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*gives cookies* It seems as though, on one of my older accounts, I put in the wrong birthday. I now have no idea what it is, so I can't get in! I know my secret word and I still have the email address, so is there any way I can get my account back without knowing the birthday? Please remove my username. ~username removed
You'll have to write in to support to recover your account. We know having to enter birthdays is a pain, but it does help keep all accounts safe. Previously there were issues with people guessing simplistic passwords of old accounts and gaining access to them. By adding the birth date question for accounts that have not been visited in a long time we can be assured that the proper owner is the one returning.

Dear Neopets buddies, I am a musical genius, but there is nowhere on Neopets for me to have an outlet for my amazing talent! What gives? You've got stuff for all the arty people with writing and arty art! I feel discriminated against. ~antalgic
Congratulations on your gift! To be honest, we're not really sure how we would confirm that the music was Neopets-related. Lawyerbot has often told us that we are not allowed to do a music contest for the Random Contest, as there is too great a possibility of people using music or lyrics that we just do not know. Maybe if you have an epic ballad it might fit nicely in the Poetry Competition?

Is there any way to donate to the Second Hand Shoppe? I used to have a bit of an NC capsule addiction that left me with quite a few multiples and I'd love to pass them on to someone that wants them. If there's a way to donate to the Second Hand Shoppe, where is it? ~fogglebear
Even though wearable items automatically go to the Second Hand Shoppe whenever you donate them, you cannot donate NC Mall items. If you have gift boxes that were received from redeeming Neocash Cards, then it is possible for you to gift your NC items to other users.

OH MY, IT'S TNT! I'M UR #1 FAN! AnywhOOOOOO... where do relic Neopets come from? Is it some kind of far-off otherworldly dimension ruled by the relic people WITH RELIC FOOD AND GAMES AND RELIC MINIONS AND RELIC CLOTHING AND RELIC PETPETS WITH RELIC TNT DUPLICATES?!? *foams at the mouth* ~daisy_storm
o__O *backs away a little* We, uhh... umm... not that we know of. Relic Neopets come from Relic Paint Brushes or the Lab Ray. That's all the information we can really offer. Please don't hurt us?

._. Please don't let this person take me. /cries

Okay, so I'll explain as quick as possible, TNT. My friends and I enjoy making Would You Adopt The Pet Above You (WYA) boards. We did so on the Help Chat, but then a bunch of people flamed us, said they would report, etc. They told us not to make the boards anymore, to go to the FC or someplace else. My problem is, what right do they have to "ban" us? You (TNT) never deleted our boards, warned us, or seemed to have any problems with them in any way. My questions have never been answered before, but if you could please, please answer this time it would be great. Do we have to move, or can we stay on the Help Chat? ~nearnumberone
While not quite exactly a Help Chat topic, no player or group of players has the right to "ban" anyone else from posting. Deciding what's appropriate on the boards is our job, not that of anyone else. If they report you, a monitor will look into the situation and decide, "Yeah, this doesn't belong here." or "Why are these people harassing this person for posting a WYA board?" or possibly both. We encourage you to use the proper board, but harassing anyone anywhere on Neopets is not acceptable.

Rainbow, Red, ..., Robot. :/ Where is Relic in the Rainbow Pool? ~a_l_i_c_e_93
Oh, umm... it looks like your glasses were just dirty! *takes them and cleans them off for you* There, look again! See, it's right there! *coughs*

*waves* It's fairly obvious you staff people have a really long list of things to do. How long is it? ~qgqg
In typed form, or painstakingly lettered out on a roll of butcher paper? Either way, it's loooooooooooong.

Hi, TNT! I have a big question for you. My sister and I want to buy the Lab Map together. It is much easier than doing it apart, since we are both not-so-good at games. We only need 150,000 NP more each, not even. I was wondering if that was okay, to "trade" the map between users. We won't zap on our mains, but on our sides that are named with our username and lab after it. Is it legal to put the lab in trade when we both buy it and trade it for nothing to each other a lot? Is it even okay to buy it together, even if we ARE sisters and our computers are just a room apart? ~rhiannonweiss
While it's nice to see two siblings sharing so nicely, we're gonna have to burst your bubble and tell you that once used, the Lab Map pieces go POOF, leaving you only with access to the Secret Laboratory Ray on that account (and a one-time NP bonus). It's not possible to share a Lab Map like that. :(

Karma karma karma karma karma chameleoooooooooon. I hope you are pleased to know that every time I go to the Petpet Shop in Neopia Central and I see the Carma sitting there, staring at me, that song pops into my head. Therefore, I can no longer shop there. Thanks! o_0 ~i_lyke_tigger



Arrggh! Now it's in our heads, too. ;_;

Well, whoopsie daisies. I went to my Guild and clicked the "Messages" link to lurk the Guild Board, right? So I get into the board and press the funny roll-y button between the left and right clickers on the mouse to scroll downward. The only thing is, at that moment, my cursor was hovering on the LEAVE GUILD button! *pulls out hair* Goodbye, post count! xD Could you guys please install some kind of flashy warning message for the "Leave Guild" button, so morons like me don't inadvertently leave their guild? Thanks! ~pharoah850
Haha, whoops! We'll ask the programmers to look into that on our previously mentioned gigantic list of things to do.

*shoves a Baby Acara morphing potion into Lawyerbot's face and says, "HA!"* If you give your Neopet a morphing potion that has a rarity between 90 and 99, will it count as a Gourmet Food? P.S.: You shall now call Lawyerbot Lawyerbaby! ~korvin_dynamite
Egads, it's not like we need Lawyerbot to cry and scream more. To answer your question, no, morphing potions are a magical item, not a food, so they will not count toward your Gourmet Club efforts.


Dear TNT, today I went to my Inventory and saw that the Rainbow Gun was retired. What does that mean, and how does it affect the item? ~sarahloos
An item's retirement (Rarity 180) means that the item will not or will no longer stock in Neopian shops. The Rainbow Gun still functions just the same as it always has. :)

So... I was wondering if Kiss The Mortog had a trick to it, or is it all luck? o: ~anonymousreborn
All you have to do is always click the Mortog that-- *chokes on cookie*

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