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Hi there. Great to see that there's a new plot starting; it's something that so many of us were eagerly awaiting. Thank you. However, can you please clear up a question regarding Faerie Quests? We are still getting them as Random Events, but as all the faeries have been turned to stone, we can't complete them and can still use the Shop Wizard. However, will the quests still stand once the plot is over? Some people I know have gotten the elusive Faerie Fountain quests, after waiting many years, and have spent thousands of Neopoints to buy the items, but don't know if they will eventually be able to paint their Neopet. I hope you wouldn't be that mean and the quests will still be recorded. Thank you. ~mumsthename
The faeries shouldn't be capable of offering quests in their statuesque state. We will attempt to remind them of this fact as soon as we can. Also, don't worry, you should be able to complete your quests just as soon as the details of what exactly has befallen the faeries have been discovered, and how they can be restored has been put into effect. Assuming, of course, that there IS such a cure...

Dear TNT,
I feel like the Wishing Well avatar has been forgotten. :( Does anybody actually have it yet, and if not, can you give us another hint on how to get it? Please, pretty please! *tosses cupcakes and butterscotch candies at you* Oh, and please take my name out. Thanks! ~username removed

If you guys tossed coins into the well nearly as often as you asked for hints, you'd probably have it by now! ;D

Hey, TNT. ^.^ With this new plot starting and not much being known, do you guys ever head to the board for The Faeries' Ruin to read all the theories and how crazy they are? Does how in-depth they are ever impress you? ~giraflare
It's honestly one of our favourite things to do while plots are going on. We love listening to your crazy theories and watching you get excited about the content we've worked very hard to bring to you! :)

From the news on the 10th and 11th of July: "If you are a collector, you can pick up these two new Ixi Collectable Cards." These two cards, however, remain unsearchable and are not to be found in the Neodeck card list. I submitted a ticket on the 27th of August and a solution was suggested. Everything is still the same, however. Can you please tell me the items' names and their rarity? On another note, the card Native Kyrii becomes Kyrii Native when put into a Neodeck. Is this supposed to happen? Thanks for answering. ~pfkcmk
Hrmm. :-/ We'll look into this as we continue to update the Collectable Cards. Hopefully we can figure out the issue and get these (along with some other problematic cards) restocking and appearing correctly in your Neodecks. :)

I recently beat Abigail's score on the newest Hannah game and received a Treasure Chest Cake as my reward. I checked its rarity and it was listed as 101. I then fed this item to my Aisha, Maddighan. When I checked the list of Gourmet Foods Maddighan's eaten, however, the cake wasn't listed! What's up with that? Is it too rare? ~german_girl16
Correct. Only foods with rarities between 90 and 100 count as Gourmet Foods. Items you get from site activities (which previously didn't exist) are usually r101+.

I- I was still delicious though... right? T_T

Right, TNT. I don't want to waste time bribing you with cookies, so let's just get right to the point. Can we have Neoadventures on side accounts? Neoadventures don't earn you Neopoints, so I don't really see why we shouldn't be able to, but I'm still not entirely sure. This question has been bothering me, since I would really like to have another Neoadventure without needing to delete the perfectly fine one I already have. ~mauinookie
There's nothin' wrong with this in the slightest. Write away, good Neopian. Write away!

Hello, TNT! I saw a simple debate on the boards over whether the grammar should be fixed in the Fruit Machine, for you see it says: "You also won a Ummagine!" This led to a debate over whether ummagine is pronounced with a "you" or a "u" sound. Some said "uh-mah-geen" or "you-mah-geen," and then discussed whether the ending should be pronounced "geen" or "jen." So, which is correct? Also, can you put it in the Neopian pronunciations guide please? ~jacattack18
After shouting different pronunciations back and forth across the office, we think we settled on "um-uh-gene." Adding things to the pronunciation page is rather low on our to-do list at this time, but maybe someday!

Hello, TNT! As you know, many people create characters and stories for their Neopets, and I am one of them. I have an idea for a story that I'm worried might go past the limit, however. I've browsed through the FAQ, Terms of Use, Chat Rules, and some past Editorials, but I couldn't find any answers about what is allowed and what isn't. My specific question is whether the topic of death is allowed in stories, as long as it's not related to suicide or too elaborated-upon? Would it also be possible to add a section in the rules regarding specific topics that are forbidden to write about? Thank you! (Please remove my username if this is published.) ~username removed
Ahh, that's a tricky subject, and not one that lends itself easily to black and white rules, as such subject matter often falls to a judgement call on a case by case basis for any entries to our writing contests. Maybe we can supply some examples that will help you differentiate for yourself?

Just fine: "His parents passed away when he was just a pup, leaving him alone in the world."
Limit: "His village was attacked by vicious Bearogs when he was just a pup. He was the only survivor."
Too far: "His parents were murdered by vicious Bearogs that tore through his village, killing everyone but him."

