to visit every day and you should get your reward. :)

Hello there, TNT! Thanks for giving us a chance to get a Fountain Faerie Quest during the current event; it was very thoughtful of you guys. :) *showers you all with plushies* Now, on to my question... say we received one of these miraculous FFQs, would the option to complete it remain after the event was over if we couldn't fulfill it before then? Also, if we did complete the quest during the event, would the Rainbow Fountain be open for as long as we needed to decide on a colour? ~jewelyanna
You can hold on to the quest for as long as you like, but keep in mind that you cannot accept any other faerie quest while one is still incomplete. You can, however, turn the item in to Naia (the Fountain Faerie) and complete the quest, but then paint your Neopet at her pool at a later date.

Dear TNT,
Are we allowed to do faerie quests on our side accounts? It seems that the rewards are mainly stat boosts, and since it's a non-transferable item, is that alright? Some of us have Battledome Neopets sitting on side accounts that are harder to train because we don't have enough space on our main accounts. :( Thanks! ^-^ ~vsmartdonkey

Right now the faerie quests are giving away Neopoint items for visiting the page, so we request that you refrain from visiting them on side accounts for the time being. Once the event is over and the faerie quests go back to being truly Random Events, you're once again welcome to complete them on side accounts if you happen to get one.

Hey, TNT! Hypothetically, if I were to get a Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ) and complete it, then get another FFQ and complete it, would the number of times I get to use the Rainbow Fountain be cumulative, or would I only get to use it once? ~nodesofranvier
No, you won’t be able to complete the second Fountain Faerie Quest until you use up the reward from the first one.

The Crafting Faerie is permanent, right? Even after the 24th, she'll still be around to give out quests (randomly across the site)... right? :P I just want to clarify whether the items she's giving out are retiring or not. Thanks! ~st4bbedrozes
Delina the Crafting Faerie will be sticking around Neopia, but over time she will eventually change her requests and rewards.

No need to rush, but you don't have all the time in the world, either.

I've heard a rumor that The Neopets Team might be working on a Valentine Paint Brush. Is this fact or fiction? Oh yeah... *throws things in your general direction* enjoy! ;) ~baby_panda26
Sorry, that's just a rumour. D:

I'm a bit confused; could I please get some clarity? In the FAQ for the faerie quest event, it says that we are not allowed to participate on our side accounts. It then says, however, that we can participate in the Neocash faerie quests on our sides if we get one there. Of course, we can't know if we're going to get a Crafting Faerie Quest before we participate, which you have said is not okay! ~_undead_whisper_
For the duration of the event, you may only participate on your main account. After that, though, you are free to complete any faerie quest (crafting or normal) on your sides.

Hello, TNT! ^_^ I've heard rumors about being able to lose avatars while apple bobbing. I wasn't sure if people were joking or not, so could you please clear this up? Please remove my username. Thanks. n_n ~username removed
Never fear! Apple bobbing only gives an avatar; it doesn't take any away. :)

*tosses unconverted Uni plushie* My Neopets miss having their circles behind them from before they were converted. Maybe if you made a background that looked like the old circle they would feel better? ~katrab285
There's already one, actually. It's sold at the NC Mall, in a secret section that only players with older accounts can access.

First of all, I'd just like to say thank you so much for the site and all the events you put out on it. I love it all so much. Now, then, on to the question. Mutant Acaras have been out for a few weeks now (AMAZING art, give that artist a pat on the back!), but on the Quick Ref page their icons are still clockwork gears, even after I customised and saved. On top of that, mutant Acaras STILL can't wear the Elegant Mutant Cape from the NC Mall, which is cruel to their sheer awesomeness. (Capes just make everything more awesome, don't you agree?) Anyway, I was basically wondering if you had any plans to make the cape wearable for mutant Acaras soon, and if you could fix that little gear problem they seem to be having? Thanks, TNT! (Lastly... come back, mr.coconut! D: ) ~siennacat13
We'll ask the artists to figure out the gear issue. As for the cape: whoops! We guess we forgot to have one drawn for mutant Acaras since they were unleashed after the cape. We'll try to get that rectified within the next couple of weeks. (And yes, we agree that capes make everything more awesome.)

On my first day visiting the faeries I was given one of the quests to retrieve NC Mall items. However, I can't get Neocash so I had to turn the poor faerie down. This made both me and her very sad, and she told me that I would not be eligible for Fyora's prize at the end no matter how many more faeries I helped. Was she just being spiteful since I turned her down, or was she telling the truth? I hope she wasn't telling the truth, since I can't afford Neocash no matter how much I'd like to help the faeries. :( ~hitsukineko
My goodness, you must have just caught her in a bad mood. You only need to visit each day in order to be eligible for the final prize. You do not have to complete the faerie quests, so no worries.

Hey TNT, I was hoping you could settle something for me. I was asking around if it would be okay for me to give some of my Neopets to my sister for a bit and then expect them back later. Someone told me this was petsitting, and therefore, against the rules. I have always been under the impression that petsitting was giving someone your password so they could log onto your account and take care of your Neopets while you are away... which, I know, is a big no-no. What about transferring my Neopets to my sister for a while, though? Is that okay? Thanks for clearing this up! (Please remove my username. ;) ) ~username removed
The concept of Neopetsitting that entails allowing someone to have access to your account (always a dangerous no-no!) is, indeed, against the rules. Transferring your Neopets to be under someone else's care for a while is just fine, as long as it's made clear to them that it's a temporary arrangement. Also take note that, if you use the Pound to transfer your Neopets to another account, then they're fair game while in the Pound, so be careful!

On behalf of all the good people of Neopia, I demand the return of mr.coconut. Whoever complained about dear, dear little mr.coconut should be fed to the Esophagor. Reading the Editorial is no longer amusing without our faithful "GOOD NIGHT!" That is all. ~tooorie
Aww, mr.coconut received many touching letters this week pleading for his return. Hopefully it will be enough to encourage him to come back!

Besides, auditions for a new mr.coconut aren't going so well...

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