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Dear TNT,
One question about the plot: in the Epilogue it said that King Altador went on a quest to find the statue of the Darkest Faerie that had been lost when Faerieland fell. How could it have been lost when it was all the way down in Maraqua? Could it be that, when the artefact turned them all to stone, it had the opposite effect on the Darkest Faerie and freed her? Maybe, at this very moment, she is wandering around Neopia's upper clouds, waiting for the moment to strike... *gives you a Stone Pie* those are quite delicious, you know! ~a_triss_triss_a65_a

Oh, good question! If you had played the Playstation 2 game, The Darkest Faerie, then we imagine it would make more sense. *spoilers below*

In the game, the Darkest Faerie was freed from her underwater prison, but was eventually recaptured, turned to stone, and placed in the Faerieland gardens, which is where she was located until Faerieland's recent collision with the ground.

Hello, TNT. *hands out cookies* So anyway, first things first: THANK YOU for finally releasing the prize shop for the Faeries' Ruin plot. Second, I noticed in the news that today's theme is Maractite Day. Does this mean that you will only release new Neopets in Maractite on this date? ~luckyace3456789
No, it was just a randomly themed day, not a reoccurring annual holiday. You can look forward to seeing more Neopets available in Maractite during the upcoming months, as well. :)

Hello, TNT! First of all, thanks for releasing the mutant Acara, as this is my favourite species. I always wondered how it would be, and although I really like it (good job Mr. Sloth :D), I was a bit shocked to see that it doesn't look like Vira at all. Isn't Vira a mutant Acara, though? Well, now I can tell that she isn't, but then... what is she, and why does she have wings if Acaras don't have wings? The only theory that comes to my mind is that she was a faerie Acara with some sort of curse on her. Let's clear things up with regard to this underestimated villain, because I'm sure the only thing that Neopians know about Vira is that she gives out an avatar if you visit her Neopedia entry with a mirror in hand. :) ~tracy_skyfire
Vira isn't a mutant Acara - nor are we sure what colour she once was. She was cursed (likely by a dark faerie, hence the wings), giving her a unique look that no other Acara has (or would want!).

Yo, TNT! The Faeries' Ruin plot was amazing and I loved it. I'm just curious whether, with my grand amount of points, I hold on to those points and wait to spend them at a later date? Basically I would like to know if the prize shop for this plot will be open forever. =) Thanks! ~music_rokes_123
Much like the Lost Desert Prize shop, the Faeries' Ruin prize shop will be open indefinitely.

Would it be against the rules to get around the profanity filters on the Neoboards if we were using the word in a legitimate way? Like, say, if I were to find a way to get around the filter for the word "naked," but I was only using it as part of the phrase "naked mole rat." Would it be a reportable offense? Thanks for answering; this has been bothering me for a while now. ~cany230
No offence to the naked mole rats of the world, but if a word is in our filter, then it's not to be used, even if your conversation is legitimately in regard to the mole rats of the world (for example). Attempting to get around our filters may result in a warning / silencing for your account, even if you felt that what you were trying to communicate was not offensive.

I have an interesting question for you, TNT. What if I were (hypothetically) a college graduate that still loves Neopets, and was interested in being an artist / creative developer for How would I (hypothetically, of course) go about legitimately inquiring for a creative job with you guys? Please remove my name! ~username removed
If you'd like to join the team, take a look at our employment page and see if any position suits your interests. :)

Now hiring people with delicious faces!

Hi! *hands you a pile of cookies* As I was browsing the Trading Post trying to snatch up one of the Faerie Paint Brushes I noticed that, when I offered more than 800,000 Neopoints on an item, I received an error saying that I cannot bid more than 800k. I feel the need to point out that I had 1.4 million NP on hand. Is this a glitch, or has it always been like this? Thanks. =) ~a_meepit_of_doom22
The most NP you can offer on a Trading Post lot is 800,000 NP, and it's been that way for a very long time. :) The cap used to be 600,000 NP but that was many years ago.

