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Please define what a "loyal user" is. I've been on Neopets for almost 7 years. I've spent REAL money on plushies & NC cards. I'm even a Premium member... Is that loyal enough? ~attitudeinc
"Loyal User" rewards are just our blanket term for finally getting around to offering the often-requested perks for players that have older accounts. There is no set age; our perks often require different account ages. You don't need to spend real money to be considered loyal; just coming back day after day to play on Neopets is loyalty enough. :) Also, we are terribly sorry for players who have been with us for a long time, but for a variety of reasons are now playing on younger accounts. Unfortunately we only have your account age to go by. :( We do appreciate you too, though, and by sticking with your account you too can earn all these well-deserved perks!

Hi *gives cookies*. My side account is older than my main account. Old enough to enjoy all the loyal user perks that my main is not able yet to enjoy. I was wondering if it's allowed to buy products from the Attic, or the Hidden Tower with discount, on my side account, providing of course the points come from my main account. (please remove my username) Thanks. ~username removed
We discussed this at great length and finally came to the conclusion that as long as you do have at least one account old enough to enjoy user perks, you may restock from the Attic and the Hidden Tower on discount day, with the following rules:

~You may only restock at these two shops using ONE account. Once you're banned for the day, there's no hopping to other accounts, or trying to avoid getting banned by using multiple accounts.
~Funds must come from your main.
~Please try to enjoy the perks in the spirit they were intended, and try not spend your time looking for loopholes in the rules. ;)

First off, thanks for adding the Almost Abandoned Attic for us long term users! *hugs everyone at TNT* But one thing bothers me: what is the Neopet in the attic? The ears would lead me to believe Aisha, but the horns (?) on her (or his?) head point rather in the direction of Acara in my opinion... Or am I missing something here? Oh and what is his or her name? Thanks so much if you answer! :D ~vanetras
It's an Aisha with her ears pulled back and wrapped with cloth. As for her name, no one has asked her yet. Perhaps we can work on a Neopedia to answer all your questions, though. :)

Salutations, while waiting for my account to age enough to see the newest perk, I find myself curious - what was the 'special prize' awarded to the first person to find the shop? ~daemonschile
That lucky player discovered the shop probably a good three hours or so before anyone else, and helped themself to the very nice Draik egg we had set in there as a reward to the first person to discover the hidden shop.

We're assuming they appreciated it more than
a congratulatory blue Kau card.

Did you realize the new Almost Abandoned Attic abbreviates to "AAA"? Is there any coincidence that the character known as AAA (Aristotle A. Avinroo) has been around for almost exactly 3 years, which is the account age required for entry into the mysterious shoppe? Also, the ghost in the Attic is an Aisha, like AAA's sister... another coincidence? Does our new friend have a name? I'm going to guess it starts with an "A". ~captain_dh
x_X; You guys give us way too much credit. It's just a bizarre string of coincidences.

Hi TNT *hands out coffee to keep you guys awake* I think the Almost Abandoned Attic is just a liiiiittle bit unfair to some people. I don't have time (I'm an oldie and have to work to pay my internet connection) to refresh the whole day. And WHEN I'm in the shop when there is a refresh I'm too late to buy anything. Now THAT'S not so bad, part of (Neo)life. But what gets to me is that on the boards, loads of people have gotten so many retired expensive items on one day only. Couldn't you just make it a daily or something like that? So that ALL players have a chance? Thanks. Oh, and please leave my name away or I will get books thrown at my head from some players *lol* (wouldn't mind it if they are good books) ~username removed
First off, to clarify; no retired items stock in the shop, only r90-r99 items. Also, this isn't a give-a-daily-high-rarity-item-to-older-players shop. You've got to put the time and effort into restocking in the shop, just like one would at the Igloo Garage Sale. :)

The Silver Dubloon Necklace is zoned as a glove. Will you please correct this as my Neopet is getting very confused about where they should wear it :) ~sirr1ch1
Whoops; looks like it was mislabeled on a few different species. We've asked our artists to look into the matter and correct it. :)

Hi TNT, so today I got this crazy idea that I'd paint a Uni every single colour and then stick them on side accounts... but then I realized that it would be 50 Unis... or 12.5 (13) accounts. Is this possible without being frozen? Thank you for answering my question and please remove my username. =) ~username removed
o_O That's an interesting goal, but we've learned that our players have found very creative and previously unimagined ways of enjoying the site. Unfortunately, we think you will need to alter your goal, as you can only have a maximum of five accounts. Perhaps you can choose your top 20 favourite Uni colours, or make a gallery to celebrate your favourite species? Or perhaps even recruit friends that share your dream in creating a vast Uni army!

I am currently saving for Snowy Valley stamps. I have all of the stamps except Sticky Snowflake Stamp and Snowbunny Stamp, which never seem to be on the Trading Post. I know they are r99, but would it be possible to make them restock even slightly more often? There are certainly not enough of them in Neopia at all. Please help stamp collectors out a bit! Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
Amusingly enough, this question was asked just two days before the newest shop was released. There ya go!

You can put me in a shop,
but you can't make me restock!

Hello! I know that the site was originally created using British English spellings instead of American English spellings. Even though the British English spellings have stuck around over the years, are any of the current writers for the site actually British? Is it difficult for everyone to remember to write in British English? Even the editorial answers use British spellings. Is it for tradition or has it just become second nature? ~skunk0nwheels
Nope, none of the writers have ever been British if you don't count the two original site creators. We use British spellings because it is traditional for Neopets, and we don't think our writers could stop even if they wanted to. For them, colour will now always have a "u".

I think the Almost Abandoned Attic is pretty cool. ;) Was the main effort in this to do something about inflation? It seems to be stocking some valuable items like morphing potions and Draik eggs from what I see on the boards, and apparently quite a few at a time. I hope even if this wasn't the intent, it will help. I for one think the price of some things is a little crazy. Also, are there only certain items that will stock, or can any item pop up in there? ~unfavorablely
It was an idea we had for a perk with the added bonus to help combat inflation. Our intention wasn't to have the items restock in *quite* that quantity, though. After watching a few restocks, we decided that the items needed to be controlled a bit better as we want to slowly deflate them, not destroy their worth. (That means you can stop making petitions on the BD Chat, guys. The request to our programmer was in before you even started it.) ;) We also have a few ideas in the works for some NP sinks to help reduce the number of Neopoints in the economy. Remember, the fewer NP in the economy, the more your Neopoints are worth!

Hey Guys, I have a small question for you... Someone told me the Almost Abandoned Attic stocks with items from frozen accounts, hence the name... is that true? ~wizardmoncita
Haha, no, that's just a rumour. :)

Carassa and Mika, the Chias in the Igloo garage sale, say that they've been selling their items to move to a warmer climate. They've been selling their stuff for many years, so I can't help but wonder. How could you possibly fit that many items into such a small igloo? And will they ever actually move? ~sirhal
We can only imagine that when they say "stuff" they actually mean a "vast underground ice cavern full of stuff". That's the only explanation we can imagine given that they are *still* selling off stuff. Who knows if they'll ever get to move! D:

GOODNIGHT mr coconut. *cough* I get that it's nice to give little gifts out to older accounts because they are loyal and all, but aren't you taking it a little too far? I mean, I feel left out. The HC is now only conversing about the abandoned attic! Why do you like them better? ;^; (please remove my username) ~username removed
Aww, don't worry! We love all our users. We do lots of stuff for everyone; it's just more obvious when we tack on the words "Loyal User". *hugs* And with that, we bring this week's editorial to a close. GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut


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