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Hey, TNT! *throws Mystery Capsules* A question about the Petpet Protection League: what about the Petpets that no longer exist anymore? For example: I have a Cyclopian. If I removed it from my Chomby, it would turn into a Meowclops. If the Meowclops was picked as the Petpet of the week by the PPL, would my Cyclopian get the trophy as well? ~kaosangel319
<.< >.>; *pops open capsule and checks for the LE* Drat... anyway! Hypothetically, yes, according to our records they are the same Petpet.

Hey, TNT! I have an important question that I bet a lot of Neopians are asking right now: why didn't you guys release Lutaris on Lutari Day? I believe you did last year, so how come there were none this year? ~ms_meepit
We don't typically release Lutaris every year. So far, the years that they have been released were '06 and '09.

Yo, TNT. *hands out cookies* So I had just read my Neopet a new book, and then looked at the window after reading it to him. The window said that he had EATEN the book, and was now satisfied. Any explanation? ~turtleking280
What? You've never devoured a good book? ;D

Hello, TNT! So I heard that you guys sometimes do account sweeps and the like to remove inactive accounts. Is there some way we can prevent our accounts from being erased due to inactivity, in case we go on a long hiatus or travel to the distant future or something? pharoah850
Typically during those sweeps only accounts that are practically unused are deleted. If you've put a good amount of effort into your account it's doubtful it would be a part of the deletion. Also, it would have to have not been used for a very, very long time. Hope that helps you rest easy. See you in the future!

Hey, TNT! As I was wandering through a shop one day, I found a "Lavend3r Gingham Nimmo Shirt." Was having a 3 rather than an e in the item's name truly intended? Thank you! ~newmoon653
Apparently someone here had a 1337 5|*34|< moment. Sorry about that! We've fixed the name of the offending shirt. :)

:( At least I'm still epic and purple... ish.

Hey, TNT! So today I went to the zoo and saw some African Wild Dogs. I was just recently admiring someone's spotted Lupe on Neopets and realized that the colors and patterns are quite alike. So, my question is: was the basis for the spotted Lupe taken from the African Wild Dog? (Also, the Spotted Lupe doesn't look like other spotted Neopets.) Thanks for bothering to satisfy my curiosity. :) ~ raja317
Yep! Several Neopets are based off of the colours of real-life animals, like the pink Lenny for example. Quite a few more exist, but we will let you discover those on your own. :)

Hey, TNT! I have a question. I really like the shields on our User Lookups and was really excited when mine finally reached six years last Halloween. Since then, however, it has not changed even once. Is this a glitch, or are there simply no more after one reaches six years? I thought there was? Thank you! ^_^ ~silverpaw15
Hi! After the six-year mark shields only update every six months. Yours should be updating again very soon. :)

Dear TNT, our guild has been playing a game of Neopets Alphabet. All of the letters were easily covered, including Q, X, and Z. We were stumped, however, when it came to the letter V. There are no Neopets beginning with the letter V and no Petpets. We had to go all the way to Petpetpets to find a V name, and even then there were only two and both of those have the super-high rarity of 99. Is there some vicious, vindictive vendetta against the validation of V? ~momr1
While we admit we don't have any Neopets starting with the letter V, the Vacana, Val, Valteek, Vullard, and Vaeolus Petpets would like a few words with you. ;)


I recently saw someone post on the Neoboards that they found a Turmac Petpet at the Rubbish Dump! I LOVE those cute little Turmacs, and I was wondering if this was truly possible? It seemed as though it was, as the person had the items in their trades. I wanted to ask first, though, before I went completely loony refreshing and searching for a Turmy! BTW, I don't have cookies, but I have a lot of appreciation that should bring some warm fuzzy feelings! 0:) ~tipherz84
Yep! They've been known to rummage around at the dump on rare occasion. Thankfully someone usually snatches them up before they make too big of a mess, though. Good luck on your search! :)

Hello, TNT! I really love the new game, Sorcerers' Skirmish, but I believe you made a mistake in labeling one of the sorcerers. The "Acara" is actually a Xweetok! Those ears, eyes, neck ruff, and fluffy striped tail aren't Acara qualities, unless Acaras have started taking fashion tips from Xweetoks! ;P ~raverduck
We started cracking up when we read this because we checked and you were totally right. How embarrassing! Apparently it was originally supposed to be an Acara, but it got changed somewhere along the way and apparently no one noticed. We've already sent a request to our Flash programmers to fix it.

If a Neopet is put in The Pound, does it lose any trophies that it may have earned? ~the_golden_moon
Nope, once a Neopet earns a trophy it is theirs forever. :)

So, I figured out Jelly World is re- *is gagged and dragged away by Meepits* ~bekkaheatsmuffins
O.O; err, and on that odd note... we think we're done here. Have a good weekend, everybody! :D

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