Hello, TNT! *throws plot points* I was so happy to get a Faerie Paint Brush from the prize shop to paint my Xweetok! When I painted her, though, her antennae were missing! Ouch! Could you please fix this? ~msfeli
Oh dear, that's no good! We've asked the Art Department to check in on that so that faerie Xweetoks will properly have antennae.

Why doesn't Fyora sell Faerie Paint Brushes? Does she not want Neopets to be painted that color? ~catcat5969
They actually used to be sold in the Hidden Tower years ago, but Fyora eventually stopped stocking them. Luckily, we found a hidden cache of Faerie Paint Brushes when Faerieland crashed and put them all in the Faeries' Ruin prize shop for everyone!

In the Epilogue of The Faeries' Ruin - page 1, panel 4 - shouldn't Nabile be Jazan's FIRST favorite Ixi thief? He knew her first and she's (supposed to be) first in his heart, right? ~xxdemexx
Hahaha. Nabile is very much first in Jazan's heart, but keep in mind who is narrating the Epilogue. ;)

If there's a machine that can combine multiple dubloons into a single coin, why isn't there a machine that can give us change? ~werewolf_of_london
Those inhabitants of Krawk Island can be a shifty sort. They want to make sure you have to purchase something from their shops to make change for you.

TNT, I have to admit that I am becoming rather suspicious about the Wishing Well avatar. Is it just a Neopoint sink? Does the avatar even have ANYTHING to do with the actual Wishing Well, or is it a red herring like the Bonju one, where everyone was mixing stuff in the wrong place? I THINK IT IS ALL AN ELABORATE HOAX TO GET US TO SPEND OUR NP ON NOTHING!!! Care to respond to this allegation? XD ~plasticrose
Oh, it's a Neopoint sink, no denying that. It's a fairly straightforward one, though, with an avatar reward (not much unlike the Lever of DOOM). We really thought you guys would have had it by now. D:

Say there are two very popular comic series in The Neopian Times. If the two artists decide that they want their characters to meet in some sort of super-spectacular comic strip special, would they be allowed to submit their comics? This is assuming, of course, that they give credit where credit is due, and it's obvious they collaborated because they both have their own versions or something containing the characters of the other artist. ~cosowarrior
Our NT queen has confirmed that this is just fine. We are eager to see what you come up with!

I was searching through past Editorials for stuff *shifty eyes* and saw something that raises the question: did you design the Staragus simply because you said you would back in Editorial 467? ~eekabee
Yes. How else could we defuse a perfectly valid argument about the superiority of starfish vs. asparagus than by combining them into one awesome Petpet?

Last week I restocked a laughably pathetic Battledome weapon... for a whopping 6,000,000 Neopoints! (Haggled DOWN from seven million.) Was this a typo? Is it really SUPPOSED to only do four icons when it costs so much in the Battle Magic Shop? ~lachtaube
That price was an unfortunate typo that has been corrected since then. Reeeally sorry about that. Uh, at least it's r99 so it has some Jhudora / Illusen quest value! :X

For sale: slightly used chilli-related weapon.

elementarylibraian says: I realize this isn't a question but I wanted to give TNT some love here since many times the Editorial is the place where people write when they are upset. As and old-timer, I just want to thank the entire staff for The Faeries' Ruin plot! Faerieland crashing and not being saved at the last minute? Brilliant. Prizes reflecting many wishes by the players and being affordable to those who were active in the plot? Fabulous! I've been telling everyone that TFR is now ranked first for Best Plot Ever in my book (with LDP falling to second). Thank you for bringing back the excitement of a great plot! *clap*

Aww, thank you. *blush* We got a lot of comments like this to the Editorial, and boy was it nice. We can't tell you how happy we are that the vast majority of you seemed so pleased with the plot and prize shop. We'd like to thank everyone who posted their positive feedback and encouragement. It was really nice to see. :)

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