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How does Neopia account for Daylight Saving Time? Is there a special reason why NST also falls back an hour in the fall and forward in the spring? I've tried to search for the reason, but have had no luck! Thanks, guys. :* ~kxtblonde
It's just hard to make young Neopets get out of bed while it's still dark outside, so Neopia decided to roll the clock back as well.

With Apple Bobbing having become a permanent addition to The Haunted Woods, more and more Neopets are getting Blurred Vision. The cure for this used to be around 3,000 Neopoints, but now it's gone up to 60,000 NP. Every time a wheel or something starts giving out an illness, the price of its cure skyrockets. Additionally, with the Healing Springs Faerie petrified, the only way to heal is to buy the cure or make your Neopet get a different illness. The cheapest illness (Neomonia) you can give most Neopets costs about 14,000 Neopoints to cure now, though. Could you randomize the illness a Neopet gets? That way prices would be more balanced. ~cute_huggybear
We'll look into seeing if we can make the affliction you receive more random. :)

Hi, TNT! So first of all, I LOVE the new Habitarium game that's in Beta Testing at the moment. Great job on that! You took Petpetpet Habitats and made it better in every respect! Anyway, I was confused by the FAQ for the game, where it says that 1.) You will get Neopoints for playing the game (not yet, of course, as it's in beta) and 2.) You can play Habitarium on every one of your accounts. Am I misunderstanding something here, or is this game an exception to the "no Neopoint earning on side accounts" rule? Oh, and how many questions pertaining to the Habitarium did you get? Probably tons, eh? :D ~vanetras
That was a dumb mistake on our part, and we will be correcting the FAQ. Please only play Habitarium on your main account. If you've played on a side account, don't worry about it; just don't load the game on your side account again.

*insert clapping smiley here* Love the new Habitarium game. Will we keep our progress when it leaves Beta Testing, or will we have to start from the beginning? ~cereality_2
As you have already seen, it is in beta right now, and we we publish a new build, we reset the game. When it goes completely live we will most likely reset it. Though if you have spent NeoCash for items you will retain them, as detailed in this post.

Hey, TNT! *tosses Jazan plushie* My friend and I were having a bit of a disagreement as to whether he's wearing guyliner or is cursed. I say it's guyliner, but my best friend said it's the curse. We are both aware of the Lost Desert Plot. WE NEED TO KNOW!!! So, is it A.) Guyliner or B.) Curse? ~angel_star7
It's cursed guyliner. D:

Dear TNT,
Many of us have been wondering whether it is okay to place bets on side accounts for the Food Club. Would you mind illuminating us with your great knowledge? ~esbenkaldahl

We're gonna say no to this one, as the reason to play Food Club is to place bets and earn NP, which you shouldn't be doing on your side accounts.

Gah! I mean... arrr!

Hey, almighty Editorial editors. ;) I'm fairly sure I've seen the answer to this question somewhere, but to clarify: are we allowed to be on two accounts at the same time? I have dual monitors, so I like to chat from my side on the Neoboards while doing other stuff on my main (to be honest, I just like feeling busy :P). As long as I'm not profiteering from doing so, this is okay, right? ~tgrcheergrl >
Yep. Like you said, as long as you're not up to shenanigans (pretending to be two different people to pull one over on somebody, or trying to make a dishonest Neopoint) it's just fine.

*frantically runs up and gives you all hugs... and refried beans... you know, a break from those boring cookies* Anyway, say I won the Lenny Conundrum or Mystery Pic. Would I be allowed to enter the next round, or would I have to wait a few rounds? ~smartmouthmcgee
*takes the beans and makes some delicious burritos* There's no cooldown period between these competitions, so go for it! *thumbs up*

Hey, TNT. *lets 381,378,838 Meepits loose from magic bag* Is copying another person's Neoboard signature (like those little cute pictures they make) allowed? Please remove my username. XD ~username removed
Only if it's something so common on the Internet that there's pretty much no way of identifying the original artist. If it's something that is extremely unique and obviously the work of a creative player, we strongly suggest that you ask them for permission and respect their decision.

Hi, TNT! Are you allowed to buy stocks on your side account if you send the Neopoints over from your main account? ~michaelxzhang_side
No, the Neopian Stock Market is a place to invest and (usually) make Neopoints. It's not a side account activity. Sorry!

*throws Screamed Corn at you* I've noticed that, whenever I either bring the Esophagor's food back and give it to him or the time limit passes, his image is all squeezed together! When I first saw this, I cracked up. You forgot to change him to the new image size! No wonder he's always hungry... you squished him to tiny proportions! D: ~sweetj912
Oh dear. No wonder he's seemed especially grouchy recently. We'll see to having that fixed.

Out of curiosity, did you guys take bets on how long it would take us to figure out the Wishing Well avatar? ~swimvixx
We guessed about 3-4 months, actually. We suppose it's a good thing we didn't make it any harder than we did, which we were considering, because we're evil like that. /cackle

Hey TNT, if our Galleries have the same theme as another Gallery that has won the spotlight before (even if it was a very long time ago), do we still have a chance of winning? Thanks! *tosses cookies... not in that way* ~evilprincess2004
It really depends on the subject matter. If it's, say, a Pteri Gallery, then we'll likely try to select one each year. If it's something really specific, like, Fuzzy Dice of Neopia, then it's less likely.

Why does Neopia need money sinks? ~cinnamon_girl
If there was no way for us to "destroy" Neopoints, inflation would be even worse than it is now. There would be so many Neopoints in the economy that they would practically be worthless. It would cost players more and more Neopoints to purchase things, because each Neopoint would have so little value. Could you imagine a Krawk Morphing Potion costing 150,000,000 NP? That's what it would possibly cost if all the Neopoints that have been created by Flash games and other areas of the site were never removed. For players who make their Neopoints by playing games to earn 1,000 NP at a time, it would seem like an impossible goal. It's already difficult to earn such things. By increasing the number of Neopoint sinks we have and getting more Neopoints out of the economy, we're actually helping to reduce inflation, so things like Krawk Morphing Potions are more affordable to players. Even mr.coconut approves of NP sinks. Isn't that right, mr.coconut?


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