Basically, if you have to include it, keep it tame. If you wouldn't want to read it to your young sibling or small child, then you'd best avoid it or word the story differently.

I just won a Nerkin Leg from the Wheel of Mediocrity and decided that I'd like to know what a Nerkin is. So, I did a search for Nerkin in the sidebar, but only the Nerkin Leg and Nerkin Flavoured Jellybeans showed up (aside from a username and a Neopet). That didn't really help my cause much, so... dear TNT, can you please tell me what a Nerkin is? ~electra63
Oh, it's a... er, ummm. *whispering to colleagues* We decided it must be a *coughmumble.*

What? Oh, Viola just handed us a note. It says: "A Nerkin is a Tyrannian critter that is probably extinct by now." Well, there ya go! A Tyrannian critter, just like we said above. *coughs*

Hiya!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! Now, my question: Piles of Soot can't be painted, right? They come in Christmas, though! Why can't you put them in the Petpet Puddle? My Petpet (ZAPPED!) Todd is a Pile of Soot, but then I was like, wait -- you can't be painted, yet you come in Christmas! I am confuzzled. ~1800phoneservice_
You're quite right that they can't be painted, so to clear up the confuzzlement, we'll let you know that Christmas Piles of Soot were given out at the Advent Calendar in Y10, hence their existence in Neopia. :)

Hello, ~TNT~. I was just wondering a few things about the new terms of use we had to agree to. It mentions kids and parents over and over and over. I am an adult and so are all of my Neofriends. Are we not welcome on Neopets anymore? My second question is the terms used to have a list of rules specific to Neopets, like how many accounts you can have. Where did that go? Is there somewhere else we can find the rules? (Please remove my username.) ~username removed
Long answer! Be prepared to read. ;)

To explain, we need to take a step back. As the new Terms of Use mentions, this is a document that's shared across many sites and will continue to be shared by any new sites that come online. Because of that, the document cannot be specific to any one site. Under section A, Rules of Conduct, it says:

Each of the Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds may have specific rules regarding how to play the games and interact on the particular site, but all the Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds share certain core principles regarding appropriate behavior. These Rules of Conduct are those shared principles.
Nickelodeon Kids & Family, the parent of Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group (that's us!), will also use a very similar document on other sites they run. So there are no Neopets-specific rules listed in the new Terms of Use and the document is very kid-friendly to accommodate all the different sites that will use it.

Please do not take this as a sign that we don't want you here! Neopets itself is family-friendly (and always has been family-friendly), which may sound a lot like kid-friendly, but it's quite different. Rather than provide content made especially for younger kids (kid-friendly), we provide content for all ages while refraining from anything that would be inappropriate for younger players (family-friendly). Basically, we want everyone to have fun, and want to provide content everyone can enjoy, including us! *ominous plot music plays in the background* We certainly aren't trying to get rid of anyone (except for the kid who teased Viola in the second grade -- you know who you are), and we'll continue to do our best to make the site fun for everyone, regardless of age.

As to your second question, the Neopets-specific rules you remember from the old Terms and Conditions document still apply. And the list will return. It will just be separate from the actual Terms of Use document, and live on its own page. In the meantime, the FAQs regarding certain rules are still available here: //

People of all ages play Neopets, and we <3 them all. Neopets-specific rules will make their return on a new page.

Hey, TNT! Why is the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity frozen? He isn't a faerie, and the faeries don't work there. This has been irking me. ~bubbles2393
There have been whisperings that faerie magic is involved with that particular little plushie, and without the faeries around, we're afraid he's not up to visitors.

On your Neopets Job Opportunities page, one of the qualifications for being a Customer Service Agent is "Consistently meets or exceeds our customers expectorations." Somehow I don't think that is the word you meant to use! *cough, cough* ~red_telephone
*expectorates coffee all over the computer monitor laughing* BAHHAHAHAHHAHA! We mean, er, no... of course that's not a spelling error. *shifty eyes* We just want to be sure to win the annual "Farthest Spitting Employee" championship trophy this year. If you can spit over 6 metres, please apply!

Note: Please don't actually send in resumes for spitting distance. Our Human Resources Manager will track us down and harm us. Repeatedly.

We are not happy about the poor defenceless pie that was unwillingly frozen in stone for the rest of time just because he looked tasty enough to be consumed by an air faerie at a certain Faerie Festival. Mr.coconut is also very appalled by the matter. SAVE THE PIE! That is all. ~smashedskies
We applaud the dedication Neopia has shown by writing en masse to the Editorial demanding the safe return of the petrified pie. Unfortunately, it seems the magic that turned the faeries to stone holds sway over that innocent pie. We can only hope it survives the ordeal. *bows head solemnly*


It appears even mr.coconut has dedicated a moment of silence to the beloved pie.

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